KWH&SS 2015

Jun. 1st, 2015 10:31 pm
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Not only are there two classes teaching basically the same thing (intro to scroll wording, focusing on period sources) - mine and another woman's... They are back to back in the same room on the last day.


UPDATE: I emailed the schedule coordinator and asked if it was possible to flip my two classes. (I'm also teaching my flowers class). She didn't see that as a problem and the only teacher inconvenienced by the change is me. So hopefully when the schedule gets published it will show my At a Loss for Words class on Saturday and the Flowers class on Sunday.

Big Scroll

Sep. 16th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Letter confirming change of citizenship from Ealdormere to Æthelmearc for Arnora Dunstan. Words by her, calligraphy by me.

My first time using the pretty burgundy ink that was gifted to me for a Christmas one year.

I think it's 16" x 20"
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For those who did not make it to Siege of Harlech III this weekend and/or are not following me on FB, here's the scroll that went out for Mistress Odriana vander Brugghe. I did the illumination, THL Sophie Davenport did the calligraphy and Master Fridrikr Tomasson wrote the words.
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I've been specifically asked by recipients to do the illumination on their scroll. And the calligragher is one I so Highly respect that I am nervous it's not going to be good enough for her work.

But I'm about to sit down and work on it.

It's the biggest (size) I've ever done and and style I don't generally do. But I'm going to go for it.

Here's the inspiration:

Inc. 197 Ausmo, Nicolaus de: Supplementum 1473, Wendelin von Speyer. Velence, Pergamen.

It's part of the Bibliotheca Corviniana collections.

I have to wait on the initial until I get the words but I can block out the place for it.

I can do it.

I think
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* realizing that I could take the time and actually make a real dinner rather than throwing something in the microwave. So set about making meatloaf (something I haven't made in a very long time) with parmasean noodles and a salad. I need to work on remembering that I usually get home at 1600 not 1800 or later and therefore do have plenty of time to make a real meal and eat at "dinner time" rather than throwing something together or eating too close to bed time.

* the fuzzy electric throw my sister gave me for Christmas. Helps to have when you get a sudden chill (and the dog loves it too)

* Finishing the laurel scroll

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Silver Rapier for Berrick Grayveson (East Kingdom)
Given 11/17/12

Calligraphy and Illumination by me
Inspired by "Nova, et Integra Universi Orbis Descriptio" by Oronce Fine c. 1531
Wording by Madame Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande

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For those not on Facebook to see. Here are my two latest. Well there is one other that's done but I can't post pictures until it goes out this weekend.

Illumination by [ profile] dicea, Calligraphy by me.

all done by me.
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Just pictures of some of the latest work. Rose Royal Tournament Invitations.

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Aug. 11th, 2012 08:42 pm
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it's done. it's gone out. The GD Celtic. Here's the final result

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Their Majesties of Æthelmearc are giving a dear friend of mine an award at Pennsic. The nice thing about being Signet is that sometimes you get to claim that special assignment. So I have been working on it rather steadily. Now, 43 hours later it is ready for paint.

Words are being done by another. I will add the arms at the very end as I have been posting the progress on FB and the recipient is on there and I do not want to give the surprise away.

the scroll

Mar. 3rd, 2012 08:11 pm
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I've been working for months on a scroll layout. Tracing, transferring to work paper, tweeking, more tracing and transferring.

I'm to the point of finally transferring it onto the good paper and I can't stand it. I hate it so much.

I am so seriously fighting the urge to pull out my kneadable eraser and erase the whole thing, scrap the idea and do something else entirely.

I just don't have the time come up with a new idea.

And it feels like a cop out if all I do illumination wise is a stylized version of the Order Badge.

The wording is beautiful and simple and by someone else. Can I just fill a 12x16 piece of goatskin vellum with 128 words and the order badge?

Gods I hate second guessing myself.
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if you look close you can see the pencil sketch of the portrait that will go in under the motto.
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I was asked to do a scroll for an upcoming laureling. Part of me has been very nervous about this particular task as it's been a style I've not done much in and I want the recipient to be happy. Add also, it's only my second time ever working on vellum.

But I got the arms transferred and inked.

I have transferred the sketch of the portrait and next need to ink that. Then I will decide if I do the calligraphy next or do the painting.

The full scroll is based on the Nuremberg Chronicles. Folio CXLVr (right page)

The arms are going in the center illumination area, and a portrait of her and her lord are going in the upper right hand corner illumination area. The lower right illumination will be where the royalty sign.

And yes, it will have that much calligraphy. That is part of why I have been putting it off. My hand aches when I contemplate the amount of writing I will be doing.


Jun. 23rd, 2011 07:32 pm
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Celtic. Why do they always want Celtic?

Offer some nice architecture, a lovely Italian White Vine, a grand heraldic display... and instead they want Celtic.

*grumble, grumble, grumble*
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I've started a backlog scroll based on this:

What I would like the opinion of the art/scribal folks is, the oval in the plate at the top of the architecture... do you think it would look funny to put the recipient's name there? Otherwise I'm not sure what I should put inside the oval.

The award is a Carnelian, if it matters any.
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The scroll I did for this past weekend

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This one I started back in 2002. I had started the painting then but put it on hold because the recipient told me she was going to get her arms passed soon and I might as well wait until they were passed before finishing it. So it went into the portfolio and sat until not too long ago when I came across it again and wondered if her arms had passed. I looked them up and yep. There they were.

So I added her arms and finished painting it today. I don't particularly like it. But I had to finish painting it the way I had started to, which meant not keeping true to the celtic aesthetic of condiment colors only.

Oh well. It's one more off my backlog list done.

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