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Another story that makes me love Ursula Vernon so much
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If you don't follow me on FaceBook, you may not know that I have had some regular visitors to my bird feeders. I named them Chuck and Larry. They happen to be two male mallard ducks that come around every day in the morning and evening. They are always together, though they used to also have a third mallard, whom I called Steve.

Today, I went out this morning to rescue my seedlings from the rain and bring them inside and Chuck and Larry were standing in the middle of the yard. I talked to them as I was bringing the flats inside, asking about Steve as I had not seen him around much lately. Chuck kvacked some and I nodded as if I understood.

Since none of the other regulars were around, I put some feed out in a bowl for them and went back inside.

C&L came up and started having breakfast as soon as I went inside. As I watched, Steve showed up (doing his best impression of an Albatross upon landing - I didn't think there was enough water in the grass yet to hydroplane the way he did). Then I learned that apparently at least Chuck had a falling out with Steve. C spent the better part of 5 minutes chasing S around the yard until S flew off and C returned to the bowl of food where he and L continued kibitzing over breakfast.

So apparently there has been a little split up in my gay poly duck family.
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The topic for this week inspired me to write a kids' picture story (though it feels like cheating)

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I know I haven't posted 3 yet. It's still in progress. But assignment #4 came to me quickly.

assignment 4 )
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I'm returning to the weekly writing attempt. My partner in the project gave me a topic to start the year with. So here it goes:

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Last night while packing I found a set of books of poetry that I had fallen in love with back in college. They are by a contemporary American Poet named Javan. His books are:

Footprints in the mind

A Heart Full of Love

Meet Me Halfway

Something to Someone

Anyway, after re-reading his work I found my inspiration for this week’s writing assignment

A poem )


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