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Again... why can't I seek both.

But right now, all I seek is the ability to have the brain power to get the scroll for this coming weekend done.
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Question 33: Who do you live with

I live with my 9 year old Chihuahua The Grimm Nikolai Ekaterinavich, my 12 year old female tabby cat Talia Christine Ekaterinova, my 4 year old male Nebelung cat Nimbus Alexander Ekaterinavich, my 4 year old male medium hair tabby cat Ozymandius Eugene Ekaterinavich, and my 4 year old tuxedo cat Puck.

Yes, Puck is the only one who does not have a full given name. He never told me it, if he has one.

Question 34: On a scale from one to ten, how sad are you today? Why?

I'd say about a 5, maybe 6. Still dealing with the aftermaths of a severe migraine. But I was able to go back to work and I had dinner with chosen family who all agree that we need to consider re-instituting "Friday Family Food"

Question 35: Outside the weather is_____"

Cold. The weather is cold.

Question 36: What are you obsessively listening to?

I've gotten into a Podcast called "West Wing Weekly" where each week they take an episode and discuss it. Sometimes they have guests who were either involved in the show as staff or actors or sometimes they have actual members of the government come and talk about that particular episode or the show in general and how it relates to the actual workings of the West Wing. Next up will be catching up on "Welcome to Night Vale". I haven't listened to it in a very long time and Minionus Maximus got us tickets to a live show in May and I figure I had better catch up.
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Question 31/365: Who do you want to be?

I don't so much want to be anyone in particular. Not even sure I want to be me. But there are things from my friends and those I admire that I would like to emulate.

Mistress Briatiz from the Outlands: I admire her artistic ability with a needle and thread.
Duchess Sedalia: I still find myself at times in the SCA asking myself "what would Sedalia do?"
Duchess Dorinda: her go-get-em on the field attitude. I will never have it, wish I did.
Duchess Meirwen: the ability to stop someone with a look.
My sister Terri: so much better with money than I am. How are we from the same gene pool?
Duchess Dagmar: her sense of adventure is intoxicating. I wish I were as brave as her.

Every little kid I have ever met: I admire and long for the wonder of discovery and fun

Question 32/365: What is your resolution for tomorrow?

Survive. Do the dishes. Maybe start the scroll due for Seven Deadlies in a week and a half.
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Question 28/365: "How do you describe home?"

There is the building I live in. A split level 2 story house, 2000 square feet, built late 60's early 70's much in need of updating. It's where I more or less grew up.

There's the event that rejuvenates me and helps ground me - Pennsic War. A 2 weeks camping event that draws over 10,000 people from all over the world. I don't know what about the place helps to ground me as i hate camping, detest crowds and like my modern conveniences. But it does. And it is where i get to see people I only see once a year. I call it home as well.

Question 29/365: "What was the last TV show you watched?"

I sleep with the TV on. The light modulation and sound actually helps me sleep. I have trouble sleeping in complete silence and darkness. I usually put on netflix and stream a TV show all night - something I've seen lots of time so it doesn't matter if I fall asleep in the middle of an episode or wake up to one. Lately I've been falling asleep to "The West Wing". But the last TV show I remember watching a full episode of was "Star Trek: Voyager" as I've been streaming that when I am awake and aware.

Question 30/365: "What do you want to forget?"

I hate to admit it but I'm pretty good about forgetting stuff I no longer want to remember. I dissociate rather well. So there's that. Anything else is stuff that I need to remember to either do, or as a lesson to not do.
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I'm going to go with Orphism. It's a branch of cubism. "The Orphists were rooted in Cubism but moved toward a pure lyrical abstraction, seeing painting as the bringing together of a sensation of pure colors."

I can't explain really why this applies to today but it really resonated with me and my mind set for how I have been today
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I'm not entirely sure. I worked a long day so I didn't need more "time" as I actually got everything done. I didn't lose my temper or feel frustrated so I didn't need more patience. The car repair didn't happen (or rather they didn't charge me for the diagnostic) so I actually didn't need more money.

Maybe laughs? But even that's not true as I'm reading a book on my lunches that has me giggling at least throughout the hour.

I guess energy is what I need. I'm just tired. Deep down, bone weary tired. Caffeine and energy drinks aren't helping. Protein and carbs aren't helping. I have a doctor's appointment in a couple weeks and I will talk to her to see if I need to get back on mega doses of Vit D and Vit B12.
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part insecurity, part curiosity, part love of learning, part need for artistic expression, part love of friends, combined with a deep love for her chihuahua and need for alone time and personal space.

But seriously, I couldn't tell you what makes me, me. Who is Tina? Who is Ekat.

Your guess is as good as mine.
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Question 22: Are you seeking adventure or security?

Why can't I be looking for both? I very strongly want a sense of security. Home, finance, family and friends. But I also want to not be in a constant rutt. I want to enjoy going out, having fun, seeing new things.

Question 23: Do you need a break? What from?

Monotony. I want adventure. But right now the depression is so strong that it's a fight to do just the routine at times.

I may need a friend to do the "hey, let's go do X, I've made all the arrangements/I'm on my way"

If you were going to start your own business, what would it be?

I've never wanted to be my own boss. I'm not good at it outside of very specific things and short term situations. So question it's not applicable.
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The return of the sun. Slowly the days are creeping to longer and someday the sun will shine brightly.
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19/365: List three foods you ate today:

it's all I ate today:

1. Three Cajun flavored chicken wings
2. One slice of pepperoni pizza
3. Large bowl of popcorn

20/365: Are you holding a grudge? About?

Nope. I just don't have the energy to hold a grudge. That gives others too much power over me. However, I do not forget wrongs done towards me and mine.
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Those precious moments after I've hit the snooze button and rolled back over but before any of the critters (usually Puck) has realized that I've become conscious. There in that moment I had some peace.
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Um... I had to think on this one. I think it's my bra. I know I bought it back in May. Underwear was in July (I buy new underwear every year just before War). Pants, shirt, sweater and boots all bought in November and my socks I got at an after Christmas sale.
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I'm a grown up. Of course I owe money. Utility bills, credit card bill, car payment and it's now the beginning of January - property taxes.

I do not believe anyone owes me money. I think I'd remember if they did.
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I'd give it a 2. No nutritional value as it was popcorn with butter. I was in a snacky mood rather than hungry so I made up a big bowl of air popped popcorn and slathered it with a 1/2 a stick of melted butter and added salt.

Dinner will be better. I'm planning on trying a new recipe. So watch for GRE2017 #1 later.
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Mostly it depends on the project/situation.

I'm not afraid to step up and take lead on something, especially if it is something I am comfortable with and know what it needed.

But should someone else be "in charge", again, as long as they know what they are doing (maybe not comfortable with) I am more than happy to let them take the reigns.

I enjoy autocrating events and organizing projects. But am also happy to let others "be the adult".

I have found that as I get older I'm more willing to take on the leader position, voice my opinion and do what needs to be done.
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I dream of a non-SCA vacation. Disney. Europe. Vegas. Hawaii. California. No real responsibility. Just fun, sun and not home.

Unfortunately my obligations to the SCA have me dedicated to Pennsic for this year (Pennsic 46) and two years from now (Pennsic 48) and I don't see being able to afford to go away instead of going to 47.
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Simply put... I don't have one. I am so far from fashionable. On occasion I will wear a scarf. But I don't do jewelry. The last time I willingly wore a watch was in high school. Hell, I can't even tell you were my one and only mundane belt is.
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Sleep. I lost sleep. This is due to the fact that around 1am we got hit by 60mph sustained gusting winds. Not only did this knock out power, sending my room in to complete darkness and silence (both of which I do not sleep in), it also kept Grimmy in a heightened state of agitation, despite his thundershirt. I was more worried about him since he does have a heart murmur.
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Question 9: Was today typical? Why or Why Not?

Today was a typical Monday. Into work by 6:30 (though would have liked to have gotten in earlier), time sheets, time sheets, time sheets. The only non-typical thing was that I actually made a homemade dinner. I had chili. Been craving it for a couple days and it's been cold out so I gave in to the craving and made some.

Question 10: Write down something that inspired you today

Many of my friends have been dealing with financial or medical stuff lately. But they inspire me because they are not letting it beat them.


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