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I call this a .5 because it really is just a new method of making things rather than a new recipe.

waffle cinnamon rolls

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Every Christmas Eve, my sister and I have the same meal. It's been the family tradition since I was 5 years old. This year I suggested a slight twist. Instead of the usual garlic bread that we do, I wanted to try a recipe I had seen on pintrest.

garlic bread

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With no working oven I had to get creative for holiday treats. I found this recipe and had to try it.


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Invited J&P over on Friday to experiment on them again. Well, I had promised P that I would cook 4 meals over the next bit of time as a "thank you" for agreeing to let J come be my travel companion in two weeks to Vegas.

I've had this one on my Pintrest for a while and decided that this was just as good at time as any to try it.

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My sister was in from out of town for the weekend and she had remarked that one of the recipes I had put to my pintrest page sounded good. So since she was here I decided to try it.

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The grocery store had whole roasting chickens on sale for such a good price I really couldn't pass it up, despite not currently having a working oven. While it would have fit in my little convection oven, I wanted to try something else.

So off to the internet I went and found how to roast a chicken in the slow cooker.

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I ran into a problem just before Easter. My oven stopped working (and that's something I do need to get looked at). But that left me with a 9 lb. ham that would not fit in my little convection oven to cook for 6 people who were coming for a pre-Easter get together.

So off to the internet I went and found: Slow Cooker Ham )
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From: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, by Deb Perelman (2012) ISBN 978-0-307-59565-2
Later found:

I received the cookbook as a gift for Christmas and had instantly marked this as a "had to try" but needed the right reason to make it (other than it looked good). So, for the monthly "Game/Movie/Dinner Night that I have been trying to host, I decided to inflict my friends on a new recipe. After all, if you can't subject your friends to recipe experiments, who can you?

I doubled the recipe because I originally expected 6-7 people, but due to illness and other responsibilities, I ended up with just myself, J & P. So now I get lunches!

edit this is even better when it is given time to sit and let the flavors meld!

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Yesterday was Baronial 12th Night and Potluck. When asked what kind of thing I should bring, I was told with a resounding voice that my baked goods are always appreciated.

So, what better excuse do I need to start this years Recipe Experiments.



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