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Jan. 27th, 2011 08:02 pm
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Rest well Miss Marie. You were Grimmy's first Girlfriend at the home. We will miss you but are glad you are now at peace. Also get well thoughts to Grandma Molly who fell and broke her hop last week.
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Here are pictures of yesterday's TDI visit

Grimmy and his girlfriends )
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Today was our weekly visit to the nursing home.

First thing after signing in, we always have to go see Miss Laura in the Social Work office and get our "before work treat". While there we asked the Reverend and received a list of the vets up on the floor we always visit. Turns out a good chunk of the men we visit are Veterans of WWII.

Mr. William served in France. He could not remember what his regiment was but he said he will never forget how cold and wet it was there.

Mr. John was a POW in Austria. He told us a little bit about it and I was struck by the haunted look in his eyes as he spoke. It was the clearest I've ever heard him speak since we met him back in September.

Mr. Bill served in the Coast Guard, protecting America's shores.

Mr. Patrick was 19 when he and a buddy were trapped behind enemy lines in Europe. His buddy was wounded and Patrick carried him miles, behind those lines, keeping him alive until the crossed back into friendly territory and found help. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

With all four gentlemen Grimm sat in their laps and watched them as they spoke about their experiences. Totally enraptured with the stories.

We also went and saw some of Grimmy's girlfriends. Today we got a picture of him with Miss Rosina (who secretly loves dogs but won't tell her daughter that).

As Miss Rosina says "Good Boy Grrrrrimmmmah".
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Plans for my usual Wednesday evening have changed. One of my co-workers may have the H1N1. He's been sick for a few days and was out yesterday (but was in the office all day Monday).

So I called the Nursing home and told them that Grimm and I would not be coming today. I feel fine but I don't want to risk being a carrier into a nursing home full of people with compromised immune systems. And while I know the residents, staff and Grimm look forward to the visits, I don't want bad things on my conscious.

So instead tonight I can return to my cleaning routine and get the place picked up (as opposed to the mad cleaning) for the Duchezz to come out for the weekend for Collegium. I like the fact that I am not having the panic of "OMG someone's coming!" but instead the "Well, I just need to do X, Y, and Z and the place will be good to go."

I need to write up my class notes for my "Shiny Hats and Dangly Bits" class and scrape up the money to go get a pack of construction paper. With all the stupid crafting things my mother did we do not have one bit of construction paper in the Doma. My other class is fine as I have handouts left from C3R last February and most of the things for that class are still packed in a tote from then.

But first- get through the work day.
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Yesterday [ profile] dicea and Mr. Darcy joined us for our TDI visit. As yesterday was the Feast of St. Francis, they were doing a special evening Pet Blessing.

We got there at our usual time to visit and Mr. D and Dicea joined us on our rounds. Miss Marie was not available which is a shame as I would have liked for them to meet her. But Miss Corky and Miss Henrietta were glad to see us. As was both Miss Helens. We didn't see Mr. John until the Blessing. And oh my - Miss Rosina was just in her happy element with two chihuahuas sitting in the chair with her.

And of course, as always, both boys totally charmed the staff and volunteers and family members.

The actual Blessing service was very nice and we got to meet another one of the regular therapy dogs, Griffin, and the "grand-dog" of one of the residents by the name of Baily. I did not catch the name of the Pincher that came and the only cat's name I heard was Maestro, but there were a couple of cats there too for the blessing.

It was very nice to share our visiting time with Darcy and Dicea and maybe we will do every now and then as for "infrequent" visits that are allowed at the nursing home without being TDI or official volunteer status.

We took some pictures. I just have to download them off the camera first then will share.
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Today the nursing home was having a clam bake and fire for making smores and campstyle cherry pies.

We had a lot of fun visiting people out on the patio. We even ran into an old neighbor who had moved away 15 years ago. (Terri it was Mrs. Gallant from across the street) Her mom is now on the floor we visit every week so we will have to make it a point to go see Miss Corky and Miss Mary.

Behind the cut are some pictures from our visit.

New friends )
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Tonight was Grimmy and my first official TDI visit at the nursing home.

The Director of Volunteers took us around to day for our initial introductions. She was very taken with Grimm and how well behaved and friendly he is.

We met all kinds of people. Miss Jean who giggled the entire time Grimm sat in her lap. Miss Marie, who has very bad short term memory but had to give Grimm kisses every couple moments. Miss Helen thought I was someone else but we had a very lovely chat about her cocker spaniel Snickers and how he comes to visit "When my daughter remembers to bring him". Mr. Bill told me about his Dachshund, Charlie.

We then went to visit the Occupational Therapy Group who was reading a book on Pets. Both Miss Jean and Miss Marie where there. Miss Marie even called out "Grimm" (remember she has very little short term memory) and the therapist confessed that Miss Marie had been talking about Grimm since she arrived for group.

We then visited Mr. Jack. He is a stroke recovery and does not have any verbal communication at the moment. Apparently he has not smiled in a couple weeks, but when Grimm sat in his lap, he smiled and when Grimm kissed his hand he made a sound that the Nurse and Therapist said that they were pretty sure that was his first laugh since coming to the home. Go Grimm.

We also went and met Miss Lois and Mr. George in the hall. Mr. George pet Grimm and kept saying that my boy was the nicest dog he ever met.

Our visit only lasted about an hour but for our first visit that was a good length for us. We promised that we would come again. I"m going to try to aim for Wednesday Nights.

So all in all, good evening. I'm proud of my boy and glad things went well.
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This evening was Volunteer Orientation at the nursing home that Grimm and I are going to go to.

I got my first round of PPD don. They do it twice, I guess to make sure. But we can still come in and volunteer while going through the whole shot thing.

So orientation done. We are good to go. After talking with the volunteer director, she said she'd like to be there for our first visit. Part, she admitted, was so she could meet my little guy.

So we are going tomorrow. Yes, I agreed to a Wednesday. But I'm hoping that will make Wednesdays good. I have enough time after work to come home and grab a quick dinner, get Grimm done up in his bandana and head over as we start at 6:30.

I went through orientation with a mother and son. Son is there to get requirements done for school. Mom was there to listen and apparently Grandma just moved into the facility. So I made sure to find out what room so we could potentially go there.

Also met a sweet woman named Mae. She's a pip. I hope we get to see her again.

So tomorrow I will report on how our first visits went.
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I have made the appointment to go and have orientation and get my PPD done so that Grimm and I can volunteer at the Elderwood nursing home.

I go next Tuesday at 5:30pm. I'm starting to get excited about it. Now I just need to find the "safe place" I put all the TDI paperwork that I received that needs to be filled out after our first visit.


Jul. 14th, 2009 12:08 pm
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On a little bit of down time I started calling around to nursing homes in the area by the Doma. The first place I called, took down my information but said that right now they are not doing TDI visits for a few reasons, but as soon as they can they will call me.

I was a little bummed on that because that was a place a lady at our testing mentioned as a place where small dogs had been requested. I also contacted a developmentally disabled group home where they took my contact information as well.

But not disheartened I called another nursing home and the volunteer coordinator was very excited to hear from me. Apparently they right now do not have any Pet Therapy visitors on weekends (which is when I would be available) and even more excited when I said I had a chihuahua that loves to sit in laps and give kisses.

We talked a little more and turns out she and I are both on vacation the same time. So when I return from Pennsic I will give her a call to coordinate my orientation with her as well as get a PPD test (no biggie, used to have to get one when I worked at the hospital).

I'm actually a little excited about it. We went through the training and testing and now we will be able to go visit people soon.

Soon, one more new years goal will be accomplished.
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As posted before, today was the CGC/TDI test.

We got there before not only the evaluator but also the facility manager.

So we waited until they all showed up and ended up first on the list.

We went through all the steps and he charmed everyone, including the other dogs (especially the golden and the austrailian shepherd/coonhound mix).

The tester that takes the dogs away from the handler for 5 minutes came back and asked "Do I have to give him back?"

So needless to say:

WE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all who gave us support. Now to just fill out the paperwork and mail it in to TDI and AKC. Once our "id badge" arrives I can contact a couple nursing homes and hospitals to see about doing at least once a month visits. One of the evaluator assistants mentioned that there was a lady at one of the nursing homes who had asked about little animals visiting. So I will look into them.


I'm so proud of my little guy.


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