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WEll poor Abbott died. (Upon suggestion I had renamed the remaining stooges Abbott and Costello). Came home today to find Abbott belly up on top of the little fish bridge in the tank.

Costello appears to be doing OK and Pleek is happily cleaning the stuff off of the decorations in the tank.

Almost made it a week before one of the remaining ones died.

Tank news

Mar. 18th, 2009 08:26 am
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Yesterday I broke down and decided I needed to get new living things into my little fish tank.

[ profile] dicea and I went to PetSmart (had to go anyway for puppy food) and I picked up Pleek and the Three Stooges. Pleek is a 2 inch (maybe) pleco and the stooges are tiny albino catfish. Unfortunately Curly did not survive the transfer from store to tank (he passed while the bag was in the tank for temperature acclimation. And of course now I can't find the receipt to take the corpse back and get a replacement. Oh well.

This morning Larry and Mo were happily swimming around and Pleek was attached to one of the filtration tubes.

Now it's just watching and hoping. Let me know if there are any odds on how long they all survive.
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So I have a fish. A pleico. I call him moose. Today he was out and not only visible, he was kinda posing. So I took a picture.

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I come home from work and go to feed the fish.

One of them is dead by....


No kidding. The body of the wasp was still attached to the fish. Don't ask me how this happened but it did. Fish and wasp have been flushed.
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The last of the baby fish that I brought home from work months and months ago died today. He was alive this morning when I fed the fish. but when I went to give them their evening feeding, the was dead.


Just a state of the fish tank announcement
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Down to one little fish in the huge tank at work. He seems to be a resilient little guy. Missing most of his fins but he swims happily back and forth through the bubbler.

I put the last black molly out of his missery a few minutes ago. He was laying on the bottom gasping (as only fish can). I figured we put larger animals down for less, so I took him out of the water and sent him to the great tank in the sky.

On the home front, I'm down to one baby and my pleco.

I've moved the baby to the pleco's tank and tonight or tomorrow I'm going to completely tear apart the larger tank, boil and scrub all the stuff inside and the tank as well, set it back up and let it run for a while empty and see how it goes.
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Well, last week the boss bought two gouramis for the work fish tank (otherwise known as kissing fish) and two Barbs. We only had two left of the 20 million it seemed like we had before. Just a black molly and some shiney tiger looking thing.

Well... the shiney tiger thing has what looks like tail rot. And one of the Gouramis has kicked it. The other gourami is looking rather pekid and the Barbs look to have what the fish lady says is Hemoragic septicimia (or however you spell it).

I have to take a sample of water back to the fish place and have it tested again.

Somehow the fish killer is in charge of the fish. How did that happen?

On the fish at home, one of the white babies died over the weekend. The others look OK so we shall see.
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so long another Platty and another neon.

It's the curse. I"m telling you. Watch out!

On the home front, all the fish are still alive. I moved two of the babies out of the little tank and into the bigger one as I then moved Moose into the little one to clear up some of the algae that's in there.

We shall see how it goes. Moose is almost too big now to catch with my little net.

work update another neon and a black molly now gone. the rest are not looking good either.
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Monday marks 5 weeks from when we got new fish in the fish tank at work.

I know... I marked it in my desk calendar.

Monday we had to say goodbye to the tri-shark. This morning one of the platties, a pleco and a neon kicked it.

The other platty, the two tetras and one of the mollies is looking very sick.

I"m just saying...

the curse lives on.

stupid fish

Sep. 6th, 2006 04:41 pm
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So, in an attempt to prove me wrong with my whole 5 week theory, the fish in the fish tank at work have been breeding.

The little sluts have popped out a good 50 babies or so. And one looks pregnant again.

I said I should buy a beta and feed it babies. But I got mortified stares from some of my coworkers.

I mean really, the tank is over populated now. They will die anyways. Sucks to be the bottom of the food chain.
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So, it's been two weeks and all the fish in the fish tank at work have managed to stay alive. Even more babies.

But today... the boss handed me money and said "go get one of those sucker things and a shark". I blinked at him took the money and sighed.

I have officially bought fish for the fish tank. This means they are all going to die!!!

on the home front... all six of the babies I brought home were still alive as of this morning. We shall see how they are after the weekend.
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There seem to be even more babies in the fish tank at work.

I did manage to convince the boss not to get any more fish because while the babies are little, they grow and the tank is going to be overpopulated as it is.

I did bring 6 babies home. 4 white and 2 black ones. (no reason for number other than that's what the net caught).

Three are in the big tank with Mini-moose and three are in the tank Pel got me.

Now we get to watch and see how long before my leet fish killing skills kick in and I'm back to one fish and two tanks.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 04:03 pm
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So I come into work yesterday and find that they have filled the fish tank with lots of aquatic friends.

Two white lyretailed mollies
two black mollies
and a slew of neon tetras.

Today white mollies and black mollie had babies.

I am hereby keeping track. 5 weeks from now is September 25th (roughly). Let's see how many are still around come then.

I've already disavowed any responsibility for said fishies. They're doomed just by my being in the same room as them.
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I came home today and poor Sunshine had set... on the bottom of the tank.

I think the boob at PetSmart lied. I asked if I could put the Beta in with the Mollies and he said I could.

Well... I guess I won't be getting any more for a while. See how Prose is with Moose.

I might get a small tank for Prose so he can have his own apartment and get new Mollies or guppies for the big tank. But that will have to wait until payday at least.



Jan. 31st, 2006 07:52 am
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Spot hadn't been looking too good this last week or so. I don't think the weekend food I left when I went to Caer Christmas agreed with him.

But yesterday I thought he was looking much better.

I guess I was wrong.

He was a good fish. And pretty. I'll have to scrape my pennies together and get Sunshine a new friend since Prose seems to be rather agressive towards him, though it looked like he left Spot and Moose alone. Maybe it's because those two were/are neutral drab colors and Sunshines... welll not.

Prose might end up in a fish bowl if he doesn't calm down soon.
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For christmas I got a fish tank. It's something I had asked for and actually really wanted.

I had fish when I was really little. Then after the sis came along we got another big tank with fish and I have always found sitting and watching them relaxing.

In college the roommate and I attempted several times to have fish. Those ones even went on a trip with [ profile] ostgardraine one spring break when I went out of town and she was watching them and then had to suddenly go out of town.

Anyway, back to the tale. Got the tank. A couple days ago, got some fish. Two little guys who are see through. No seriously.. you can see their bones and stuff, it's really cool. These guys got dubbed "Skelly 1" and "Skelly 2" (Number two is the bigger of them). And I got a Dalmation Lyretailed Molly that got dubbed "Spot".

The kittens ... well they are not really kittens anymore(both over a year and a half old)are facinated by the new members of the household. And it doesn't help that Spot is a tease. HE comes to the side of the tank and floats there, taunting Tzar and Talia as they sit there just watching. Then he'll move and tempt them more. and when the pounce and get the glass of the tank. I can almost hear the sick freak laughing at them.

Skelly 1 and 2 are rather oblivious to this I think. But it is rather funny watching the cats be taunted by a tiny tropical fish.

I'm telling you. there are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning. Especially since Saturday morning cartoons are lame now.


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