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The Elder God Hat (aka Hat #6) is done.

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I am procrastinating on a scroll I need to work on. So I took the left over yarn from hat #3 and some eyelash yarn I had and made...

Hat #4 (for the same little girl that hat 3 is going to)

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Hat #3

This is for a 3 year old cancer survivor. She asked for funky purple hats.

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Here's a link to all my posted projects:
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Katie got part of her birthday present tonight at dinner.

Boogie Harp Seal )


Jan. 30th, 2010 04:26 pm
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I finished up the amigurumi Adipose today. (the critter in my icon is an Adipose)

As they are made up of body fat they are shiny and smooth. Unfortunately I only had textured yarn when I went to make him so Dicea and I are saying he was made up of Cellulite and I've started calling him Lumpy.

Lumpy loves you THIIIIIIIIIIIS much )
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-Woke up to this little face:

-Despite a rather icky start to the day, managed to finish up a little Amigurumi Owl for the Boogie.

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Patrika got her package today. She says she loves them and the colors were perfect. I'm so glad.

the finished product )

Now just to hear if Corwin received his.
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SOSS going in the mail in the morning. Pictures will be posted after recipient actually gets it.

I also finished the glovelets for Corwin this evening so I can get them mailed out tomorrow too.

picture of glovelets )
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Thanks to Bea I have pictures of one of the afghans I have made.

So here they are Max's Blanket )
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Gave J the blanket this morning. He was incredibly touched and surprised.

Here are a couple pictures of the blanket.

blanket )
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When I had my unexpected vacation last month I tried to be productive. Here's what I did:

finished products )
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The new year has arrived and I actually finished part of a fun project for myself.

For years I have wanted a pair of fingerless gloves. I found a pattern in the most recent issue of crochet magazine so I grabbed some waste yarn I had around and have tried it. I've gotten on glove done and will soon start on the other.

it's not perfect but it's my first attempt at doing something that's not a giant strip of fabric (scarf) or flat of fabric(afghan). even the hat I've done has been a flat piece then stitched into a round.

pictures of the first one )
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It has been a nice quiet Christmas here at the Doma. Good sister bonding time.

cut for lots of pictures )

But for now, it's relax and then go back to work for one stinking day.

** Adopt one today!** Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!


Dec. 24th, 2008 09:29 pm
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Every now and then it's nice to know you found the right thing.

Just before thanksgiving i was in the craft store and saw this yarn. Soft and beautiful in colors. I instantly thought of [ profile] sabriel_0405 because she loves leopard and animal prints.

so I picked up the yarn and made up a scarf and hat. The hat is the first one I've ever made. I sent it off and she opened it for Hanukkah.

Here's a picture of the project completed.


Someday I'll get pictures of the blankets I made for Ed and little Max. I'm still trucking away on T's blanket. I really don't think it will be done in time for 12th night. But I'm a good 1/3 of the way done.

Hope all have a good holiday.


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