my 4th

Jul. 5th, 2007 07:26 am
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While I, rationally, know I got a lot done at the apartment yesterday, I'm not as far along as I want to be. I know that all I need to really worry about is picking up and making room and pathways so that on Saturday me and the other furniture lifters can get said furniture out the door and into the truck. I'd still like to see it almost completely empty. Not going to happen. I know people will be coming this weekend that could help pack up stuff, but it's tough to let them. Mainly because a lot of the little stuff is really me going "keep or toss". And to do that I have to see the item.

Oh well. Tonight after work I'll head back over, pack up the computer and do more picking up. I'll try ti finish packing up my books so that I can have help lifting the boxes. Also need to get the garbage to the curb tonight there. I think getting all the bags of garbage out will help with the "visual" sense of acomplishment.

Last night after dinner I got more laundry done. That is one project that will be on going for quite a while.

Also got the curtains for the master bedroom preped and hung. Prepping entailed sewing drapery pleaters onto them. They originally had tabs for hanging on a standard rod. But the rods in the bedroom are the kind that you pull a string and the curtains pull back along a carrier channel, pull the string another way and they close. Without the pleater tape it would have been next to impossible to hang, or at least stupid looking. Also got the valances ready. If I get home tonight at a decent time I will hang the valences up.

But the really cool thing I did last night was something I haven't done on the 4th since just after my sister was born. Around 9:30 I headed up to the master bedroom, climbed out the window, walked along the roof of the florida room, up the roof of the living room and up to the very top and sat. I watched the fireworks. When we first moved into that house my family and some of the neighborhood kids would go up on our roof and watch the fireworks. Back then we could see all around. Now, 28 years later, the trees are taller so I couldn't see all of them but I got to see the ones at the University of Buffalo, Niawanda Park and some over in the direction of Kenmore. There were a bunch that were set off locally by bunches of people in the neighborhood. I wasn't too thrilled about that. I don't like the banging/exploding sound that fireworks make. I like the pretty colors and seeing them from a distance on my roof from miles away is good. One street over is too close for me.

The cats are starting to adjust to the Doma. Tzar us still looking around for Mom. Talia gives me the "something is missing, momma" look. Alex emerged from her hidey spot about 11:30 last night and looked around the house some. She too was like "huh?".

Because we didn't get the bed moved over yesterday I crashed out on the couch in the family room. I don't mind. It's a comfy couch. The cats were the ones who minded. There just isn't room for me and three cats on the couch. I moved over a little and Alex snuggled in her spot for about 10 minutes until I had to move and she was forced to get down.

Got up this morning, managed to not only make lunch but start another load of laundry.

But now at work. Back to the grind.

In the immortal words of Diana Ross...

I will survive.


Jul. 4th, 2007 04:15 pm
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Dicea and I got a great deal done this morning. I still have a bunch of things I want to do yet today as far as packing/cleaning the apartment butwe are done with the truck for today.

We got the cats moved over to the Doma. Alex went immediately for her hidey spot in the Florida room and was quite shocked to find it gone. But she found a new one.

Tzar however, broke my heart. He obviously recognized the house and started going from room to room. He then did a second circuit calling, crying and yowling. It took me and Dicea a few minutes to figure out what he was doing. He was looking for Mom. It broke me to watch him and try to explain to him that she wasn't there. The look of "Where is she?" he gave me melted me.

We didn't get as much of the things moved today that I wanted to, but that was because of the rain. I refuse to move the mattress and box spring in the rain. I won't move the computer or the 27" tv in the rain. They will just have to wait.

I can move the computers on my own tomorrow night if it's not raining. But FYI, after today (actually this post) I will only be online at work until Time Warner shows up to connect me to the internet at the Doma (while there is cable, there is no hi-speed internet there).

Hope everyone is having a good 4th, despite the weather.

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Saturday got started later than I had hoped but that is ok. Picked up the Boogie (Dicea was working) and the two of us headed to the Doma.

while I primed the ceiling in the master bedroom she did the job I hate the most... taping!

While waiting for the ceiling to dry I went and picked up some of the florida room and we ordered pizza. By that point the clock was telling us it was 2:30. I didn't think we had spent that long on the master bedroom but ok.

I spent a good part of the day running out front every 20 minutes or so to pull the hose along for the sprinkler tractor.

After pizza I went and painted the walls of the master bedroom. Half way through I went downstairs and turned the AC on. I was hoping it wouldn't be necessary but damn it got hot in there. (turns out it was a high of almost 90. Guess that would explain it). Boogie then informed me that the clock was wrong. At that poitn it was reading after 5pm and she had called the Dicea to find out where she was as she was supposed to get out of work at 3:30. Turns out it wasn't even 3 yet. Man was the clock off. I went back to work on the bedroom while Boogie picked up the family room and washed all the curtains from the florida room.

Dicea came home and shortly thereafter [ profile] apidae and [ profile] hora_somni came by to pick up the tables they had lent me for the garage sale. I think the neighbors were a bit surprised to be sitting in the middle of suburban West Amherst, NY and hear the very loud, echoing sound of a horse neighing. They were coming from the Brass Ring Thing event where they had brought one of their horses for the equestrian demo. If they were shocked by that wait until next summer when I am able to hold the occassional fight practice in my yards. Hehehehehehehe.

Showed [ profile] hora_somni the Doma and the look of "wow" overwhelming on his face was rather entertaining. I told him he should have seen it 4 months ago.

After they went home Dicea and I went and good food for grilling for dinner. While we were gone Boogie got the curtain rod up in the 1/2 bath (something I've been wanting to do since Easter) and the curtain up! Now i can take a picture and show all the transformation of that room.

Saturday night was one of relaxation with the girls as we sat out on the back deck by candle light and talked and sang. I like having a deck or porch to go out and sit on. I foresee many a happy summer evening sitting out there once I move in. may need to conteplate getting a wireless laptop and wi-fi networking so I can go out there and still be connected. We shall see. Taht's way down on the list of things to do.

Sunday I got up and got the second coat on the walls in the master bedroom. Even though I did use the Kilz paint, the wall had some uneven texturing to it so it didn't coat as evenly as it normally does. Also, I did the walls in "Forest Shade" aka Forest Green aka "Ekat Green" and when doing dark colors you always should do two coats.

I didn't get the ceiling worked on as Dicea "kidnapped" me for a trip to the zoo to get out and away. I've been in a rather dark and icky mind space since Memorial day and she said I needed to get out and have a bit of fun. So we did.

Lemurs were back out! I had missed them. The snow leopards were in their proper enclosure! The vulturs have a BABY! It was a good day.

Went back and had some time with the Boogie before we headed back out. A store we wanted to go to was closed so we went to K-Mart instead to get cushions for the deck chairs. (Believe me... we need them).

Took Dicea back home and came home myself. The cats are happy to see me. We had some quiet snuggly time before I came down to get a drink and post here.

This week's plans are to mow the lawn. Gotta do it. Tape the ceiling of the master bedroom and paint it. Measure the space in the basement for the bi-fold doors I want to put up to help keep the cats out of the back area of the basement. I also need to see about grabbing bins from the garage in the Doma so I can start packing up the apartment.

I also within the next week or so NEED to work on the two scrolls due at AE Academy. Not to mention find someone who is going that can take the scrolls.

But that's the state of the me and the Doma.

Toodles all.
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VERY productive weekend!!!

With the help of [ profile] visrose I tried my hand at “old world plastering”. This is a little different than Venetian Plastering in that the “goop” is not as thick and you apply it to the walls with a paint roller and then go over it with a scrapper thing to give texture. It was easy and a lot of fun to do. In fact when we finished we had trouble believing that we had spent 4 hours working. It had only felt like two. It also didn’t take as long as I expected it to take. I thought we would only have time to work on the kitchen on Saturday.

Instead, after lunch she and I got the guest bath’s painting finished as well. Now I just need to read up on how to hand pre-pasted wall paper so I can get the border up in that room. OK, also need to buy a shower curtain rod and install it. Then that room is done!

[ profile] deadised got the crown molding up in the ½ bath. He also got the TP holder re-installed and hung the painting for me. I just need to pleat the curtain for the window and that room is done! He also caulked the crown molding in the master bath for me as well. Little bit of touch up paint over the nails and caulking and that room is done!!!

And the Little Man was very helpful in sorting through Tupperware and matching up lids with bottoms and the like.

After [Bad username or site: @] got back from work she, Ed and the Boogie went off with money from me to get a lawnmower. While they were gone [ profile] visrose and I did step two of the plastering which is “dry burnishing” which helps smooth out the walls and give it shine. It came out great! We decided to forgo the last step, which is to add a very thin layer of the plaster back over the walls (aka “wet burnishing”) as we tried it behind the fridge (since you always try a new technique is a spot that’s going to be hidden first) and didn’t see any benefit/difference for the extra work.

Got dinner made – Mom Magic Soup. Made enough so that I can freeze the leftovers for when I next get sick and need MMS.

After dinner we relaxed then had dessert of ice cream and watched “Night at the Museum”. It was cute. The beginning dragged but the ending was fun.

Sunday after breakfast Ed and I got the stereo out of the Florida room and the antique table out of the basement and into the space vacated by the stereo. I touched up the kitchen ceiling and picked up the kitchen some. After Dicea got back from some errands we went and tackled the front lawn. It was technically still too wet to be mowing but if I didn’t I was really going to be “that neighbor” with the out of control lawn. We didn’t do the back yard… mostly because it’s a swamp at the moment. Hopefully it will be dry enough next weekend to tackle.

I brought the curtains for the kitchen and the ½ bath with me back to the apartment along with the window measurements so I can pleat and hem them over the week and have them ready to hang.

I did take pictures of the kitchen’s walls and the completed master bath. As soon as Time Warner has their internet issues taken care of I will post them.

All in all I’m glad with how the weekend went.

I’m still open for anyone who wants to come out and help me deal with the basement during the month of May. The only weekend I can’t is May 11-13. Let me know if anyone is interested in helping.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 07:34 pm
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Was a long but productive weekend.

Saturday [ profile] dicea and I got the ceiling in the kitchen painted with one and a half coats of paint (ran out hense the half), moved the fridge, and got the base coat of the wall treatment on the kitchen walls up. We also went over the walls in the guest bath with scrapers to get the remains of the wallpaper residue off the walls.

This morning I got up and headed to Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart to get advice on the walls in the guest bath... see when they put them up, the walls over the shower were never primed. There had been wall paper on it for the entire time we lived there (though mom changed the wall paper once). I asked if there was a special primer or something I should do to make sure that the drywall is sealed since its a bathroom.

All three told me a couple coats of thick good quality primer then paint should be fine.

So at walmart I got more ceiling paint for the kitchen and Kilz2 sealer/primer.

Did another coat of paint on the ceiling of the kitchen. I might end up doing one more. I'll see how it looks next weekend.

Then primed the guest bathroom and got the bottom half of the walls painted. Next step in the guest bath is painting the upper half of the walls and putting up the border. Of course I need to read up on how to do wallpapering of anykind. Mom always did the wallpapering in our family.

Today while painting in the guest bath I got to really missing Mom. She had always been a fan of the do-it-yourself, Trading Spaces, home dec shows on TV (yes it's genetic, deal with it) and had often commented that she wondered what other people would do with some of the rooms of the house, though she was REALLY picky about colors. I remember her once saying that it would be her luck to go on Trading Spaces or the like and end up getting an Orange Room. I always had to bite my tongue to not point out that the living room and dining room of the Doma had... ORANGE shag carpeting. But I digress. I was painting the walls in the guest room and thought how much I would love for mom to see what I've done. Though I think she would have hated the 1/2 bath.

I made another batch of gizzies today since I still had ingredients left and didn't want them to go stale. And hell... any excuse to make gizzies. Just have to figure out a suitable bribe for the Boo to give me to had over some. *wink*

Later in the week I'll head over to the Doma after work and pick up the place so it's not a total disaster for when [ profile] deadised and [ profile] visrose comes up next weekend for the great plastering experiment. Also need to put the money I pulled out of the bank aside so that I have it for next weekend... gonna send some friends out with it while I work in the kitchen with [ profile] visrose to go buy me a lawnmower. I really should have borrowed a neighbor's this weekend but it can wait one more weekend. I will mow it next weekend regardless. I will not be "that neighbor" on the block.

For now, though I'm going to go shower and try to scrub off the primer that is all over me.

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I know we are not done with April yet, but with what I would like to accomplish at the Doma in May I feel I should put out the call now.

May I would like to (if at all possible) start tackling the basement. This means I need friends to help. Specifically those who are not prone to allergy problems from damp, mold and mildew. While the basement is relatively dry, when the October Storm hit the house lost power for over a week, causing the sump pump to not be able to work which caused minor flooding throughout the entire basement.

While I can sort through stuff while sitting outside, I could really use help in the whole getting stuff up and out of the basement.

If people would like to come that can't deal with the basement, I do still have a master bedroom to paint and pull carpet up out off, not to mention finish emptying the Florida room and the bookcases in the family room.

The only weekend I will not be able to do work at the Doma is the weeknd of May 12th (sis is graduating and I'm going to DC to celebrate with her). I am NOT going to AE war practice but figure most of my friends here will be.

If you can help please contact me or [ profile] dicea


I do see the Basement being a good two month project but I would like to get as much as I can done there before the neighborhood garage sale since stuff that's down there can certainly be sold (of course this means needing to find out when the stupid thing is)
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Sunday Sunday.

This morning was waking up way too early for having fallen asleep way too late (fell asleep around 4:30ish and woke up at 7:15).

Went and had brunch with the Dicea and we got moderately horrid service. Had worse, certainly had better.

After we parted I headed to Wal-mart to get some laundry detergent. While there I picked up the base coat paint for the kitchen (with hopes of getting it on the walls next weekend). Also found a painting I loved for the 1/2 bath that was on clearance from $79.99 to $20. And a laundry hamper/sorter that I had been eyeing for a while that had been marked down from $85 to $30.

Went then to the Doma and did laundry. Also got the curtains for the guest bath made. The pleats in the curtains for the 1/2 bath ripped out and the curtains for the kitchen made. The ones for the kitchen need to be pleated and hemmed but that's waiting until I can hang them and see where the pleats need to be and can hem them while they are hanging.

I still feel like ass (my fever still keeps spiking without breaking) but I promise I did not do any big strenuous stuff. Sitting in the kitchen at the Doma sewing while watching TV is about as strenuous as sitting at home in bed, arguing with the cats for bed space and watching TV. Trust me on this one.

[ profile] eternalmusings got my flight booked so I can go to her graduation in May. Looking forward to it. Just now have to make arangements to make sure I have a ride to and from the airport here in Buffalo. Will have to see if the Boo is working that friday and can take me and if she can pick me up on Sunday night. Otherwise, it's not that far from the airport to my apartment that a cab is not unreasonable.

But for now, I'm going to go get some dinner and go to bed.

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Long but productive weekend.

Much thanks to [ profile] tessathehuntres, [ profile] hearne, the Teenager and the Munchkin. Not to mention my faithful sidekick [ profile] dicea. LOTS got done.

*Master bathroom is FINISHED!. Hearne got the crown molding cut and up. And the Teenager got the over the toilet cabinet put together and up.
*1/2 bath just needs the crown molding painted and up, but it's been cut so the getting painted and up part is easy. (Dicea says that the paint job makes it look like a French Whore's Privy. I'm not sure what to think about the description).
*Guest bath's wall paper has been stripped (a project I'm so greatful to the huntress and teenager for).
*Kitchen has been stripped.
*Dresser has been moved to the spare room so that is now officially done as well.

I am once again ahead of schedule! Next weekend i'm thinking of either taking a weekend to myself again, or going by myself to the Doma and painting the guest bath. I have the paint and I like the painting in solitude. It's very relaxing. I might also stain the window and put a base coat down in the kitchen so when [ profile] visrose comes out at the end of the month it's ready for the tuscan plastering technique.

I need to redo the curtain I made for the 1/2 bath but that's jsut a matter of pulling out some whip stitches that are holding pleats in and repleating to make it fit the window better.

I forgot my camera this past weekend so maybe next weekend I'll take it with me to take pictures.

Easter prep was interesting. It was hard not having mom there. I tried not to let it show when it was getting to me. But just carried on and got things done that needed to get done. Coloring eggs with the munchkin. Prepping and making the feast for Easter dinner.

My aunt was unable to make it due to her father being in the hospital with pneumonia, but Uncle Alan came for dinner. Was good to see him and he said he liked all the things I've gotten done with the house so far. Next time they see it I hope to be pretty much done with the painting and curtains. Flooring will probably not be done though. But still.

Missed the Boogie this weekend but she wasn't feeling well, and while her presence was missed, we all understood. I've missed a couple easter dinners due to being sick, myself.

but dinner consisted of a honey glazed spiral ham, escalloped potatoes (mom style), corn, green beans, veggie relish tray (done mostly by the Teenager and the Munchkin. Many thanks!), pickle relish tray, deviled eggs (put together by the Munchkin), hard boiled eggs, and a pass it around the table salad bar, along with rolls. Alan brought the very yummy cupcakes my aunt made for dessert. And we had Gizzies (made by the Dicea) for munching on all throughout Saturday and Sunday.

But the best part thing of the weekend... Dicea made home made raised donuts!!! OMG Yummy!!!

I didn't get much sleep this weekend for various reasons so I'm probably going to be grabbing a bite to eat and heading to bed very soon.

[ profile] eternalmusings, if I'm awake later I'll call. I'm sorry I didn't last night but came home and crashed right out. I'm not sure if I'll be awake much past 7 tonight either. But I will call before the end of the week.

Overall I'm happy with how my first holiday without mom in the Doma went. But for now... I'm gonna go rest.


Apr. 1st, 2007 07:32 pm
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I got up at a reasonable time and was at the Doma around 10:30ish.

Got laundry started.

Thoughout the course of the day, I was alone due to the Boo being sick but would much rather her stay home and get well than come out and get worse - or worse... make me sick, I got the master bathroom, spare room and guest bathroom windowsills stained. The stain that mom had bought was old and it took a while to get it mixed up right. It came out lighter than I wanted but it's a start. I can always stain darker next summer.

So the only thing I need to do in the spare room is get the big mucking dresser in. but that will have to wait until next weekend when I have people definately coming that can help me manuever the monster. Also need to get the box spring in there for temporary housing.

Spent a bit of time in the guest bath matching color chips to the green tile. While the color I want is not at Wal-Mart I do have the chip that I can take and they can color match it for me. I will get the paint this week so I have it in case we get that far next weekend.

My big project however was the master bath. I spent a good 3 hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the thing. And for those that have seen it know how tiny the room is (5x5 not including shower stall). I did not even tackle the shower yet. But the floor is scrubbed, the tile and vanity are scrubbed (though I think next winter I make take part of a weekend and repaint the cabinet as I can't get rid of all the nicotene staining). My problem was and is the toilet itself. It's really stained. I tried spic and span. I tried soft scrub with bleach. I tried scrubbing bubbles. Even with a good stiff brush I can't get the staining gone. Anyone have any suggestions.

Of course the toilet is white too, so all the stains show.

Got the new curtains hung in the master bath. Only thing the room needs is the crown molding and the above the toilet cabinet installed. But that's next weekend when I have the help of someone who has a miter box to cut the crown molding.

Did some more looking and planning for the kitchen. The cabinets I found at Target are the perfect height for replacing the iron railing between the kitchen and family room. Will have to start getting one a paycheck so I have them when I need them.

The girls and I talked on Friday about the possibility of instead of doing laminate flooring in the kitchen actually doing stone/tile work. It's actually cheaper than laminate as far as the materials. I need to look into how much it costs for labor to install vs making eyes and negotiations with my Duke, who apparently knows how to lay tile.

Still need to get to CarpetSmart and talk to them as well about carpet and how much their other floorings are.

Small steps.

Sometime this week I'll get back to the Doma after work and straighten up for the company coming for the weekend. need to also see when they want to do Easter Dinner so I can talk to my Aunt and Uncle. I'd like to have Alan and Patti over sometime during the weekend as on the 13th they are taking a one month cruise (flying to Sidney, Aus and crusing back to L.A. Yeah I hate them too) and I'd like to see them before they leave and show them the progess made at the Doma so far.

Plans for next weekend include stripping wallpaper in the kitchen and guest bath (provided we can get into the guest bath) Potentially taking out the cabinet above the fridge, painting the half-bath. And installing crown molding in at least the master bath if not half-bath if we get that far. I would also, since help will be there like to get the stereo out of the florida room and into the garage and bring the antique table out of the basement and put it where the stereo is. Again, that's an if we can coordinate it and have time.

All in all between the work in the rooms and getting all the laundry I took with me done, I'm happy with the progress I made today.

But now I need to finish eating dinner and go shower my mankey self.

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With having accomplished my goal for March (the spare room) - or I will by the end of this coming weekend when I will have stained the window sill in it and have the big dresser moved it, it's time to start thinking what my goal for April is going to be.

To this end April is - THE KITCHEN and BATHROOMS

I would like to get the wallpaper stripped off the walls and the walls painted. But in order to accomplish this the fridge will need to be pulled out of it's nook and the cabinet above it taken down. This means - a small amount of demolition that I have no experience in.

So if anyone wants to come out the first full weekend in April (that being April 7th-8th) to help rip a single cabinet out and strip wallpaper let me know.

I would also like to try to get the master bathroom scrubbed clean. And if anyone is comfortable using a table saw (or has a miter box for a regular hand saw) and is willing to come cut crown moldings for both bathrooms you are more than welcome. This way I can get the mirror back up in the master bath and call it done. Again just contact me to let me know.

The downstairs half bath needs painting. I'm going to be starting tonight on the ceiling while I wait for the TV to be returned and two people who are coming over tonight to pick up stuff I posted on freecycle.

Beyond that it's a catch as catch can.

My current weekend off for the month is the 14th. I have hopes of going to coronation but it all depends on $$ and crash space and the like. Hell, I'm not even sure at the moment where it is being held.

As always, those who come to help have free reign to dig through the boxes of romance, myster and text books in the garage as a thank you. And I will feed people who help as well.

I can be reached via a comment here or at baronessekat at hotmail dot com


Mar. 25th, 2007 05:58 pm
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cut again for those who dont' care )


Mar. 24th, 2007 09:10 pm
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cut to save space for those who don't care )
Boogie is home. She took me and the Boo out to dinner. It ws good to see her and have her home. And I don't care what she thinks, I think her hair looks awesome at this length. I only wish mine would look so good if it were that short.

Well, I'm going to go feed the cats, curl up with my wretched romance book and try to finish it and get some sleep so I can get up in the morning and head over and finish my work at the Doma for the weekend.

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This past weekend was very productive, though it didn't feel that way to me and Dicea, for different reasons.

She was wonderful and spent the day in the kitchen making sure we all ate, drank and prepared a WONDERFUL Non-thanksgiving day meal.

[ profile] dicea, [ profile] bakestondone and I got to the house and had a quick dinner and did some organization Friday night and were later joined by[ profile] theboomboom and [ profile] deadised. Saturday my aunt and uncle came over and [ profile] blue_rock arrived around noon.

Boogie and my Aunt tackled the masterbed room and when they had finished it was empty save for furniture and the bags of freecycle clothes in the closet.

[ profile] deadised and [ profile] theboomboom helped to keep the boxes coming from the spare room, which I sat in the living room and sorted through. Boom-boom helped sort when there was no room to bring down more boxes. She said that going through the house and the stuff (specifically the toys) was like walking back to her childhood.

The blue_rock helped out where needed as a catch as catch can position. Or at least that is how it looked from my position parked in the living room.

Before dinner was ready the spare room was empty save for the closet. The closet is a project in and of itself that I hope to get the assistance of The Huntress to go through as it is mostly little girl's clothes.

AFter the yummy dinner Boogie and blue_rock taped the edges in the spare room.

We then celebrated the Boogie's birthday with a really yummy chocolate thing and we hung out until people went to sleep.

Sunday morning was a low key breakfast and after folks headed out I got the spare room painted! What a difference a color change makes. It had been panic attack yellow (and my folks wondered why my sister had been an anxious child when her room was that nasty color). But now it's a little darker than robin's egg.

Dicea made a very delicious left over thanksgiving day soup for lunch. After she helped me get 40+ more bags of garbage to the curb she had to head home. I then got the master bathroom wallpaper stripped off the walls. Now it just needs to be sanded and painted. My hope is to have that done Wednesday night. It won't take long to do. I will need to repaint the cabinets in there but that is low priority. The walls need to be done. At least the base coat.

Tonight I have to get a scroll done for Ice Dragon and tomorrow is take my car in to be sold and get the Ice Dragon scroll turned in at Scribal practice.

After this weekend I plan on taking a break from the house. I've been going non-stop since mom got put in the hospital and I'm starting to feel run down and sniffly. I can't afford to get sick.

I will post when in April I'll be at the house working though for those who want to join me. As I tell folks though... I never expect help, but welcome it when it arrives.


Mar. 4th, 2007 08:03 pm
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Can I just say right here, right now one thing?


This weekend was weekend number one of clean the house. [ profile] dicea and [ profile] bakestondone came over to the house Friday night after Family Dinner and we sorted through the kitchen cupboards and ooohed and aaaahhhhed over how much work [ profile] bakestondone did Wednesday night. I have NEVER seen the family room looks that good in at least 10 years.

Saturday morning my aunt and uncle came over and soon [ profile] dicea and [ profile] bakestondone joined us and we were soon hard at work. Uncle put allergy filters in all the registers in the first floor. Dicea my aunt and I got the attic organized for maximum usage and started on the spare room while bakestondone tackled the florida room.

Uncle and Aunt had to leave around 2ish but they were shortly replaced by [ profile] hearne, [ profile] tessathehuntres and The Teenager (TM). Hearne joined bakestondone in the Florida room; The Teenager, Dicea and I worked on the spare room and the Huntress tackled the one job I had been dreading... mom's clothes.

By the time we were ready to break for dinner, the Florida room was emptier than it had been since before dad was really ill, the spare room was almost empty and tessa had all the clothes in the closets and the main dresser sorted for either trash or freecycle, as well as a couple bags we had pulled out of the attic.

I am in total amazement on how much got done. Next weekend will have the spare room completely empty and sunday we will be able to put a coat of paint on the walls to kill the hideous yellow.

We didn't put all the garbage to the curb as we wanted to be sure that they garbage men will take it all. And we had a LOT. Like one half of the two car garage was pretty much full of garbage bags.

If things continue to progress at this rate I will be done long before I had thought I would be. I'm now thinking to scale back to two weekends a month like I had originally thought to do. If that happens I will post dates.

I am still looking at a July move (just before pennsic).

I did learn that the neighbor's nephew is a plumber. This is good news for running the gas line to the kitchen. I also have the dimensions of the master bedroom so I can start getting prices for the replacement carpet in there.

But that will be another thing. Once money comes through.

But for now, I can't say enough how much the hard work that my friends did this weekend meant.

You so totally rock!
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Instead of posting what weekends I will be at the house cleaning, I am posting instead the ones I WON'T be cleaning

17th - due to Ice Dragon, though work may be done on the 18th
31st - I have to take the felines to the vet's.

14th - due to Coronation

all will be used as I am not planning on going to War Practice at this time

16th - due to AE 10th Year
30th - due to my birthday

not sure. I want to be moved in before Pennsic

If you are able to make any of the weekends not listed let me and/or [ profile] dicea know
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So in an effort to be at least "productive" today I sat down and came up with a rough list of what needs to happen with each room of the house.

This might help those contemplating coming out to help what needs to be done. The list is in no particular order and does not accurately reflect the scope of the project.

But I figure if I post it here I have a handy access for it.

there go my weekends )
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Today saw me up earlier than my body would have preferred. Oh well.

got up, dressed, fed the critters and headed out to the house.

Initially my plan for the day was to formulate a plan of attack. But while waiting for the Boo and Boogie to come over I started on the corner of the kitchen that even mom had been avoiding (based on the stuff I found) for 7 years. This being the cabinet under the telephone, the top of the animal crate turned litter box house, and a tv tray.

Threw out a lot of old papers. I mean do I really need to keep a JoAnn fabric's flier from 1999? Didn't think so either.

When the girls arrived we did a walk through of the house for a strategy brainstorming. Since we were meeting up with [ profile] hearne for lunch as he drove home from the event we had more time to kill. So the Boogie, being the "damnit let's do something" girl that she is, got us started on the spare room. She hauled rubermaid tubs out of the room, Boo handed them down the stairs and I put them in the living room. We got about a third of the room empty and started actually going through a lot of the bins.

[ profile] eternalmusings, do you want to keep the frame for the canapy on your bed or is that something that can get tossed?

We emptied 5 tubs worth of stuff. Most went into the garbage. They had been things that Mom had put up at the community garage sale two years ago but didn't sell. I'm not surprised the stuff didn't sell. It was all homemade crafty things that grandma had made during her later years, and REALLY ugly costume jewelry of grandma's. Also threw out a bin of clothes that were old, stained and just plain fugly. Nothing we threw out was going to be anything that there was even the slightest chance of selling at the garage sale this spring.

Started a bin as well of "Sis needs to determine if she wants this stuff" for when she next comes back into town.

Dicea has a plan of attack for the florida room so that we can gain access to the bed in there so Meirwen has a place to sleep for Ice Dragon that is actually comfortable and good for her back. All the others who come for ID have to thumbwrestle as to who gets the sofa bed and who gets airmattresses on the floor.

Boogie has volunteered to come over during the weeks and sort and clean things and tackle things that would be bad for my lungs to deal with (like dusting)

Having help with this is going to be the key. Having someone there to help keep me on track while sorting rather than me finding myself going through boxes and just looking and thinking on every piece in there will get this project done all that much sooner.

Things I need to do within the week... find the title of my car so I can contact the dealer friend and see about selling said car. Corrilary... clean out the car.

Things that I will need to do as far as phone calls go... contact the USCGAux again and see if I can actually talk to someone about donating all of dad's old uniforms, the hats, not to mention all the stuff from when he worked media relations for them before he got sick.

Also need to figure out how I should go about selling the electric wheelchair and hospital bed. While the bed is good to have for a sleeping surface, It will be too awkward to move up to the spare room when it's ready and I will have plenty of sleeping surfaces later.

Hey... anyone out there know what kind of place I should contact for getting prices for old LPs? There are about 200-300 in the basement. I'm sure some are worth something.

And do any of you think anyone would want an old Macintosh IIcsx even for parts and would trade for money? Or how to dispose of a desktop Minolta copier (do they need special disposal or can I just put it on the curb on garbage night)?

And as a side... all those that come to help, you have dibs on picking through the BOXES of books (mostly romance, but some mystery and crime drama) as a thank you.
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I am still rather numb in regards to the happenings of the last week. I don't know if I will ever be able to write here about my thoughts and feelings of all of it. Maybe some day.

Tomorrow will be hard as that will be the 7th anniversary of my father's passing. And with it so close to saying goodbye to mom I have a feeling that tomorrow may just be one long fog.

I know that I will have to get going on cleaning the house. To this end...

For those who wish to help, March will be clean out and hopefully paint the spare "drop it in there and deal with it later" room. If I get enough help I might set someone into starting to sort clothes out for the donation to the battered woman's shelter.

The weekends that I have tentatively planned for the project are March 3rd - 4th and March 10th - 11th. The 17th is Ice Dragon (local for me) so if people want to come over on the 18th after and help they are welcome. I do not expect help but will welcome it. Many hands makes light work.

I can provide limited crash space in the house. Pet free. My apartment will not have room for crashers for any of the project weekends OR Ice Dragon.

Contact me or [ profile] dicea if you are interested in coming out to help and we can coordinate stuff and provide directions.


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