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I know I should not be surprised, but I always am, at the amount of folks who read something and only read the first and last paragraphs of something and then assume they have all the details, forming their opinion on the topic based only on that.

A good deal of the DRAH-MAH could have been abated if people had actually read the letter that was posted fully. Because there in the second paragraph it clearly states that issue in question is a situational ruling, not a world wide one. But they didn't.

Then of course the issues goes from "well that's inconvenient and I will have to rearrange my schedule to accomodate" to "ZOMG! The world as we know it is ending! Our liberties, our freedoms, our rights... they is trampled! Quick, call the Pope, the President and Superman! Where is Mighty Mouse when you need him?!? Help me Obi wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!"

Now, I have strong opinions on the central issue to the Drama. No, I'm not going to post them. That will only cause more drama. My opinions are mine, formed due to long experience in certain situations. That does not make them right or wrong, but I know they would certainly be seen as unpopular, unfair and exclusionist to the majority. So to save the drama and keep it stress free, I keep them to myself and only share with a select few.

I know it's too much to hope that before people start trying to call in the Marines, they actually stop and think about the situation. But it would be nice if before hitting the "send" button, people stopped for a moment and re-read not only what caused the reaction, but how they phrased their reaction.

I know. Silly Ekat.

But I can dream. And yes, I still believe in Santa Claus
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For years, my favorite kind of chewing gum was your Doublemint brand. It was one of the few that I could actually chew.

But now.. WTF... sneaking in Asparthame into the ingredient list? And because use still use regular sugar for the main sweetener, you don't say you are "sugar free" then giving us who can't have asparthame a clue that things have changed. I stopped reading your ingredient list because you had been consistant for YEARS, if not decades

The headache and the tingling of my lips and tongue were a nice way to bring a small panic to my ordinarily "enjoyable" Wednesday.

Thank you for taking one more thing away from me.


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I have a request. A serious one. Teach your kids to respect dogs.

I have lost count the number of times on my walks with Grimm how many crotch droppings (as opposed to the children with manners) don't bother to ask me if they can pet my dog before the come running up, screaming "Puppy!" and shoving their hand into his face.

Yes, he is small, cute, and will be wiggling buddle of wanna meet you, but still. Not all dogs have his personality. Big or little, not all dogs like to be approached like that.

If you don't teach your kids to at least ask first, do not blame the owner of the dog if you kid gets bitten.

And even if they have received permission to pet in the past, ask EVERY TIME. YOu never know where in our walk we are when we run into you. Grimm and I walk between 1.5 to 2.5 miles a night. If you meet us at the start of our walks, he's going to be hyper and rather jumpy and might accidentally knock your little kid down (yes he is under 5 pounds but to a three year old that's still enough to knock them off balance). If we are at mile 2.125 he's going to be tired and perhaps a bit cranky and might just not want to be social. Sometimes I will have to say no to the petting because of how he's feeling.

What gets me more is when I pick him up because the small human does not take "no" for an answer and I look to the parent as I'm walking away and get "He/she can pet the dog if he/she wants to" and then looks at me horrified when I say "but I don't want them to pet my dog".

Seriously, little dogs do not mean they are necessarily friendly just because they are small. Little can be tough. And most do have Napoleon complexes. And you don't really hear to many accounts of Napoleon being warm and cuddly.
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I'm lactose intolerant. Fact.

One of the ways I can get dairy into my diet is yogurt. There is something about the cultures in it that allows me to tolerate the dairy.

I hate yogurt taste. Fact.

When I started WW ages ago, I found that I actually liked the diet stuff. Specifically the WW brand and Dannon lite and fit. Both are made with sucralose. This is good as I am allergic to asparthame.

I tended to favor Dannon for two reasons. 1) cheaper than WW by upwards of 30 cents. 2) they have more flavors available.

Not too long ago Dannon changed their recipe to have BOTH sucralose AND asparthame. So yesterday I finally broke down and wrote to Dannon about my disappointment and how they have lost a loyal customer because of the change.

Here's the response I got:

sorry it will kill you but everyone else likes it )

So I guess my business goes fully to WW from now on. Dannon's loss. And I do urge you to consider not partaking in Dannon as a small little boycott. I know it's not much but still.
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This week to keep my mind busy while I have not had much to do at work, I’ve been listening old episodes of a podcast called “Polyweekly”

It doesn’t give advice but just thoughts, feelings and things from a Polyamorous point of view. Most of the time I’ve been able to see/grasp/understand an alternate approach for topics when they have been presented in a POV that is not mine.

However, episodes #65 (air date July 4, 2006) has me sitting here actually glowering. The shownotes are at (thought this does not give transcript, just the outline of the show)

Asexual relationships can’t be intimate relationships )
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So I went to the apartment to trash it out for garbage night and get a second coat of paint on the kitchen.

When I got there I ended up having to sit in my van for 5 minutes first because Max, the beagle that lived in the apartment across from mine was running around the street and parking area.

After the creepy redneck next-door shooed him away and I parked I learned Max's story and it PISSED ME OFF.

See, the [insert derogatory insulting racist N word here (which I don't like to use but it fits in this case)] that Max belonged to packed up to move. Aparently this morning when they went to leave, Max - being the playful beagle year-or-two year old that he is- didn't want to get in the car right away. So rather than try to catch him, the asshats left him.

That's right. They left him behind.

So creepy redneck next-door, another guy from the town houses on the opposite side of the street and I, along with three boys in blue from Cheektowaga PD spent the better part of an hour trying to corrale Max and get him into one of the squad cars so that they could take him off to the animal shelter.

I was so pissed off. If I had the time right now to nurture a dog I would have brought him home with me. Max was sweet, obviously upset at being abandoned by his humans and just wanted some attention.

The police took down the name and phone number for the landlords and are going to track the asshats down that left their dog behind to fend for himself in a fairly high traffic area with no food or water or anything else other than a collar that was on him too tightly.

I just hope that his former humans find themselves rotting for a long time in the special hell reserved just for people who don't know how to treat a four legged member of the family.
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When I make the mistake of going grocery shopping on an empty stomach, I understand that I will be tempted by yummy looking prepared foods and "quick cook" things in your meat department.

Therefore I didn't think twice about spending the money for the "salmon burgers" you had. They looked yummy. Nice and salmon pink with what looked like bits of onion and parsley. 5 minutes on the george formans and I would have a salmon burger. Just what I was in the mood for.

But I do not know who you have for recipe consulting but... FIRE HIM/HER. Especially if they were the ones that told you that sausage seasoning and salmon go together. Three bites of one of the two burgers and I felt ill from the flavor and I had to chuck it.

Thank you for making me waste $5 that I could have used on a prefectly nice salmon filet instead.

Now I have to... at 9pm... figure out if I want to bother trying to calm my stomach down to eat something else or give up and go to bed and just have a big breakfast in the morning.


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I go out to my car on my lunch to sit and read. Get the "you've go voice mail" beep on my cell phone.

Check the voice mail. It's John, the install guy for the carpet that is supposed to be installed tomorrow.

Notice the supposed to part?

Apparently, when the "shipping inspectors" unrolled the carpet in georgia for one last Quality Control inspection, they found something wrong with it. It has been reordered and by the computer it is listed as still being in Georgia.

What this means is... the carpet is not going in tomorrow. John's not entirely sure when it will be here. I said "I need it in by the 6th of July. I'm moving into the house on the 7th."

He totally understood my frustration.

He said as soon as it arrives, which he believes will be in by the end of the week, and he will call me right away to make arrangements. He will also bump someone else if he has to to get my carpet in.

So now I have to just wait, pray that it arrives before the 6th and make arrangements for someone to be at the house to let the install guys in.

I just can't win. Maybe I should just rent a power sander and sand the subflooring and seal that and live without carpeting.

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that says "I don't matter?"

Every now and the the world conspires against me and makes me feel like why should I bother.

Today is a prime example.

I had made arrangements a month ago for the Salvation Army to come today to pick up the stuff that didn't sell in the Garage Sale.

I got up early today and went to the Doma to haul the stuff out of the garage and into the Driveway so that it was there for them to pick up.

I go out to sit outside on my lunch and I get the sound of voicemail received (my cell doesn't get reception in the office). I check my voicemail and it's them saying "oh, we are down a driver and are pushing your pick up until the 27th of July."

So of course I call them upon my return and say "um... no. I"m moving. It needs to be gone by the end of the month. If you can't do it, I"ll call the Good Will or AmVets." So now it's been pushed to June 27th. Yeah. so on my birthday I have to go over in the morning and once again haul it all out of the garage and into the driveway.

This is me not thrilled. What is it with people breaking appointments with me?
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Please, please, please... when putting on perfume in the morning stop at one dab on each side of the ear and one on the inside of your wrists.

You do not need to bathe in it for the smell to hold. Just because your nose has become desensitized to your fragrence does not mean others have not.

Please remember that some people out in the world are actually allergic to perfume and will have nasty reactions to it (say, for example... a not so pleasent asthma attack).

Remember.. a little dab will do ya.

Same goes for you gentlemen out there who wear cologne.


One of the ones allergic and now fighting to keep breathing.
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The last few days has seen a flurry of posts on my flist about what can we do to make Crown better, why don’t people care anymore about the game, and the like.

I haven’t given this topic as much thought as I probably should but I want to get my “gut feelings” down and maybe through comments (if any come) sort through my opinions and the like. This is very long.

WARNING: I’m not censoring myself or my thoughts on this. This is going to just be core dump of feelings, observations and the like. And frankly if you can’t deal with that, don’t read any further

cut for those who don’t care )
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So, two days ago I posted about how Baum's office had done the last straw for me with not giving me two of my approved vacation days.

Boy I was wrong. I didn't even think on that they could get lower.

They have corrected the issue with the two days by putting it in the next paycheck (as in two weeks from now). Mainly because today was payday there so it was too late to go in this one and not worth the cost to issue a special check.

So I get the statement for the last paycheck and the one for this paycheck and finally notice what it was that was bugging me for a month now. It wasn't that it seemed low... it was low.

the fucking bastards have been charging me for medical and dental when a) I'm only six freaking hours a week so no where near full time and b) I had put in writing that I did not want COBRA or anything after I left full time status.

The head of payroll, head of my department and the head of HR all go a very polite email that demanded this be fixed, I get a refund for at least the month of August, if not the entire time I've been part time and informed that this was the last thing that cemented my already tendered resignation.

I was tempted to walk out when I saw it and say "for the next two weeks pay me PTO" since I still have 18 hours of it there (aka 3 weeks of work for them) but I didn't. I sat down and plowed through 3 files for the girl who took over my position. she's swamped and I can sympathize with her. And I found it amazing how when I was full time and working 8 hour days I had trouble getting three files done but here, working 3 hours I got three done. Made me realize just how many demands and destractions there were during the day.

Yeah, I'm way ticked off. Glad I'm leaving for good. I'll get something more enjoyable... like babysitting spiders.
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When I got out of work today I didn't feel like going home. It was nice out. I wanted to do outside stuff, but fun and social.

I got in the car and the radio reminded me that today is Thursday. That means "Thursday in the Square" which is a free concert ever Thursday downtown in Lafayette Square. I call the Boo and see if she wants to go. Score. I go pick her up and after a 20 minute game of "how many blocks can we circle until we find a parking space" we go.

Today was Blues Traveller. We didn't stay long enough to see them but their warm up band was OK. Some group called "Carbon Leaf". Whatev.

What got me was the great dynamic of people there. You had your businessmen and women in their high end suits who obviously just left their plush downtown offices at Bank of America or some swank lawfirm in the Liberty Building. You had the high school kids who obviously had hopped the metrorail from the suburbs downtown for the free concert. And you had everyone in between.

It was the in-betweeners that got me.

Now, I never claimed to have much of a sence of fashion. But... I would like to think I have some small clue about how not to dress. Especially when trying to look "attractive" to what ever gender you are trying to catch the attention of.

Skin tight spaghetti strap tank tops, layered over painted on hot pants (these couldn't even be considered capri's. They were hawtpants.). When did dressing like a sausage become fashionable for anyone over a size 4? (And I'm still wondering how anyone can be a size 2 or less... don't these women have pelvic bones and rib cages?) When did wearing an oversized bandana tied around your chest constitute a shirt?

When did mixing neon plaids "jams" with vertically striped pastel polo shirts become "cool" (they werne't cool in the 80's they sure as heck ain't cool in the 00's). T-shirts over longer sleeved and hemmed shirts.... add a belt and call yourself a Norman.

Why can't fashion, attractiveness, glamour and comfort go hand in hand? Why is it wrong to dress for what makes you feel good and comfortable? How can you be comfortable if you are constantly having to pull your pants out of your ass crack because they are so tight they automatically give you a wedgie with every step?

If woman were meant to walk around on 3 inch platforms (not counting the heel), the devine would have made our feet bigger.

I just don't get it.

I might be able to now walk into just about any store and get stuff... but I see what's out right now for clothing and wonder... why? It's a good thing I have friends that threaten bodily harm if I wear certain types of clothes. It's too bad the rest of the world doesn't have more friends like that.

The Pickle

Jun. 15th, 2006 06:47 pm
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Back when I worked in the hospital, one of the more tedious tasks I had was to make sure everyone in the department saw this training video called “Give them the Pickle”. It was a motivational training film about customer service. The basic thing was the speaker used to own a burger joint and he once received a letter from a customer saying that they loved the pickles they served but one day when she asked if she could have an extra one she was told that they would have to charge her for it (something like a quarter). She thought this was rather ridiculous and might have to take her business elsewhere if his company was so petty about a pickle. He, believing in good customer service, adopted the motto “Give them the Pickle” in other words… do what you have to in order to make the customer happy within reason.

It’s been over 2 years since I last had to sit through that video and to this day I remember the stupid pickle.

Anyway, today I went to Manhattan Bagel to grab a sandwich. The guy behind the counter asked me three times if I wanted a pickle.

BACK-STORY: I used to love pickles. Up until I was about 3 or 4 years old. I managed to eat so many in one sitting when I was a wee lass that I ended up making myself sick on them and since that time, for the last 30 odd years, I can’t stand the smell, let alone the taste of pickles or pickle relish.

Return to the story: So anyway, as I said, asked three times if I wanted a pickle to go with my sandwich. I said no, politely, all three times. I go pay, take my to go bag and return to work. And what, pray tell is in the bag? A pickle.

I could understand if he hadn’t asked THREE times. And I hate just throwing away good food, but no one in the office wants it either. So now I’m forced to waste a perfectly good pickle that someone else could have enjoyed with their lunch.

Moral of the story: Sometimes the pickle that the customer wants… is NOT actually a pickle and it’s best to leave it in the jar.
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I have come to realizes... it's not dentists that I hate. It's the hygenist.

Those that have followed my lj for a while know that I've had major work done on almost every tooth in my head. I have one left that I need to see a specialist for.

Today was a general cleaning. The woman was nice enough. Chatted and talked with me. But I don't know what happens to nice people when you put sharp pokey things in their hands.


Her: "Does that bad tooth bother you?"
Me: "No. I figure by now the nerve is dead"
She takes up hook thingies and pokes.
Me: "OW"
Her: "I thought you said it doesn't bother you"
Me: "Well I don't generally go digging at it with a pick axe"

And once again my 8:15 apointment became 8:45 as I sat and read. This was better than the last 8:15 apointment where I didn't get seated until almost 9:30.

This is me grumpy.

But I got my blue paint so I'm going to go paint for a bit.
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Seriously today was the day of assholes, idiots, poopyheads and nitwits.

Did someone let the freakshow out on a day pass and not warn any of us unsuspecting citizens?

Started average enough for a Thursday.

Then our overnight mail delivery arrived. I wanted, expected and needed a deed package to be amongst them. The client sent me the contract YESTERDAY with a closing date of TOMORROW. Now I had known it was coming and had already updated the tax receipts and stuff just needed the contract for the deed forms. I emailed the forms to the client with big bold red letters saying that we needed them signed and back in our office today if we are to close tomorrow. Even gave "Thursday May 25h" as the date needed to ensure they couldn't quibble. But nope. No deed forms back. Now they are going "why can't we close tomorrow?"

Then came the other headache...

a little over a week ago one of our biggest clients transfered a file from an incompitant attorney's office who said "can't be done" to us because they know we can do it. In less than a week we accomplished the "impossible". All we needed was for the client to tell us if the old attorney had sent the deposit money to them or if they were supposed to forward it to us. That and the signed deed forms. The deed I expect to take a bit as this is a US Marshal property and usually those forms have to be sent all over the country for various governmental big wigs to sign. Also, the management firm of the building that the property is in was wanting to charge our client close to $30K in legal fees and stuff that our client doesn't want to pay.

Now, client BIGKahuna emails me and co-worker asking why haven't we closed? this should have closed by now. I email back saying I'm still waiting for client Supervisor and clientPeon to answer the emails I sent twice asking status of Deed and money so I know where things are. client Supervisor emails us all going "oops... Peon what's the status?". clientPeon the through the email explains to BIGKahuna and Supervisor the issue about the $30K issues. Now, all these people are in the same building. Why they couldn't have talked to each other before asking us and implying that it was us holding things up is beyond me.

The comes Attorney Nitwit. Associates Capital foreclosed on a property. By deed they now own the property. Contract for this property comes in from Citifinancial. I obtain the documented proof that Associates Capital, during the span of time between foreclosure and sale, has now become Citifinacial Mortgage Company. Nitwit Attorney says "I need a deed putting the property from Associates to Citifinancial". No you don't. they are the same thing, hense why the deed to your client says "Associates Capital, Now Known as Citifinancial Mortgage Company". I tried to explain this to Nitwit. The closer tried to explain it to the Nitwit. One of our ATTORNEYS tried to explain it to Nitwit. I'm not even sure the Nitwit still understands that banks become other banks like people change underware.

Then there's the asshole. Stall tactic #479. Closing is tomorrow (they have already had 2 extensions). Attorney calls and says "the deed says the Seller is LaSalle Bank. Contract says EMC Mortgage Corporation". I explain that EMC is a servicer for LaSalle. HE wants a copy of the POA. No problem. He would have gotten a copy anyway had he let us get around to sending him the stuff needed for closing. I then realize that the contract and Deed were signed by Integrated Assets, a different servicer who acts as an agent for EMC. And seeing the Stall tactic coming, I produce, POA for EMC to act for LaSalle. the POA for Integrated to act for EMC and the POA for Integrated to Act for LaSalle.

Finally another client sends me a contract at 3:50 (I leave at 4:30) with a closing of June 7th but they want to close before the end of the month as it's a cash deal. I sigh and start working on it. Then see, that three days ago we notified the client that title and property were not clear. There is no way we can close before next Wednesday (not with a holiday in the between).

But I'm home now and get to listen to idiot redneck's next door blasting their music. now I like Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels but when I'm sitting next to the TV speakers and have trouble hearing, that's just too much.


Apr. 10th, 2006 06:35 pm
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AT work they had a contest amongst the departments. It was making welcome care packages for the Ronald McDonald House. They asked us to make up boxes or bags with shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and then other little items for a total of ten things in each bag.

We were told the prize would be some sort of breakfast to the department who had the most donations. So... my co-workers are very very competative alpha bitches. One woman got a mcdonalds to donate happy meal boxes for us to use and amongst us we came up with 139 boxes. Yes... one hundred thirty-nine. Let me tell you no dollar store in a 10 mile radius had any shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste left when REO and Third Party were done.

Needless to say we won the contest. No I figured we'd get bagels and donuts and stuff. YOu know... office breakfast food. Today the coordinator said that we were invited to go to the Ronald McDonald house on Saturday the 22nd to deliver the boxes and bags from the entire firm (something like 430 total), and we would get a tour of the facility and they would give us a small breakfast.

I personally though that was nice. Get to see where our donations were going and they were thanking us with a breakfast of somekind.

AFter reading the email I hear my coworkers go... "9:30 in the MORNING?? On a Saturday. Are they insane?" "I wanted breakfast here at work" and other assorted complaints. All I could think was... if all you wanted was a stupid bagel we could have saved money and time and gotten ourselves our own breakfast. The whole point of the thing was to do good for others.

It pains me at times on just how shallow and selfish they can be. REally.... a bagel is what? a Dollar at a gormet bagel shop? But knowing you helped a family who is going through a very stressful ordeal as they watch helplessly as doctors try to save their child if far more valuable.
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It's morning, I"m at work an hour and 15 minutes early. I'm in a pissy mood.

I didn't sleep well last night. Weird dreams and a couple small asthma attacks kept me unable to rest all night.

I got up this morning and the house was freezing. I turned the heat down last night and didn't turn a light on to see where I turned it down to. So when I got up I went to look and it was 45 in the house. BRRRRR.

I tripped over Tzar and skinned my knee going into the bathroom.

When to check LJ from home and found Viridia is still down. This annoys me. I can't even connect to the server host's website. KnighthawkRP, do you have a phone number for them?

Went out to the car and as I was putting stuff in the door closed on me and cracked me on the back of the head.

On top of that my lower abdomen feels like it is trying to tie itself around my spine.

Hormones are haywire.

And I was short and cranky and snappy to a sick Boo on the phone. For that I'm sorry.

Now... I get to deal with my co-workers and the assorted idiots that are our clients, purchaser attornies and so on. Yeah this is going to be a fun day.

And I'm out of Benedryl. Fun.
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Today was getting up and heading out to get the Boo to go for our mall walk. We tried a new mall today. I didn't particularly car for it. It was laid out wierd and the tiles they used for the floors is not as comfortable to walk on.

After two laps we headed out and I took the girl home. I wasn't particularly ready to head home and since I was in that part of the city I headed over to go wander the zoo for a little while. When I first got there I was hesitant to get out of the car. The line to get in was almost to the end of the block. But I did it. Got out of the car and got in line. It was nice out. Almost 60 and I really wanted to wander around outside for a while.

Came to find out the reason the line was so long was they only had one admissions window open. Eventually I got to the window, showed my membership card and the chica behind the counter looks out the window past me and goes "How many with you?". "Just me." "Just you???" I could hear the multiple question marks. Yes. I know. A grown up all by herself wants to go look at the animals and take a walk. That ranks up there with Elvis sightings. I ignored her stunned expression and headed in.

It was beautiful. Not too many people. The reptile house was open after having been closed all summer. I can't wait to see some of the "coming soon" exhibits. They are going to have a Basalisk. No shit. that's what they identification card called it. Must remember not to look at it in the eyes when we see it.

The cat and primate houses are closed but that's ok. I didn't go into the gorilla house any longer that to use it to cut through to the cool animals outside. And that's when I got annoyed.

With the other humans.

I'm crouching down having a spiritual conversation with the lemur I've always called "Bob". Bob's special. He's not like the other lemurs. He has his own little fantasy world that he is perfectly content with. Eventually all the other lemurs execpt "Pee-wee" (again, the name I call him by) came over and we had quality sit and just be time. Then all the humans realized the lemurs were over with me and came over to hover. OK, I can accept that. But what got me was this mother telling little boy "See the monkeys?" "Look at the monkeys". I glanced up at her and then the little boy standing next to me. I smiled at him and said "They are actually called Lemurs. Aren't they neat?" Little boy noded and had some quality non verbal time with the lemurs too.

Eventually the crowd got to much and I wandered down and had some crouch and quite time with the mandril. Eventually same mother and little boy come over "Oh look at the baboons, Mikey". I sigh. "They're not baboons, they are Mandrils". The woman, who is standing next to the HUGE picture identification sign that says "MANDRIL" blinks at me and says, I kid you not, "LIke there's a difference".

I stand up and blink at her. "Well other than the fact they come from different parts of the globe, Baboons have tails and Mandrils have big neon colored butts, I would also think there is a big difference to the mandrils and the baboons."

It would have been one thing had there not been any really easy to read identification signs every three feet along the exhibit. But there were. Would it really have been all that hard to glance at the big huge 3 foot by 4 foot sign to see the name of the creature before arbitrarily assigning it the wrong species?

Damn breeder. And yeah... telling a person who majored in anthropology (the concentration of which was physical anthropology leaning towards primatology) that there's no real difference between a baboon and a mandril is not smart.

However, my faith in parents was restored as I was walking past the Guanaco and I heard a father and little girl discussing that those were Guanaco and not Llamas or Alpacas. While they all kinda look the same and are all probably part of the same family they are different than Llamas and Alpacas. I wanted to walk up to the man and hug him for the conversation he had with the child.

I found great humor at the mallard and his lady friend sitting on top of the net that holds the wood ducks in their enclosure. It was like the free birds were going "hehehehe we can go anywhere we want and you can't".

The lorekeet enclosure was closed. That's ok. Didn't feel like getting shat on anyway.

The baby rhino has grown and there's a baby polar bear that I don't remember seeing before. He's at least a year old and damn cute. He was wrestling with a block of ice when I walked by. Teh cute.

It was a pleasant walk though. I would have liked for it to have been just a little warmer but I'm not going to complain about 60 degree weather. Nosireebob.

Oh well. Now to figure out what to do with the rest of my day.


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