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Day 62:

My co-worker and I have been doing good about keeping to our 15 minute mall walk every day during lunch. We completed just over 5 miles for the week. Go us!

Day 63:

Actually found all my scribal stuff together in one place.

A puppy who wanted momma snuggles when I got home from work.

Almost 20 hours of overtime this week. The pocketbook will like that.
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With not having LJ access at work any more it's hard to stay on top of this.
way behind on the updates )
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Day 169:
~Dinner with the Girls and Jenna and Calvert. Wonderfully alcoholic milkshake for dessert!

Day 170:
~Low key event
~Aunt and Uncle came to the event. Even got them into garb

~Shell of new fencing jacket cut out

Day 171:
~blossoms appearing in garden
~1 of 3 lining layers for fencing jacket cut out.
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Day 167:
~Got into armor and fenced for the first time in 10 years.

Day 168:
~My new sunglasses arrived in the mail. Thank you to [ profile] hugh_mannity for turning me onto Prescription sunglasses for under $25 for the win!
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Wow, life gets ahold of me and I find I don't post the glad stuff as much as I want.

Days 119-126: life happened. Let's go with good/glad stuff occurred during those days.

Day 127:

~Flexed my hours at work to leave early so the girls and I could head to Pittsburgh.
~Nice ride out.

Day 128:
~Crown Tournament - one of the best Crowns I've watched in a while. Courtesy all around (despite the bone chilling wind and rain)
~Delish dinner with the girls.
~Watched Lion in Winter while relaxing before bed

Day 129:
~Fast Service at Sears when fixing the tire changed from "should see to that" to "MUST see to that"
~Happy Puppy was Happy to have his Momma home.

Day 130:
~Accomplished things at home that needed to be done instead of procrastinating on them another day.

Day 131:
~Actually glad my father saved every "important" piece of paper and filed them. This way when I needed to get both of my parents' social security numbers so I can replace my SS card I was able to walk into the basement, reach into the file and pull out an old tax return and Voila I had their numbers.
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Day 109:

~Hung out with Dicea and Mr. Darcy for the evening.

~Found ride for scroll to Blackstone Raids.

Day 110:

~Finished scroll (pictures to be posted after confirmation of award going out)

Day 111:

~Dicea and Mr. D joined me and Grimm for TDI visits. We met several new friends. Miss Molly totally wins for slightly inappropriate language used in the totally appropriate manner (not bad for a 70+ year old lady).

~Dicea made Old Fashioned Country Casserole for us for dinner. For her first time making it by herself, she did AWESOME. Yummy goodness.
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Day 107:

~Got some cleaning done. Not as much as I would have liked, but more than I have done lately.

~Started on the scroll that I got assigned and is due in one week (less when you consider i need to find it a ride to the event)

Day 108:

~Grocery shopping with Dicea.

~Loving snuggles with a puppy who was sitting on my pillow this morning watching for me to open my eyes so I could pet him. There are worse ways to start a Sunday morning.
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Day 101:

~Finished "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". Enjoyed it a great deal
~Accomplished nothing around the house. And I do not feel guilty about it at all.

Day 102:

~Returned books to the library and got more audiobooks.

Day 103:

~Lots of overtime at work. That paycheck will be nice

~Day 104:

~One of the Corner office Directors went around the office today and thanked everyone for their hard work during this tax/busy season. I know it wasn't directed to me specifically but I liked that he did that.

Day 105:

~Got a thank you bonus gift from my supervisor for the work I did today.
~Tax season over for 2010 (well the first of the tax seasons)

Day 106:

~Grimm and Mr. Darcy went to the vet and got checked up. Both healthy little boys. Grimm is now a hefty 5lbs 1 oz. Mr. Darcy is a mighty 4 lbs. 3 oz.
~Red Lobster and Dairy Queen with my girls for dinner and dessert.
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Day 95:

~Walked into the library and within 3 minutes had found a book I had really wanted to read and within another 2 was heading back out to start reading it.

Day 96:

~Actually got out of work in time to make it to the barony meeting. Even though I'm a required office, the seneschal always forgets to add my report to the agenda.

Day 97:

~[ profile] dicea and Mr. D joined me and Grimm on our visits to the nursing home. They got to meet our new friends.

~Scroll calligraphed. Boogie's second scroll ever. Did an awesome job. will post once I know it has gone out.

Day 98:

~scroll to Signet to take to coronation.

~Baked Mac and Cheese for Dinner

Day 99:

~Allergies finally seem to be easing some.

Day 100:

~Finally got the hair cut that I've been needing for about 3 weeks. She cut it a little short but hey... it's hair. It will grow. Really wish Pleasance was closer. She got it right.
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Day 92:

~Beautiful day out so I went to the Buffalo Naval Park for lunch.

~Dinner with my girls and Gayle at the cheap and good sushi place.

Day 93:

~Accomplished stuff at work.

~Nails done.

~Grimmy and I went to the pet store for a new walking harness then went for a very enjoyable walk, finishing up just before the weather front came through and brought the winds that would have blown my little guy away.

Day 94:

~Easter with my girls and Much_Ado. Grilling and gabbing and girls. The best way to celebrate. Even if Grimmy wouldn't let Much_Ado put him down any longer than it took for her to eat her dinner.

~Finished watching Season 1, Disc 1 of Wiseguy. I forgot how much I really liked that show back when it was on.
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~Went out and sat in the square with my book and my sandwich and enjoyed a very happy sunny lunch.

~First walk of the year with Grimm. Our friend Zion was very happy to see us. The boys "played" for a good 5 minutes through the fence. We did about 1.25 miles.

~Fun playing online with dicea.


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