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last year my gardens were hit by tomato blight pretty badly. Besides not planting tomatoes there for a bit, several sites recommend working corn meal into the soil and planting corn where the blight was. They say the corn draws out the bad bacteria that cause blight. I've done so, but because of the heat, my backyard smells like tortillas.
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Grimmy would like it known that the first green bean harvest of the year was delicious. I wouldn't know. I got "Grimmy we have a ripe Green..." snatch "bean"

This is why I planted 16 green bean plants. Last year I got enough for a small serving for myself. The rest went to the dog who goes every evening to the garden to check HIS green beans.
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Despite the mud and the backyard smelling horibbly due to the mud and the muck, I got the second raised bed in.

Pictures are here:
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phase 1 of the garden got started a couple weeks ago. Lettuce has been a failure - but this is due to rabbits. Green beans got munched but are coming back. Broccoli seems to be doing OK as is the green pepper. My roma tomato plants already have buds on them. Strawberries are coming along as are the better boy and other hierloom tomato plant.

Big news - the seeds I pulled from last year's pumpkins germinated big time. I have 20 plants. I am in search of local homes for 14 of them (4 others have already been promised). Any takers?

Seriously I don't have space for 14 pumpkin plants. (though I"m really tempted to put one out in the front landscapping in the place that trees won't grow - provided I get out there this weekend and weed the hell out of the area).
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someday I will get my Glad Game updated but today I have another happy from the garden

Dicea confirmed for me I have achieved baby cukes:

I also have a big blossom about to open on the pumpkins:

And I have a blossom on the peppers but it's shy and hard to photograph so I did not get it

For myself

Jul. 11th, 2010 08:41 pm
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Progress of the garden over the weeks:

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My cucumbers have flowers!

And the eggplant and peppers definitely have buds forming.

Go little green guys!
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I was a little too busy this weekend to post an update

So without further ado:

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And one gratuitous puppy picture:


Jun. 26th, 2010 12:22 pm
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I went out to fill bird feeders and see if I needed to water the garden today. After the rain that we have had this week, my pumpkin plants are just exploding all over the place.

If I plant pumpkins again next year, they are so getting their own 4x4 garden and not going in with others plants. But having never planted pumpkins before I had no idea how much room they needed. And since I got them as seedlings, there were no little instructions on the package.

But my big boy tomatoes are doing very well and have lots of blossoms on them. I think the cucumbers may have a blossom trying. Same goes for the beans.

Of all things, one of my tarragon plants is blooming. Of course now that I have these herbs growing nicely I have realized something. Other than mint, I've never used with fresh herbs before. It's always been dried stuff out of a jar. I have sage, rosemary and tarragon going happily. Now just have to figure out how to use it.
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Went out this morning to water the garden. I've been using reclaimed rain water caught in a rubbermaid tote and use an old 4x4 cake pan to scoop it out and pour on the garden.

Anyway, this morning as I was pushing one of the big pumpkin leaves aside to get the water down at the base of the stem, one of the prickers on the stem "bit" me.

After the initial "ow" and sucking of the thumb. I looked at the offending plant.

Me: "If you start singing 'Feed Me' I will have no quams about ripping you out by your roots and chopping you up for compost."

Pumpkin: *ruffles in the wind*

Me: "I'm serious."

Pumpkin: *settles back down*

Grimm: (who has come up after doing a permimeter check of the yard) *snort* (Which translates to "Momma stop talking to the stupid plant cuz otherwise you're gonna be late for work")
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a couple of the pea plants didn't make it. So I went out to the farmer's market outside the office today to pick up some new ones. Only to discover that the vendor I like is selling the vegetable plants @ 4pks for $2, BOGO free. Dude, how can I pass that up?

So not only did I pick up a 4pk of peas, I got a 4pk of green peppers. I had pots to plant the peppers in but I needed dirt. So on my way home I stopped at wal-mart to get dirt. And while there found a 4 pack of "Sweet 100" tomatos for $1. So of course I picked them up too.

After I ate dinner I went out and let Grimm explore the backyard and planted.

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I have to admit that after seeing Dicea's porch garden today (planted the same time mine was) I was very disheartened.

Now granted, I have a black thumb. I have been known and proven to kill Aloe and Air Ferns.

But my sad little garden has taken a step forward. One of the pumpkin plants has tripled in size.

And I have a couple blossoms!


One little pea blossom:
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So since I moved back into the Doma I have been saying that I wanted to try having a small vegetable garden. It's been on my annual resolutions to-do list as well.

I have attempted it. We shall see how it goes.

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