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a part of my job that is supposed to be a SMALL part of my job is to input the time cards/job reports from the slitting department, what I not-so-lovingly call "the blue sheets" (they are printed on robins egg blue paper, thus the name).

These sheets are for the production workers to log what job they did, their time (broken down into direct labor and indirect labor with indirect further broken into things like "housekeeping, lunch, quality assistance, etc), the main part number, the lot number of the part number, how many meters that part number started with, how long each roll they are cutting down to is, how many rolls they do, how many meters are they returning to inventory and so on.

Every day, I have to take these hand written sheets, decifer the horrible handwritting, make sure the times they give add up to the time they say worked, tally up the meters each job started with (if they have multiple jumbos for a job), the meters returned at the end of the job and make sure everything gets put into the system.

I have to do this for every day we are in production (which is about 360 a year) for both shifts (we are a 24/7 company). So to do all this, a good day will take me 2 hours per production day's worth of blue sheets. Mondays, my entire day is dedicated to blue sheets as I have to input Friday and Saturday's sheets in by noon to make payroll, then I get to do Sunday's as well.

But we have headed into mandatory overtime for the slitting department so there are more sheets per shift than usual. But that's not the worst part. Lately almost every sheet has had some kind of error on it. Time given but no time code (so I don't know if to bill it for direct time or indirect time) or a code with no time. Wrong job numbers given with part numbers. Incomplete job numbers. Not to mention just really horrible math (and they all have calculators) that sometimes I cannot figure out where they got the number (some are simple... they added the waste length back in instead of subtracting it... subtracted 20 in stead of 200).

But this entire week has been nothing but issues with the sheets that has caused me to have to keep going down to the production floor to get clarifications on things. Yesterday it took me 6 hours to do ONE DAY's worth of sheets, instead of the usual 2.

I'm at the point of fried from these that I go home and just sit. I don't work on the scrolls I had planned to work on, the gift exchange gifts due at the end of the month... or hell, even put stuff away. My house looks like a bomb went off in it, I have people coming at the end of the month and I just can't muster the energy or giveadamn.

I get home and go "I should do X" and I look at it. But that's as far as I get. even trying to get the wherewithal to do my daily 3x5 card for the "index card of the day" challenge I've been participating on has been tough.

I want a day off. Not going to happen but I want one. All my vacation and PTO time has been earmarked for things already. Even the upcoming long weekend for the 4th where my company is closed on the 3rd and 4th... I still have to come in on the 3rd and get the Friday and Saturday sheets done so people can be paid. At least that's holiday pay and I get triple time for those 4 hours. Not the same as a full day off but at least it's something.

Anyway, vent over. back to trying to do the necessary.


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