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May. 31st, 2010 10:23 pm
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fun time with folks over for the holiday.

The boys got to explore the backyard off leash and loved the chance to run around and play. Jenna and Calvert's son Josh got down and played with them too.

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Perfect thing to see first thing in the morning before I have to head out to work on a Saturday

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behind the cut are the YouTube clips of the Sesame Street bits with the Yips that I and many others grew up on.

Brrrrrring )
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I liked the talk too

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“Birds on the Wires”, a beautiful video created by Jarbas Agnelli of São Paulo who saw a photo of birds on electric wires by Paul Pinto in a newspaper and decided to create a song based on the birds locations as musical notes.

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for my buffy fan friends who were not fans of twilight

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She turned me on to Literal Videos.

I love this one.

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I share this with my friends:

it's got links to videos of all kinds of Christmas specials - INCLUDING THE RARE STAR WARS ONE!
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because not everyone who reads me reads her. And you are all just twisted enough to find this funny too

Brokeback to the Future


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