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* got most of the kitchen picked up/wiped down and neatened.

* Dining room picked up of the chaotic remains from cutting out various pieces of garb.

*made some progress on the family room. My goal is to have the first floor mostly presentable so it's not a total embarassment in having the pet sitters come in and it's not an "ugh" feeling when I get home.

*Grimmy going totally nuts in a happy way when Not-the-Queen and Ceol came by to drop off some things for Pennsic. He was totally infatuated with Miss Ceol and Talia has claimed Not-the-Queen for herself by running up and plunking herself down between the lady's feet and refusing to move.
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* huge burst of productivity that allowed me to get all the soup bagged up and in the freezer, a hood finished except for the closures and a pair of pants done. I also made progress on the celtic coteardie. (don't know if the cote will get done for war or not, if not, oh well).

* Netflix streaming. Being able to use TV episodes to mark time for when I need to stand and stretch/rest my eyes/etc.
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* as much as I hate working long days, I'm grateful for the fact that I can so I can take Friday off to go back to Pennsic.

* stores where I can purchase inexpensive groceries so I can make my contribution for the Pennsic Meal Plan and get it finished so it has time to fully freeze.

* Dogs that make me smile watching them play.

* looking at the "to be finished" sewing pile and knowing that I don't HAVE to finish any of it for Pennsic. I'm going to try to get them done, but if I don't I'm not going to end up naked.
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Day 200:

* breaks in rain to get van packed with Pennsic gear

Day 201:

* Not too long of a wait on the Battlefield to troll in.
* Tents went up without too much damage to nerves or persons (though I now have a good bruise on my right upper arm from a yurt roof pole crashing into me.
* Withstanding the tackle hugs from several large people when I walked into Point.

Day 202:

* Matilda, Orianna and Fridrikr who helped get the scribal pavillions up without too much stress.
* Solar showers are no longer solar. On-Demand baby.
* Two pups who were very happy to see me when I walked into the nicely airconditioned house upon my return from Land Grab Week.
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It's been two+ weeks since I updated my glad game.

Lots of things happened that caused me to not come back to it. Death of a loved one. Pennsic Prep. More Pennsic Prep.

During all that time, I was happy and grateful for loving friends and family. A job. My four-legged family members.

For day 199:

* Boogie. Who played savior when I was running errands on my lunch hour and managed to lock my keys in my car. She willingly came and got me, took me home to get my spare key and back to my car. Whole thing took less time than I would have to wait for AAA.

*Central Air and the ability to use it to keep my pets and myself from overheating.
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* Obtained many things needed for Pennsic, including a new pop-up.
* Very short walk with Grimm (just shy of 1 mile) but it was still a walk and got us moving.
* Birthday party at Santoras with friends and family.
* J&P have agreed to join the Little Pack.
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Day 179:

* Friday!
* Ice Cream at work to celebrate mine and a co-worker's birthdays
* My basement and stuff are dry despite flooding in the streets just a couple miles down the road

Day 180:

* Memorial tattoo for Boss done. The artist used "dragon green" as one of the colors and on his shelf was a Master Mason's Bible. It was right and proper. I almost ended up getting it in another location (it's the middle of my back). The artist kept wanting to place it where my Cadet's scarf goes and where Boss' badge would hang. Had he tried a 3rd time when he was sizing it I would have given in and put it there. But instead it's where I had originally wanted it to go.

* Dinner with J & P. Had been postponed from the night before due to the flooding.
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* I have managed to survive 40 years on this planet. (Which when you consider how sickly I was as a child and had my first anaphalatic reaction at 6 mos old, is rather surprising).
* Birthday Lunch with both my Bosses as a great Italian place.
* Birthday Dinner with Katie at a new to me sushi place.
* Lots of love and snuggles from my four footed family members.
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* Lovely evening with Captain Æthelmearc, Boogie and Not-the-Queen. Glad to help Not-the-Queen practice her class for this weekend.
* Got a nail fixed. Nothing like having an acrylic nail pop off while typing.
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* Roses from one of the Bosses as a "happy early birthday". They came from his garden.
* long walk with Grimm.
* lots of snuggles with the 4 footed members of my family
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* more assignments given and received.
* Swinging into Walmart just to pick up some fray check (it's cheaper there than at Jo-Ann's) and finding a 100% cotton, handkerchief weight plaid for $1.50/yrd and then taking it home and getting a peplos made so I have something very light weight to wear hanging around camp at war.
* waiting until after 8pm for our walk meant a nice, comfortable temperature for Grimm and I to put our 2+ miles in.
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* New cotehardie cut out and almost completely finished
* Working my way through season 3 of West Wing
* Family Dinner. Oh how I have missed it.
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Day 172:

* good feed back from Boss at work
* got stuff done and off my desk at work
* Fully finished the barding and packed for the event early
* lovely dinner with J & P at new to me sushi place.

Day 173:

* Got to spend most of the day at the event hanging out with Singing Stone and the Ealdormerean Embassy.
* Grimmy extremely well behaved, despite one "back off" snapping at Olivia.
* Got to see several people I like get awards and recognition
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* tokens for the Æthelmearc Scribes Tea at War arrived.
* T-shirt that I ordered as a birthday present to myself arrived.
* Barding for Grimmy done
* button holes for cotehardie I want to wear this weekend done.
* 2+ mile walk with Grimmy.
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* Almost done with embroidery on barding
* Ozy given clean bill of health by vet and his weight is up (a good thing)
* return to West Wing for evening entertainment
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* It stopped raining before I got out of work so I could run to the grocery store and not get drenched loading/unloading the car.

* Scribes who go "sure no problem" when I contact them in a panic because I messed up.

* Sitting in the back den by the bay window with Ozy and Puck watching the birds and the three of us having a discussion on the type of birds that are coming to the feeders. I really need to find my "Birds of New York" book. I have one back that I saw last year and I cannot identify. I suspect it's either a female cowbird or a female redwing blackbird.

* Grimmy snuggles.
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* Got Grimmy's green beans in the ground and the netting around the second garden plot. Damn rabbits are munching on the corn stalks

* Got some decent fabric at a give-away at fight practice. It should work to make bags for the lunches for the staff for Crown Tournament.

* decent sleep
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* Having a branch of my bank a mile from work that can print new debit cards. I somehow lost mine between Saturday and Sunday. And while I expect it will now show up in my house, it's better to cancel and get new than risk other things.

* Hitting the 900 scroll mark as Signet

* hitting 15 lbs since recommitting in April. If I can do 5 more in 2 weeks I'll hit my personal goal of 20 by my birthday
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* Meeting with both my bosses about a small issue at work. Both were open and receptive and gave me the go ahead to write up a memo to distribute. Now I just have to figure out how to politely but firmly say "WTF people. Stop circumventing the system and do your f'ing jobs correctly so I dont' have to waste time later getting yelled at by other departments and trying to fix something that would have been avoided if you had followed procedure in the first place".

* realization that there was nothing I had to absolutely work on when I got home from work. No last minute scrolls, no packing for an event, no paperwork, nothing. I was able to just sit and snuggle with the Grimmy and watch stupid TV and not feel guilty.

* All critters feeling better. Only one day left of meds for Puck and two for Grimm. All are playing and seem to be more or less back to normal.


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