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today started out with an adrenaline surge. I got up, got dressed and went downstairs to feed the cats their breakfast. As I'm in the kitchen, I hear from upstairs Grimmy crying as if in pain. I drop everything (causing cat food to scatter across the kitchen floor) and race upstairs to see what had happened.

He was fine. He was in the middle of my bed, curled up on the still warm electric blanket and when he saw me come racing into the room, he flopped onto his back for belly rubs saying "please". He just wanted me to come back to bed. *sigh*
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* a really cute video of cats playing pattycake came across my FB feed. I'd post here but I can't figure out how to do so.

*I found Pus! aka Grimm's favorite toy. Well a online source for them because I can't find them in the store anymore.

*Had fun at aquafit

*Burgers with Captain Æthelmearc and Mr. Josh
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Had fun at scribal. Plus, you know, Gelato! and seeing Sophie!

came home from scribal to find Grimmy standing, facing a corner, ears and tails up and alert. I hear chirping coming from the corner that sounds very much like one of the cats' chirpy mouse toys. Thinking that he's got it stuck and can't get it out I go over to retrieve it, only to discover he has cornered a vole and every time it tries to leave the corner he hits it with his paw, causing it to chirp. I grabbed a cup, scooped up the thing and tossed it back outside (ok, I walked it across the back yard and tossed it into crazy Italian lady's yard).

I think my dog really does think he's a cat.

Happy puppy

Sep. 9th, 2011 11:32 pm
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The cries of excitement were almost deafening when he saw Meirwen and Ro get out of the car that pulled into the driveway.

But when, after they came in and said hello then went back out, he saw THEM... the cousins... the PUGS!.... his yips and cries of pure joy went to the range that I could not hear but could feel.

The pugs came in and much happy play ensued. The grin on his face as he ran around knowing almost all of his family pack was there almost made me cry. I haven't seen my boy that happy in a very long time.

I know the only thing that would have made it even better for him would have been if Momma Katie and Momma Dicea and Darcy, and Auntie Terri had been there too.

The Ladies and Pugs have headed upstairs to bed and he's giving me the "where did they go?" look.

Gonna need to see about trying to make it to more Chihuahua play times with him.

Rest Well

Jul. 14th, 2011 08:00 pm
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Yesterday Grandma Molly (as she had become affectionately called) passed away. Grimmy and I both will miss her. Grimm knew which room to go to when we got to the 3rd floor and I say "Let's go see Grandma Molly".

She was a wonderful lady, even to the end she had that spark that I totally envied.

We will miss you gracious lady. But now you will be with the handsome man you talked so much about and be able to sit with your uncle and sing like you did when you were a young girl.
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Grimmy would like it known that the first green bean harvest of the year was delicious. I wouldn't know. I got "Grimmy we have a ripe Green..." snatch "bean"

This is why I planted 16 green bean plants. Last year I got enough for a small serving for myself. The rest went to the dog who goes every evening to the garden to check HIS green beans.
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House guest this came to me this morning showing that some how one of my four footed kids managed to knock the bag with his med case down and the med case opened. Half of a naproxin was missing. And of the 4 four-footed in the house, I could only rule out one for not having been the culprit (she being the one who hides when people are over and has NO teeth - hard to bite a pill when you don't have no teeth).

Dog was instantly induced to empty the contents of his stomach. A call to the vet determined that the cats really should be seen by a vet because there is no easy way to induce them. So Dicea and I went off to the OP Emergency Vet clinic and both Tzar and Talia were examined and while they did not need to be induced, activated charcoal was introduced and was given instruction on what to watch for. Vet was not concerned but I feel better knowing that they were looked at.

Not too long ago the ER vet called me to let me know that blood work all came back normal on Tzar and Talia. She even asked about Grimm (whom she did not see). She told me that as long as the three show normal behavior, eating, drinking, elimination we should be fine.

I'm really impressed with this Vet ER and will recommend them to any who need after-hours vet help.
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Here are pictures of yesterday's TDI visit

Grimmy and his girlfriends )

found it!

Feb. 6th, 2010 11:12 am
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For months now one of Grimm's favorite toys has been broken. And the stores stopped carrying it so I could not replace it.

However, today on a whim I googled Squeaky dragon dog toy and the first thing that came up was his DRAGON!

Once a paycheck starts back up I will get him a new one.
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-Woke up to this little face:

-Despite a rather icky start to the day, managed to finish up a little Amigurumi Owl for the Boogie.

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Dec. 16th, 2009 08:26 am
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I realize it's been a while since I posted something not so down. So I give you

gratuitous puppy pictures taken at Thanksgiving )
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Today was our weekly visit to the nursing home.

First thing after signing in, we always have to go see Miss Laura in the Social Work office and get our "before work treat". While there we asked the Reverend and received a list of the vets up on the floor we always visit. Turns out a good chunk of the men we visit are Veterans of WWII.

Mr. William served in France. He could not remember what his regiment was but he said he will never forget how cold and wet it was there.

Mr. John was a POW in Austria. He told us a little bit about it and I was struck by the haunted look in his eyes as he spoke. It was the clearest I've ever heard him speak since we met him back in September.

Mr. Bill served in the Coast Guard, protecting America's shores.

Mr. Patrick was 19 when he and a buddy were trapped behind enemy lines in Europe. His buddy was wounded and Patrick carried him miles, behind those lines, keeping him alive until the crossed back into friendly territory and found help. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

With all four gentlemen Grimm sat in their laps and watched them as they spoke about their experiences. Totally enraptured with the stories.

We also went and saw some of Grimmy's girlfriends. Today we got a picture of him with Miss Rosina (who secretly loves dogs but won't tell her daughter that).

As Miss Rosina says "Good Boy Grrrrrimmmmah".
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Yesterday was the Chihuahua Meet up groups Halloween gathering.

There were not that many pups there but those that were there seemed to have fun.

Here are pictures.

Click for pics )
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Yesterday [ profile] dicea and Mr. Darcy joined us for our TDI visit. As yesterday was the Feast of St. Francis, they were doing a special evening Pet Blessing.

We got there at our usual time to visit and Mr. D and Dicea joined us on our rounds. Miss Marie was not available which is a shame as I would have liked for them to meet her. But Miss Corky and Miss Henrietta were glad to see us. As was both Miss Helens. We didn't see Mr. John until the Blessing. And oh my - Miss Rosina was just in her happy element with two chihuahuas sitting in the chair with her.

And of course, as always, both boys totally charmed the staff and volunteers and family members.

The actual Blessing service was very nice and we got to meet another one of the regular therapy dogs, Griffin, and the "grand-dog" of one of the residents by the name of Baily. I did not catch the name of the Pincher that came and the only cat's name I heard was Maestro, but there were a couple of cats there too for the blessing.

It was very nice to share our visiting time with Darcy and Dicea and maybe we will do every now and then as for "infrequent" visits that are allowed at the nursing home without being TDI or official volunteer status.

We took some pictures. I just have to download them off the camera first then will share.


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