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The trip to visit my aunt and uncle today would have been easier if Mapquest had just said "go to grandma's house, rather than turning left keep going and turn right on dunlap, then turn right on east shelby"
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The down side to making a milk shake out of mint chocolate chip ice cream is that the chocolate chips get stuck in the bendy straw.
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When you pull into a Dunkin Donuts to get a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee and see a limo in the parking lot... find another dunkin donuts or go hungry.

See I really needed the coffee or I would have done so. I didn't register the limo until I was already in line and grumbling about what was taking so long.

The answer - some stars from the Soap Opera "The Young and the Restless" were in the store and the counter girl was going batshit and taking her time waiting on them. No I don't know who they were. There were 20-somethings and not any of the ones I recognized from the couple times I've seen the show since I left college 12 years ago.

Tbe actors were good sports about it all. AT one point I made eye contact with a rather attractive male actor and we shared a communication... "lady all I want is my donut and my coffee and I'll be out of here" we both thought.

I just wonder WTF they were doing in Amherst, NY at 10:30 on a saturday morning. But I'm not so curious at to tryto look it up on any local news stations' websites.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:42 pm
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as I stand in the spare room of my apartment, black bags of garbage to one side of me, clear bags of laundry to the other side of me, sewing gizmos behind me and a room full of crap in front of me I find myself thinking...

You know... the Doma is fully furnished. Do I really need or want this stuff anyway?

It would be so much easier just to bag it all and curb it on Thursday.

Yes it would be nice to just "start over" but then I think of the books that are on the far bookcase that I want because they are scribal or garb research. The glass unicorn my grandparents got me one year while they went on a trip to Mexico, the multitude of eeyores and wolves.

Then of course there is all the fabric waiting to be made into garb.

No, I can't just junk it all.

I will junk a lot of it. But not all.

While it will feel good at the moment. In the end I would be upset at the loss.

I have to remember to think long range, not instant gratification.

Besides... who needs to breathe?
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I want to thank [ profile] much_ado for today posting something that has been niggling in the back of my head.

Every now and then it helps to know that others feel the same way I do.

Referenced with permission:
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Core Dump where I probably have contradicted myself, repeatedly.cut cuz it's probably going to be long and I won't be 'that guy'. )


Jun. 17th, 2007 07:23 pm
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update on Doma stuff )
Today was sunday which I've tried to hold sacred as the "thou shall take time to do something fun during this maddening time". This resulted in me and [ profile] dicea going up to Niagara Falls. Something for the last couple weekends has been pressing into the back of my mind that I need to go there. Just to walk around, mingle with strangers who don't speak my language and partake in the natural beauty of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

I expected a lot more people there. I mean today was Father's day. And it can be a VERY inexpensive thing to do. Especially if you don't park in any of the paid parking and stick to the park and the falls and not do any of the touristy things.

We got there and first discovered that the Falls must be a big thing for subcontinent Indian vacation spots. To the point that instead of the standard Hot Dog venders and the like on the corners, it's Indian food. The smells were wonderful.

We walked over to the Falls and decided that since Boogie was not with us we would not do the Maid of the Mist (like we were going to do if she was joining us - unfortunately she did not sleep well last night and sent us on our own). We opted instead to do the American Falls Cave of the Winds. I have done the Canadian ones before and that was cool. The Canadian side you literally go behind the falls in the caves and see the falls from behind. at first I wasn't so jazzed about the American side. You don't go behind the falls at all. You do down to the base of the falls on little walk ways and stuff. I was like "Yeah, how cool is that? Not much" Boy was I wrong.

It was soooooOOOOOooooo much fun. If you've ever heard me or Dicea talk about our experience at Diseny withe the Kahli River Rapids you will understand when I say "AGAIN!". We got drenched, despite the slickers they give you. You literally are at the base of the falls. And if you go on the Hurrican Deck as they call it, the water falls onto you.

Let me say, Shower Magic has nothing for clensing of the soul and spirit like a real Waterfall Magic experience. I know now where to go when I need a cleansing and recharge. Also learned that the rocky outcrops between Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls is the rookery for the largest congregation of Ring Billed Gulls in the Northern hemisphere. What this means in TONS of seagulls. And the babys. Baby Seagulls are adorable and cute and look like little fluffy rugby balls.

I had fun. And that was the point of everything.

When I got home I talked with my Uncle Alan. Wished him a happy father's day. He told me of their ordeals with getting home from their cruise of a lifetime.

The two fo them are coming out next weekend to grab all the geneology stuff from the Doma's dining room. This is good. That means I can move my sister's big-assed cabinet out of the living room and into the corner where the geneology stuff is now.

Long but good weekend.

Gonna go find some dinner now and relax.

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So for about two weeks now I've been looking for my sage smudge sticks. I have wanted to smudge the Doma for a while, especially after a couple instances that I can't explain other than otherworldly.

But see, I hadn't been able to find my sage. It wasn't with any of my other ritual stuff. I had accepted that I was going to have to go to some new agey place to get some more sage. And frankly that was going to have to wait until after the move.

So while packing the pantry at the apartment I unearth one of my cookie jars. It's shaped like a howling wolf that actually howls when you open it. My first thought was "freecycle". And figuring there might be a hidden "surprise" in said cookie jar I look in and find... my sage!

Of course I had to go and put my sage in the container shaped like my totem.

I see the logic now. Too bad I can't follow my own logic the rest of the time.
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8:30pm(ish) is not the time of day to drink a large mug of "Dicea super strong Ethiopian coffee" no matter how chilled you are.

It's now 2:30 am, I've finished my book of the day and I'm wide awake.

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The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to. ~Dodie Smith

For the last many months I’ve been trying to figure out the concept of family. Read more... )
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I've been thinking this morning. Yes watch out, Ekat's been thinking again, run for the hills.

Anyway, I had my daily morning phone conversation with [ profile] dicea and the topic we discussed got my mind working. Then I read her post and that got me thinking more.

There are times in our lives, many many many in fact, where we offer to do something for someone as a "favor" or "kindness" or simply because they asked. And most of the time, (ok for most of the people I know and therefore I'm making a generality on people as a whole) we agree to it. Usually not out of an "they owe me one" or building up some kind of Kharmic brownie points. We do it because we can, we want to, and well... they asked. We are therefore providing a service.

In the SCA my friends and family have the saying "Service is Love made visible". In otherwords, we do what we do because it is a visible and tangible way of showing someone we care. We give of ourselves in some fashion to show that this person who is receiving such service means something to us.

But there is another, older saying "Love is blind". We over look things, faults, situations, because we care.

Put these two sayings together and you can end up with a world of hurt on the end of the giver.

It is possible to give so much in our attempt to show the depth of our feelings that we become so blinded to the fact that perhaps the service we give is detrimental to ourselves, our loved ones, our community and possible worse.

Therefore there are times when we must, for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, our community and all that a line must be drawn. When the service we give to make our love visible must be redefined. The blindfold must be removed so that things can be seen clearly.

A seed may be strong, but without proper care and sunlight, it will never grow into the mighty oak with a strong root system to support itself.

Love starts as a seed and must be nurtured in order to grow strong and healthy. It needs a great root system to support itself.

Service may be love made visible, but we all must take care to not serve to the point of total blindness.
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The thing that attracts cats almost as well a clothes fresh out of the dryer... fabric you are trying to work with.

Rough silk is not easy to rip seams out of.

No matter how many times I double and triple check, I will ALWAYS sew at least one seam backwards.

Gremlins have hidden my iron.
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1) no matter how hard I try, my internal clock has set itself for wake up at o'-god-early and it's hard to force myself to go back to sleep (this is going to suck this coming two weeks when my work hours change to 1pm-9pm)

2) White Russians, 86 degree weather and sun intolerance do not mix well

3) I remember how to grill... more or less

4) It's getting too hot to sleep upstairs until I put the AC in the window and I don't want to do that this early in the summer. So back to the futon. Alex should like that. As to her that is the real bed and the thing upstairs is "That thing upstairs"

5) boxers are more comfortable than briefs

6) Tzar is realizing he is being punished for going outside without his harness on and is starting to apologize for it.

7) there are a couple musicals on Broadway that have now been added to the list of ones I want to see.

There were probably other things but that's what I can articulate right now
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If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong.

Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view.

Or if my emotion is less than yours, or more, given the same circumstances, try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly.

Or yet if I act, or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be.

I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. That will come only when you are willing to give up changing me into a copy of you.

I may be your spouse, your parent, your offsping, your friend, or your colleague. If you will allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or beliefs, or actions, then you open yourself, so that some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might finally appear to you as right -- for me. To put up with me is the first step to understanding me. Not that you embrace my ways as right for you, but that you are no longer irritated or disappointed with me for my seeming waywardness. And in understanding me you might come to prize my differences from you, and, far from seeking to change me, preserve and even nurture those differences.

Excerpted from Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey

A shift

Apr. 6th, 2005 07:04 pm
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Every now and then you hear the phrase "stop and smell the roses" and you go "ya, ya, I will eventually". Then something happens to make you stop and look around your world with a new persepctive.

I know it sounds silly but my kittens just made me do that.

The weather is finally nice enough that I've been able to keep the kitchen door open to let some fresh air in through the screen door. Now I have two kittens, Tzar (9 months) and Talia (8 months) who have spent the majority of the young lives stuck behind closed doors caused by cold harsh winters. There are only a couple windows they can sit at and look out of at the moment. But right now they are sitting at the screen door of the kitchen just looking out with facination and drinking in every new sight and sound.

Seeing Talia watching a red-winged black bird sitting on the powerlines outside and Tzar watching the neighbors working on their car across the street made me realize that sometimes you really to need to just stop and look out your front door and see the wonders of the world.

Smile at the warbling of the black birds, try not to laugh at the neighbor being stalked by the demon ducks, watch a cloud drift across the sky and be merciful and let the spider that's crawling up the screen door to live.

So to the cynical, the morose, the grumpy and the disenchanted I don't say "stop and smell the roses" I say, watch the world through a kitten's eyes. The world actually can take on a whole new persepctive if you look at it as if you are seeing it all for the first time.
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It doesn't matter how old you are, where you live, or anything. There is always someone else telling you what you can and can't do. Don't eat sugar or fats, don't mix plaids, eat your vegetables, drive slower, love your neighbor. that kind of stuff.

No one is really ever in real and total control. Except in their imagination. And for me, the best place to show that freedom, the only place there I am really really in control... a coloring book.

I don't think it matters if you are five or ninty-five. Coloring books are fun. They are relaxing. You can have the final say in things in a coloring book. If you want to make the puppy-dog purple, you can make the puppy dog purple. If you want to make Eeyore look realistic you can. The only thing that limits you in a coloring book is your imagination and your crayons.

I have many coloring books. I have Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, My little Pony, Richard Scarey, Thomas the Tug Boat, Sleeping Beauty, a very special one I got when we last went to Disney world, even generic ones with cartoony bugs and kittens and puppies and stuff. And I have a special one that has black pages that make your colors really stand out and kind of glow because it's black paper.

No matter how bad a day I am having, or how good a day, I know my coloring books will be there for me. They won't judge me or yell at me. They wait patiently for me to come to them. They welcome me. They are old friends.

They don't care how long it's been since I've picked them up. Be it three months or three minutes, they are there. they hold the imagination and the promise of exciting things. And they dont' care if I color the caterpillar with celtic tattoos or if I make it all green.

I know some people find their relaxation in a drink, or a book, or a bath. But for me, relaxation and freedom are found on a blank page and a box of 64 colors.

~~Written by Jessica with help from Jaisyn.


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