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Last night I went to take a shower only to discover no hot water.

Now I had done laundry earlier in the day and knew by the fact that the drier had worked that I had gas. I was groaning about the fact that maybe I had to replace the 5 year old water heater.

Went into the basement to investigate. Water all over the area where said water heater and furnace are. I got it mopped up and investigated... no it was not the water heater.

It was actually the humidifier attached to the furnace that is all of 5 inches (if that) from the water heater. A hose had come off and for the life of me I couldn't figure out where both ends attached. I got the one end attached to where it was dripping and ran it into a bucket.

I got the rest of the water up so air flow returned to the pilot light of the water heater and got that started again. However I was flummoxed as to what to do about said humidifier.

This morning I emptied the bucket and came into work. One of the benefits of where I now sit is that I sit near the directors and managers of Operations, Engineering and Facilities. I casually asked if any of them had a good heating/cooling guy they could recommend and explained the situation.

When I went home on lunch to check on the bucket (emptied it even though it did not need it) and took the pictures the said Directors and Managers asked for.

Showed it to them and they all agreed... yep the thing is shot. Not surprising since it is almost 40 years old.

They gave me advice on what to do. First and foremost tonight I get a neighbor to help me turn the water off to the humidifier (I tried at lunch and just don't have the hand strength to turn the valve). After that all of them said it would be up to me, but it doesn't need to be replaced. I could live without one and just use room humidifiers in the winter if I find I need them.

I've got calls out to a couple heating and cooling companies for estimates to replace. So we shall see.

But damn, this grown up gig sucks.


Sep. 24th, 2012 06:25 pm
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After having followed [ profile] much_ado's postings about reclaiming her space through paint and the like, the urge to deal with the front hall of the Doma has returned. Over the summer I did pick up paint chips to find the color I would like. I've narrowed it down to three in the same color family.

The problem is that I will need to replace all the molding around ALL the doors when I do re-do the front hall (as I have to replace one section of one door, the only way to make it all go together is to replace it all).

And I just have SOOOOO much spare time between now and the Holidays.

But the urge to pull the paper off the walls, patch the dings and repaint has been stronger. It might actually be getting close to the time to do it for real. It's only been 5 years of thinking about it.


Aug. 10th, 2009 08:28 pm
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10 year old water heater needs to be replaced.

Plumber who is also in the barony came and looked. Did stuff. Thermocouple was not the only issue. Wonky valve added to problem. The SIMPLE fix is to replace the whole thing. The model of the heater is generic and old and the whole assembly that would need to be replaced is going to be very difficult to find. So we go with replacing whole unit, get it back under warranty and know that I won't have to deal with it again for hopefully another 10-12 years

Need help

Aug. 9th, 2009 04:44 pm
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Anyone know a good plumber/repair man in the Buffalo area?

I need a new thermocoupler thingy for my water heater. Neighbor is not comfortable messing with gas (which needs to be shut off to do the replacing) and neither am I.

I'd really like to not spend an arm and a leg to replace this dohicky and I'd love to take a hot shower sometime soon.
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some asked for more details.

Here are pictures of the section that needs to be replaced. Upon inspection, I think only one section needs to be replaced but we may need to put a new support pole in.

Read more... )
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I'm asking for help.

Over the winter one of the big wind storms that came through knocked down a section of the stockade fencing in my back yard and loosened another.

I recognize that i do not have the skills to replace the fallen one and either reattach or replace the loose one.

Do any of my friends here have the skills? I will take pictures if you require. I can scrape up the fund for new sections but I do not have the money to hire someone to come in and do it.

I would be willing to trade beer and grilled food stuffs in exchange for assistance in fixing my fence.

Unfortunately I need to do it sometime this coming month or I know the lady behind me will get grumpy and cause no end of hassle for me.

please let me know, oh friends of mine, if you think you could spare some time on a weekend to help me.

The garage

Oct. 23rd, 2008 07:07 pm
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The last of the most recent batch of freecycle stuff has now been picked up.

So for those who have seen the nightmare that has been my garage for the last year I give you

what it looks like now )
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Yesterday [ profile] dicea came over yesterday and helped me with a huge project. We tackled my garage.

For those who have seen my garage know what a big task that was. For those who haven't, when I moved out of my apartment July of 2007 pretty much all of my belonging went into the 2.5 car garage to eventually be sorted. After all, the house itself was full of Mom's things so I didn't have a place for my things nor did I really need much of it.

My goal for the summer had been to get the stuff in the garage sorted enough that I would be able to actually park in the garage come winter.

while I'm not quite there yet, it is a goal I now see reaching. We sorted, tossed and sorted some more.

I have a large list posted up to freecycle of things and clothes I no longer need or want. I will have a large pile of things at the curb in the morning for the garbage men to take away.

To give those who have seen the state of the garage over the last year and idea of the progress...

we can now walk ACROSS the garage from one side to the other in many places. Rather than just the narrow path through the stuff from the front of the garage to the door to get in the house.

I still have several boxes to go through but I'm very happy with the progress we made.

Today is laundry, laundry and more laundry.
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I just heard from the lawyer.

at 12:07pm today the deed went on record.

I am officially a home owner now.
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Had the apartment walk through today. Turned in the keys. Signed the paperwork. It's official, I'm no longer a renter. I'm now... a squatter. Well, until the lawyer finishes up the paperwork to put the house in mine and the sister's names.

I've even got most of the stuff out of the van. This of course being a two fold reason... 1) get it out of the van because I'm no longer using the apartment and 2) the girls and I are going tomorrow to look at puppies and I don't know which car we are using so I wanted to make sure there was room for us all.

Turns out that one of the girls I work with's mother actually breeds chihuahuas. I called her and we talked. Turns out a litter was born on 9/11. And there are two boys in it. She also had a litter last night with one male and one female. I'm looking forward to the visit. I like the idea of getting a claim in at 1 week old. This gives us time to get our respective houses ready, gather together puppy products needs (I have a crate but need things like a puppy bed, food, toys, etc), and collect up all the funds.

These puppies, when full grown will be bitty things. Mom is only 4 lbs. and dad is 4.5 lbs. I am perfectly cool with the idea of a dog smaller than the cats.

The fun will come in, if we do place deposits down, is coming up with a name.

And for the record... the cold is almost gone. Day 6 and it's almost gone. Yep, it was a cold.
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OK, the vacuum that mom had, while still working, is dying. I figured I would need a new one eventually. I mean I have mostly wall-to-wall in the Doma and three cats (one long hair and two tabbys that shed at the drop of a hat). But as I"m cleaning for the weekend, even after changing the bag, I'm noticing it's not picking up as good as it should/used to.

So my question, dear readers is...

Any recommendations for what to get?

I"m seriously thinking of saving up for a dyson with Heppa filters. Cats + asthmatic = dyson right?

Anyone have any other suggestions for a good, well built, bagless upright?
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So instead of doing the umpteen-million things I need to have done around the Doma tonight (which was my excuse for not going out to the apartment and slapping another coat of paint on the bedroom walls), I let the one thing that has been bothering me since I moved in finally hit the nerve.

See, the living room is "technically" white. I say technically because well... mom smoked. Lots. So the walls are actually a beigey color with patches of white where I took pictures down.

At the base of the stairs is a BIG white-ish square on the wall where I took down a large string art thing. The color contrast has been bothering me for months. Today it got on my last nerve. So I dug out the large collage photo frame I bought back in July and the bin of family photos and put photos in frame and hung the frame. No more white patch on wall.

Then I see the small white patches on the wall of the stair well. More photos come out and now I have two walls covered in family photos.

Yes it's something I've wanted to do for a while. But Tuesday before a weekend where i have house guests coming is NOT the time to give into the wanting to hang pictures.

Oh well. I have a couple more days.

so it goes

Jul. 11th, 2007 08:42 am
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Been dealing with the now icky task of UNPACKING.

To me this task is infinately worse than packing. With packing there comes a point where you don't care and just throw what ever you are holding in the nearest box/bin/bag and move on. Unpacking requires the consideration of where something is going to live from now on.

Yesterday I took the cable boxes and modem from the apartment back to Time WArner and got the cable for the apartment cancelled. As much as I would like to cancel the other utilities there I can't. Need the gas for the hot water I will need for the cleaning portion of the show. And electric will be helpful for lights at night as well as providing power for the radio to keep me sane while I'm there packing/cleaning/painting.

Back at the Doma, I got the coffee table moved from the living room into the family room so that I have a place to fold laundry again. The table used to live there eons ago before my father got sick and we had to worry about him tripping over it. I"m much happier now to have it back where it belongs.

Got the whatnot shelf hung in the family room and the collection of little eeyores are now out of the box and on the shelves. Also got one load of large eeyores temporarily unpacked (it's temporary as the shelves that the will eventually permanently live on are still on the walls at the apartment).

I have also gotten the two things that are most important unpacked (at least in my world)- all the paperbacks that are at the Doma are now on bookshelves, and my dress/work boots have been unpacked. Who needs anything more?

Slowly making my way through the laundry.

I've been trying really hard to break some bad habits I had in my apartments. I've actually made the bed every day so far. Even down to putting the throw pillows on too. I've put dirty closes in the hamper. I've rinsed and put dishes in the dishwasher before going to bed.

What has really shocked me though is the effect of the house on Miss Alex. She has always been, by nature, a loner cat, and ver anti-social and nontactile. But Saturday night when people were around she made an appearance. And the last several nights, when I sit down at the computer to relax before bed, she has come into the office space and laid down on the floor by my chair and just been there nearby. She's also been more "aggressive" for attention with walking up to me, burshing against me, even "acking" at me to reach down and pet her.

I'm ready for everything to be over. The little unpacking fairies can come in anytime now and finish the work.

my 4th

Jul. 5th, 2007 07:26 am
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While I, rationally, know I got a lot done at the apartment yesterday, I'm not as far along as I want to be. I know that all I need to really worry about is picking up and making room and pathways so that on Saturday me and the other furniture lifters can get said furniture out the door and into the truck. I'd still like to see it almost completely empty. Not going to happen. I know people will be coming this weekend that could help pack up stuff, but it's tough to let them. Mainly because a lot of the little stuff is really me going "keep or toss". And to do that I have to see the item.

Oh well. Tonight after work I'll head back over, pack up the computer and do more picking up. I'll try ti finish packing up my books so that I can have help lifting the boxes. Also need to get the garbage to the curb tonight there. I think getting all the bags of garbage out will help with the "visual" sense of acomplishment.

Last night after dinner I got more laundry done. That is one project that will be on going for quite a while.

Also got the curtains for the master bedroom preped and hung. Prepping entailed sewing drapery pleaters onto them. They originally had tabs for hanging on a standard rod. But the rods in the bedroom are the kind that you pull a string and the curtains pull back along a carrier channel, pull the string another way and they close. Without the pleater tape it would have been next to impossible to hang, or at least stupid looking. Also got the valances ready. If I get home tonight at a decent time I will hang the valences up.

But the really cool thing I did last night was something I haven't done on the 4th since just after my sister was born. Around 9:30 I headed up to the master bedroom, climbed out the window, walked along the roof of the florida room, up the roof of the living room and up to the very top and sat. I watched the fireworks. When we first moved into that house my family and some of the neighborhood kids would go up on our roof and watch the fireworks. Back then we could see all around. Now, 28 years later, the trees are taller so I couldn't see all of them but I got to see the ones at the University of Buffalo, Niawanda Park and some over in the direction of Kenmore. There were a bunch that were set off locally by bunches of people in the neighborhood. I wasn't too thrilled about that. I don't like the banging/exploding sound that fireworks make. I like the pretty colors and seeing them from a distance on my roof from miles away is good. One street over is too close for me.

The cats are starting to adjust to the Doma. Tzar us still looking around for Mom. Talia gives me the "something is missing, momma" look. Alex emerged from her hidey spot about 11:30 last night and looked around the house some. She too was like "huh?".

Because we didn't get the bed moved over yesterday I crashed out on the couch in the family room. I don't mind. It's a comfy couch. The cats were the ones who minded. There just isn't room for me and three cats on the couch. I moved over a little and Alex snuggled in her spot for about 10 minutes until I had to move and she was forced to get down.

Got up this morning, managed to not only make lunch but start another load of laundry.

But now at work. Back to the grind.

In the immortal words of Diana Ross...

I will survive.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:50 am
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It was nice to get away for the weekend.

I love [ profile] dicea's family to bits and they have always made me feel welcome there.

I caught up on a lot of rest this weekend, which I know I needed and tried not to think too much on what all I need to get done this week.

Helped Boogie some with the making of the bed. Once again proving I am a danger, mostly to myself, with a hammer in my hands.

We stopped at a petco while we were out getting lumber for said bed. It took a lot for me to remind myself that Pennsic is in 3 weeks, I'm moving this week and I was NOT at home. They had a 2 year old black and white male cat that looked me in the eyes and I fell in love. Dicea agreed with me that he had the feel and attitude of my beloved Nicodemus. They also had puppies. Sheltie/Chihuahua mixes. So adorable and lovable and the one I held just looked at me, gave me a nod and fell asleep in my arms with the utter trust that only a puppy can have. *sigh*

In theory, right now my bedroom carpet is being installed. I can't begin to sing the praises of Boogie who got up early and went over to the Doma to meet them so I wouldn't have to redo my schedule again.

Tonight is packing, packing and packing. I am thinking to finish packing the kitchen tonight and throw yet more clothes into bags.

Tomorrow night a freecycle lady is, in theory, coming for the weight bench. I have stopped expecting freecycle people to show up, so I get pleasently surprised when they do. There is still stuff on the porch of the Doma from last weekend when a woman was supposed to come by and pick them up. I emailed her today and gave her until Wednesday morning to come get it. We shall see.

Wednesday, the 4th, the plan is to borrow the penske from Dicea's work and take it to the apartment to load up with as much little things as we can and take it over to the Doma. I also plan on moving the cats that day as well. Even though all three have been on "vacation" at the Doma for "Camp Grandma" while I've been at pennsic and the like in the past, I want to give them a couple days to get used to their new home before the stress of the move itself this weekend.

I am also hoping on Wednesday to FINALLY take the crafting stuff over to the old folks place so that it is out of the house and is one less thing to trip over or figure out how to manuever around Saturday.

I'm working extended hours this week so that I can have a half day on Friday. This will allow me to do a BJ's run for food for the weekend and get the Doma as ready as I can before people arrive for the move.

Note to friends coming this weekend: if you have not confirmed via email to me, please do so. I need to know what time to expect you, how many are coming and any other things that you think I should know.

Oh well, back to work.
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I go out to my car on my lunch to sit and read. Get the "you've go voice mail" beep on my cell phone.

Check the voice mail. It's John, the install guy for the carpet that is supposed to be installed tomorrow.

Notice the supposed to part?

Apparently, when the "shipping inspectors" unrolled the carpet in georgia for one last Quality Control inspection, they found something wrong with it. It has been reordered and by the computer it is listed as still being in Georgia.

What this means is... the carpet is not going in tomorrow. John's not entirely sure when it will be here. I said "I need it in by the 6th of July. I'm moving into the house on the 7th."

He totally understood my frustration.

He said as soon as it arrives, which he believes will be in by the end of the week, and he will call me right away to make arrangements. He will also bump someone else if he has to to get my carpet in.

So now I have to just wait, pray that it arrives before the 6th and make arrangements for someone to be at the house to let the install guys in.

I just can't win. Maybe I should just rent a power sander and sand the subflooring and seal that and live without carpeting.

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What: Moving Day
When: Saturday, July 7th
Time: 9am
Where: Start at the Doma
Why: I'm moving

If you are planning on coming out to help me move, even if you have already told me so verbally, please send me an email at baronessekat at hotmail dot com

I will need to know the following:
Who is coming (you and anyone else? animals? I do have a fenced in back yard)
When you plan on arriving
Can we use your vehicle for moving stuff?
Are you able to lift heavy stuff or can only lift light things/put things away?

If you are crashing at the Doma you will need the following:

bedding If you have an air mattress, bring it, just in case
Armor - fighters bring your gear, I don't see the moving part taking more than a couple hours so the afternoon will be yours to have a fight practice in the back yard. Front yard might be available too. (I will not say no to people who want to help unpack though or act in the capacity of "put that box there" organizers)
Dish to pass - going to do burgers and dogs on the grill for food. There are several grocery stores within a 5-10 minute drive of the Doma if you want to wait until you arrive to get something.
Beverage(s) of choice- if you want beer, please bring beer. If you want a specific kind of soda, please bring it. I will have a flat or two of water and a flat or two of generic sodas.

If you are crashing, keep in mind I have three cats. I do have one room guarnenteed animal free, potentially another.

Thank you in advance!



Jun. 21st, 2007 08:52 pm
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While I know I got a lot done, once again it doesn't look like it. Worked exclusively on the living room tonight

I got 4 bags of garbage to the curb. The last of the DVDs and VHS tapes boxed and in the car. All my winter/fall coats are bagged and int he car. All my board games boxed and in the car. The two DVD bookcase/towers are in the car.

I have opened up the "can't breathe closet so it can air out over the weekend and maybe I will be able to extract stuff from it next week.

I'm now goig to head upstairs and get away from the can't breathe closet and maybe bag up more clothes to throw in the car in the morning.

Tomorrow I have to get up early and go over to the doma and get the Salvation Army stuff back into the driveway.


Jun. 17th, 2007 07:23 pm
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update on Doma stuff )
Today was sunday which I've tried to hold sacred as the "thou shall take time to do something fun during this maddening time". This resulted in me and [ profile] dicea going up to Niagara Falls. Something for the last couple weekends has been pressing into the back of my mind that I need to go there. Just to walk around, mingle with strangers who don't speak my language and partake in the natural beauty of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

I expected a lot more people there. I mean today was Father's day. And it can be a VERY inexpensive thing to do. Especially if you don't park in any of the paid parking and stick to the park and the falls and not do any of the touristy things.

We got there and first discovered that the Falls must be a big thing for subcontinent Indian vacation spots. To the point that instead of the standard Hot Dog venders and the like on the corners, it's Indian food. The smells were wonderful.

We walked over to the Falls and decided that since Boogie was not with us we would not do the Maid of the Mist (like we were going to do if she was joining us - unfortunately she did not sleep well last night and sent us on our own). We opted instead to do the American Falls Cave of the Winds. I have done the Canadian ones before and that was cool. The Canadian side you literally go behind the falls in the caves and see the falls from behind. at first I wasn't so jazzed about the American side. You don't go behind the falls at all. You do down to the base of the falls on little walk ways and stuff. I was like "Yeah, how cool is that? Not much" Boy was I wrong.

It was soooooOOOOOooooo much fun. If you've ever heard me or Dicea talk about our experience at Diseny withe the Kahli River Rapids you will understand when I say "AGAIN!". We got drenched, despite the slickers they give you. You literally are at the base of the falls. And if you go on the Hurrican Deck as they call it, the water falls onto you.

Let me say, Shower Magic has nothing for clensing of the soul and spirit like a real Waterfall Magic experience. I know now where to go when I need a cleansing and recharge. Also learned that the rocky outcrops between Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls is the rookery for the largest congregation of Ring Billed Gulls in the Northern hemisphere. What this means in TONS of seagulls. And the babys. Baby Seagulls are adorable and cute and look like little fluffy rugby balls.

I had fun. And that was the point of everything.

When I got home I talked with my Uncle Alan. Wished him a happy father's day. He told me of their ordeals with getting home from their cruise of a lifetime.

The two fo them are coming out next weekend to grab all the geneology stuff from the Doma's dining room. This is good. That means I can move my sister's big-assed cabinet out of the living room and into the corner where the geneology stuff is now.

Long but good weekend.

Gonna go find some dinner now and relax.



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