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So I go pick up the lunch. Discover upon return that one of the items was missing. So I deliver what I had gotten and go back out to get the missing item.

When I get to the restraunt, I line jump with my receipt and point out the missing item. They were appropriately apologetic. As I wait for them to get it I turn and see that the person I cut in front of.... the President/CEO of my company. I apologized and explained the situation. He accepted the apology and bought me a sandwich for the trouble.
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Started with a fight between Grimm and Puck. Grimm was under the blankets, curled up next to me. Puck walked across the bed and stepped on Grimm, waking him up and snapping and snarling and fighting is way out of the blankets. The two then began to "argue" ON me. Threw them both out of bed and the room.

Got up and slammed my little toe against something. 5 hours later it still hurts.

Left the house and forgot to pack a lunch.

Got to work to see a Director asking for lunch to be "catered" from a specific place. Said place only caters and delivers with 24 hr notice and a $50 min. order. 6 sandwiches is NOT $50 nor is 7am 24 hrs notice for a noon meeting. Guess who gets to go pick it up. Guess who has next to no gas in the car. Guess who's using the company credit card to at least put $5 in the tank to go get the sandwiches and sodas?

Report/presentation that is due to the whole company tomorrow is not done because one person keeps adding 'just one more thing'.

Just got asked to order flowers for one of the guys in our receiving department. Monday he was rushed to the hospital not feeling "right". Emergency surgery has fixed the brain aneurysm. Same thing that killed my mom. At least Andy is going to live. Don't know beyond that how he's doing.

I want a hot cocoa, a cookie, a blanket fort and my coloring book and crayons.

Dear PTB

Feb. 17th, 2010 02:48 pm
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I get it. It's Wednesday. I really didn't need the following reminders:

1. 3am being dragged out of a nightmare by the sound of Miss Alex's growl reverberating in the shower as she got cornered there by the dog and then needing to get out of bed and rescue the cat from the shower and said dog.

2. Forgetting lunch, soda and iPod on the Kitchen table.

3. Being reminded that I should not eat Roast Beef on Ash Wednesday by having the credit card machine at the take out joint die just as I'm trying to pay (and having no cash on me) thus forcing me to go elsewhere for my lunch.

4. My only bottle of Pepsi (gotten at lunch) left slightly open in my bag when I take it up with me to cover the phones for the receptionists break. - Though I do thank you for using the pair of socks in the bag as the item that soaked up the majority of the soda and not my book or lucet cording.

5. The Cramps from Hell.

I'm almost afraid to go take the dog to visit the old folks tonight.
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I broke a nail this morning. An acrylic nail.

While buttoning a shirt.
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I woke up several times last night due to the power going out. Add to that the heavy wind. The news says there was thunderstorms. I didn't hear any thunder, just lots and lots of wind.

I had two cats and a puppy buried under the blankets in bed with me last night.

So needless-to-say I didn't sleep well. once the wind dies down a little I"m going to go out and take down the lawn decorations.

I should do laundry today. Should dig out garb for the weekend. Should start thinking about packing for the weekend in general.

Mapquested the directions to the hotel. Happily suprised that they say it's only 4.5 hours and not 6.

Going to do low key and low energy today. Yeah, that's the plan
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So didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It was warm and snuggly with my new sheets on the bed. They are "microfleece" and let me tell you - way more awesome than flannel for warm snuggly feeling. I had a puppy snoring on my shoulder, a cat curled up near my feet and it was good.

Then I got up. Immediately stepped in cat sick. *sigh*

And because I picked up my bedroom last night I of course couldn't find anything this morning.

Came downstairs and found that Alex feels that the litterbox needs to be cleaned. At least this time she actually went on the puppy's piddle paper. You know, given the alternatives - I'll accept her using the paper rather than expressing her displeasure on the shag carpeting.

Grimm didn't want to eat breakfast this morning. Instead he wanted to play and chase the cats.

My hairbrush broke while brushing my hair.

I did manage to get myself to eat some breakfast though. This is good as today I get to cover the reception desk ALL day. I know, I know, you're saying "but Ekat, that used to be your job full time at the old office". My reply is but in the old office, I wasn't in direct line of cold blasts from the front door. Even behind a glass window and a closed door, the breeze from the opening of the outer doors hits me directly. I'm here with my hot tea, a space heater on my feet and a blanket on my legs and I'm cold.

This is going to be a "wonderful" day.

Tonight I have to make cookies for tomorrow's office Potluck. Thank the gods for cake mixes and easy to make recipies. Making lemon, chocolate chocolate chip and funfetti.

And also at some point the girl from work is coming by with the stuff I ordered from her son's school. that reminds me I have to clean the kitchen on my lunch hour.

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Last night I got home from work with every intention of being productive - dishes, laundry, maybe tackle a box in the garage.

Instead I made dinner, sat down and instantly went into a nice dark funk. To the point that rather than even turn the TV on, I sat in the living room in the dark with Talia in my lap and just sat. Man can you imagine what I would have been like if I wasn't on anti-depresants?

Then a massive thunderstorm rolled through and whistled around the house pretty nastily.

When I went to bed, Tzar must have noticed my funk because after I settled in, he proceeded to bring to bed and place next to me three of his favorite mousies.

This morning I was woken up at 4:27 by Alex. She apparently decided she was hungry this morning and I was not fixing the situation by sleeping. She would jump up on the bed next to me, walk over the pillows around my head, down the other side of my body, hop off the bed and repeat the process. When I finally acknowledged her she acked at me and glared at me. This however did not promote the "generous mommy" feeling and I just rolled over and went back to sleep. That was until 5:45 when she had had enough and jumped on me, scratching my arm up. at this point I did get up.. well I turned the light on. She calmed down a bit until 6:15 when she came and yelled at me again. So I got up earlier than I wanted to and fed the cats just to calm her down.

Getting dressed this morning thought took a bit longer than normal as I couldn't find a single bra until 7:10 (I have to be to work at 7:30 - luckily the commute is 5 minutes). Got to work but couldn't get into the building until 7:50 because there was no one here to let me in.

Have to go to the apartment tonight and finish cleaning. Gotta swing by Dicea's work and get the scrolls and figure out what I'm going to write on the scrolls cuz I don't think they would appreciate just saying "good job here's your cookie".

Oh well.

Back to work.

Happy Wednesday.
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Sometimes life throws you messages and when those don't work it throws bricks.

I've been working non-stop at the apartment to get it ready for the end of the month and my official move out. Bathroom and living room are painted fully. Bedroom and most of the kitchen have their first coat of paint and need one more.

Just have to bag up garbage and get it to the curb tomorrow night.

Now for some reason, my brain equated garbage night with last day of the month so I've been convinced I need to be completely done tomorrow. Because of this stress and other things, I have not slept well lately and I have had a low threshold for annoying people who shouldn't bother breathing.

So on the way home today I spotted two Vanity plates that to me were signs that I needed to relax and chill.

plate #1: HI HOWRU
plate #2: HUG ADAY

So if random strangers can make an effort to be nice to other random strangers (even if it's through a license plate) I can make the effort to step back, take a deep breath and move on.

I have an "extra" day to clean. and I will call to make the walk-through next week so that I can maybe have a couple extra days to tidy up.

But for now, I need to throw myself into a shower and wash off the layer of white paint that coats most of my skin.
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I know it is because at 00:30(ish) I woke up with shooting stomach pains and then spent the better part of 3 hours running to the bathroom to empty the contents of my digestive tract one way or the other.

I tripped over Tzar twice this morning and nearly gave myself a concussion falling against the wall because of it.

I get to work early and check my personal email and find that the plans I had for the Fleur polling have been shot. I had hoped to use the Pennsic meeting to finish discussing all the candidates on the list and do the polling immediately after Pennsic. But I have been asked by their Highnesses to have the polling done and closed BEFORE Pennsic so that the results can be discussed at the meeting. Therefore I have to get the poll out today with hopes of getting results back within the week since Pennsic starts a week from Saturday.

This on top of an already busy work day that I had been hoping to go home around lunch due to not feeling well.

Yeah, It's a Wednesday.
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I found my purse. It was partially under my bed. I don't recall taking it upstairs so I suspect one of the cats wanted to play dress up.

I have sent a letter to the grown ups who have been acting childish. So far I have gotten a couple positive responses and one not so positive. But the not so positive is from someone who can be one of the problem children.

I've gotten one box of drinking glasses packed, another almost done. Tonight seems to be pack the kitchen cupboards, or most of them anyway.

Right now Tzar is patrolling the townhouse. My guess is to protect it against the zombies.

It's rather hot in here. That is one reason I'm looking forward to moving into the Doma.... central A/C. I can't justify putting the window units in here for only a couple weeks. i'll survive.

Anyway, back to packing
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Couldn't find my purse this morning. Still can't. But I couldn't spend time searching for it as one of the managers at work called me and said she wasn't coming in and couldn't reach anyone else to make sure someone was there to open the office.

Checked the car. Isn't there.

I called the place were scribal was held last night to see if I left it there. They didn't see it but took my name and number and will call if they find it.

I get to work. Luckily one of the other managers was there so he let everyone one before I got there.

Checked my emails and found that I have to try to figure out a way to tell a bunch of grown adults that they are behaving like children and need to stop. That this behavior is why the group has such a horrible reputation and why no one wants to be part of it, even those that are members.

Because I don't have my purse I don't have money for lunch. I think I have a mini-meal in my desk somewhere. Still have to dig for it.

Yeah, it's a Wednesday. And it's only 10 am. 14 more hours until Thursday.
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Yep... it's Wednesday. I hate being predictable.

I won't bore you dear readers with the details. Just let's say I started my day with getting literally screamed at by an attorney and told that he was going to sue me personally because our client wouldn't accept his client's purchase offer. They after that he was going to sue the real estate agent, our client and the firm I work for.

i was good. I didn't say "Just make sure you spell Steven J. Baum, PC with Steven with a V rather than a PH."

I got the scroll for this weekend calligraphed. Not my best by far but it's been a while since I last held a calligraphy pen and my hand cramped all nicely three minutes into the project. But it's done and will go to the woman tomorrow who can take it to the event.

I'm thinking of spending part of this weekend with my camera, tons of b&w film and roaming the big and famous cemetary here and snap pictures. I've been toying with making my own tarot deck with my photographs and think that would be a good place to start.

We shall see.


Jun. 15th, 2005 12:15 pm
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It's Wednesday again.

I don't want to go to work. I've only been there since October and I'm now starting to have serious talks with myself over the value of staying, or at least starting to explore my options now that I'm settled again.

Suddenly it's like working for the Gestapo. First we get notification that there has been a serious office wide abuse of the internet during work hours and that we are not to use the internet for non-work related things. Even on our lunchs. OK I can accept that. makes lunch a bit boring when i can't check my email or update my LJ to say how sucky my day's been but OK. From what I have heard something like 5-8 people have been fired for not listening and continuing to surf the internet and use IM and stuff while during work hours.

Next we get notification that there seems to be a lot of unnecessary personal calls during work hours. In fact anything longer than 15 minutes and we might get a call from the phone police asking us who we were talking to and was it really work related. This is annoying since I've been known to be on HOLD with Buffalo Water Department for like a hour at times trying to get information for a file.

But apparently they are now cracking down to monitoring who everyone is calling and for how long. I'm not sure if they are doing the reverse and seeing who is calling us or not.

They yesterday we get a email saying that all cell phones must be turned off when we enter the office because the use of personal cell phones during work hours is now prohibited as well. We can only use our cell phones when we are on lunch and must be in a break room or outside when we do it so that they are sure we are not working and talking at the same time.

THIS I think is extreme. How are parents now supposed to check on their kids and make sure they got home from school ok. How are we supposed to get called if there is an emergency?

I think that punishing the entire office for the acts of a few is rediculous. Putting in sweeping mandates to regulate a few that need to be talked to and/or let go is beyond belivable.

And get this... they do this to all of us.. but IT gets to have a fucking fooz-ball table and dart board in their office and can play it anytime they want?????? How is this fair?!?!?!

As [personal profile] dicea said when I told her... "When's the memo coming that you all must be fitted with catheters so that you won't even need to get up to go pee?"

I hate people.

And I hate Wednesday.

Oh well, off to work and this horrible 1pm-9pm shift.

Just shoot me now.... please?


May. 11th, 2005 12:21 pm
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I'm tired. I'm cranky. I just want to take my toys and go home!

I had just sat down at my desk this morning... hadn't even clocked in yet when my coworker LF (who has been here since before 7) calls from her cubbie and snarks at me with "why didn't you look at this for this file?" I like LF as a person, but frankly... I'm not the telepath you are looking for. She forgets that while she may be looking at a file, I can't see it so have no bloody clue what she's talking about.

Still not clocked in I go over and try to find out what the frig she's referring to, get it sorted out and go over to clock in. No sooner had I clicked "log in" when she comes over and yells at me for not doing something that I have done. I point out and show her that I did, I just had not been aware of one small step in the great miasma that is this department... of course the one she was looking for.

I was good... I didn't snap and ask her what had crawled up her butt and died. I just tried to go about my work, exuding my annoyance to the world.

Eventually she calmed down and I got along with my morning.

But the damn AC is on the fritz. for weeks it wasn't working. Now they got it working but it literally sounds like I'm sitting next to a jet engine every time it kicks in.

I'm getting a headache. I can't log into our client websites to update them so I'm getting calls wanting to know why we are behind.

Wednesday I surrender.

Just shoot me, take my car, and file a class action suit.


Apr. 27th, 2005 08:55 am
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Due to general lack of interest, I'm canceling Wednesday this week.
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Yes, it is Wednesday. I didn't need to look at a calendar to know it.

I woke up at 7:15am this morning. Now, while this does not make me late by any real stretch of the imagination (since I don't have to be to work officially until 8:30), I have been aiming to get in by 7 as we are so swamped with work and the overtime is very helpful.

I decide that since I'm not making it in early I'll stop and get a breakfast sandwich at Manhattan Bagel. It packed there but I decide to muddle through and get my food.

I don't notice until I get to work that the woman put egg on it. When I specifically said "No egg" as I'm allergic to them. She of course also melted the cheese on the egg rather than the bagel or the sausage.

So I end up having a sausage and bagel sandwich rather than a sausage and cheese and bagel sandwich.

They are doing some kind of fundraising basket auction and I give a bit of money for some tickets and go put them in the bins for the baskets I would like. wouldn't you know.. I put both halves in the bins and don't keep my half. So I get to spend some time trying to empty the bins through the little slots to get my half of the stubs back.

Then I get to my desk and start work. Only to discover that stupid me actually relied on someone to do their job so I got yelled at because school taxes hadn't been ordered on a file by our tax ordering girl. I assumed she did it and didn't look when she said all the taxes were in. She didn't look to see that the property was not in the city's school district but one of the suburbs.

Then I get to tell a listing agent that because he took his good old sweet time on getting me a copy of a deposit check, that the client has canceled the deal. Too bad, so sad.

I go to the bathroom and the waistband on my pants blows out as I'm pulling them up.

And on top of that nature makes me bleed today.

Can I go home and hide now? It's not even lunch time yet.
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Today is Wednesday. For anyone who doesn't know what that means...

Wednesdays hate me. Dicea noticed almost a decade ago that if I have a bad day... it's a pretty good bet that it's going to happen on a Wednesday. I personally hadn't noticed it until she said something but damned if she wasn't right. Over the years I would tell people "It's wednesday" and explain what that meant. They'd laugh but start paying attention. And Lo and Behold... yep...bad day = Wednesday.

Today was no different.

First off, I'm still fighting the cold/cough/ick that I had last week. I have roughtly a 20 lb lead balloon sitting in my upper respiratory tract. So the little asthmatic here has not been happy.

Donna, one of the closers I work with, has her happy ass on a beach in Hawaii right now so everyone else is covering for her. I'm not a closer but since I open her files I've had to help those who are closing her files this week with the picky particulars of each client. Needlesstosay in order to get any of my work work done I ahve been pulling overtime. Mostly this means going in early. Upwards of an hour to hour and a half early. Today... I got in at 8:15. which, since I have to be in between 8 and 8:30 is ontime.

and then my Wednesday hits. (The story you are about to be told is true. Names have been changed to protect the annoying and prevent me from getting sued for liable or something.)

Background info you might need to know.... In downstate New York (specifically the City and surrounding area) it is illegal for realtors to draw up purchase contracts. An attorney's office must do it.

Now about two weeks ago, I got a call from an attorney from downstate who said that a realtor called him and told him as the buyer's attorney he needed to draw up the contracts. This was new to him (and new to me too) and he had no real idea what our client (hereby called FNAM) required in the contracts. I said no problem. We draw up contracts all the time, send me the information he has and I'll draw up the contracts.

Not a problem. He sends me the info. I notice that he didn't get a FNAM contract addendum that is required by FNAM with all contracts. The realtor should have provided this to him. So I call the realtor and ask him (heretofor refered to as LA) to send them to me. He emails them to me and I notice... there's a different name on it than what the attorney had told me. So I call LA again and he says that FNAM said that it was OK to change the name and use the addendum. Not really thinking anything of it at this point I draw up the contracts, change the name on the addendum and am just about to UPS the new contracts back to the attorney for his client to sign. Just before I drop it in the dropbox, attorney calls and says that LA called him and said that there was a different name now and to change it to that.

At this point I put the UPS package down and call FNAM myself. My contact there, AM, says... no he never approved that name and to hold on. So I hold. I get an email from AM saying that there has been a confussion and to not do anything until I hear back from him. So I put the file on hold and go about my business.

Yesterday LA calls me and wants to know why I haven't sent on the contracts. Now, by this I read this to mean why haven't you sent the contract on to the attorney for buyer signature. Which, would be the next step when I draw up a contract for downstate purchases. I say that FNAM told me not. I can't send them on until told otherwise. They said that FNAM told them that we were supposed to. I said that until I was told by FNAM I couldn't do it.

LA emails AM at FNAM and says that we are refusing to forward the contracts for FNAM's approval.

AM emails my supervisor asking what's going on. Supervisor emails me and my closer, Linda, wanting to know what's going on.

(small backstep. About a month ago, a guy in my department pissed off FNAM and ended up getting fired. So I don't want a repeat occurance with me as the firee)

Linda and I independently forward to supervisor the email from AM that says "hold until you hear otherwise". Supervisor satisfied. Collective ass has been covered.

After many email and phone conversations with AM, we learn that LA told FNAM that he had forwarded all the information to us and therefore we should forward it to FNAM. I explain to AM that LA had forwarded us a contract addendum with the original buyer's name for the deal that had fallen through, and I now had three names (including the original buyer). I had no clue what one was the correct one.

AM sighs and I can almost hear him shake his head. He says that he will contact LA and get all the information since he's obviously incompetent and doesn't know that he needs to get FNAM to approve of everything BEFORE involving the attorneys. AM will then get FNAM to approve and send me the information directly so I can draw up new contracts.

And thus began my Wednesday.

Throughout the day, I learn that I still haven't gotten some tax information that I requested three weeks ago from a county. Last week the county said they had snail mailed me the information. When I said that there had been a reason I had included a pre-addressed UPS envelope for a reason, I was told "Oh, that's what that was for". Still having not gotten it, I guess they used real snails to send it, I sent another request (had to pay more money because they insisted they sent it), stapled said request and check to the return UPS envelope and flourescent pink highlighted the "Please use the enclosed UPS envelope to return the finding" and sent it all out again.

Then... 15 minutes before it's time to leave... I get a contract in that has a closing date of... bump-bump-bump... Tuesday. Less than a week. Which means 4 business days (one of which doesnt' count because it's a holiday). So I sigh, stay late and get the deed package out to the client and attorney so that we can have a shot of actually closing on time.

I'm home now, had dinner and man is the cheesecake in the fridge looking good. Throw in a shot of Chocolate Tempataion liquour and hmmm...

now if only I could stop coughing and sounding like a baby harp seal.
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Twas the Day before the day of the night before Christmas and all through the office, not a person was working not even the boss.

Well sort of. Today was the last full day of work before Christmas. Unlike most of the world we actually have to come in tomorrow. Only until 1pm mind you but I'm like... what's the point. Who wants to work 5.5 hours the day before Christmas. It's hard enough at times to be motivated without a holiday going on.

Today was also the office's holiday munch fest. Everyone brought in a dish or something and we gnashed all day long. It was most enjoyable.

Found out that something I should have been doing all along needs to be done, and I had never really been told about it. The most I got was "this is how you do this... the closer will do it when they are done." But it turns out that some of the stuff I needed to do and the closers would do the rest.

Of course I find this out from my supervisor, not one of the closers or the other originations girl. (I'm in originations as well).

Oh well... I can do backwork tomorrow when I don't feel like actually doing other work.

Then I went to leave. First the weatherman lied. Yesterday the weather forcast for today was mild and the snow on the ground should have more or less melted. HAH! I tell you what... HAH! The temperature plummeted and the roads became icey as hell. Not to mention the parking lot was "take life into your own hands". I managed to get the ice cracked off my car enough to open the door, start the car and grab the ice chipper to get the ice off the car.

Now I apparently have a theft prevention mechanism in that if the engine runs long enough without being put into gear, it locks the doors. Knowing this I keep the door ajar when I clean off the snow and ice. Whic this time I did. However, we also have wind gusts going on, so staying on my feet was tough enough. Then a particularly strong gust makes the van to shake and the force was just enough to cause the door to latch and I hear a sickening "ca-thunk" and realize that not only did the door latch, but the locks fired and I am now trapped outside of my running car, with my purse, cell phone, door pass for the office all inside.

I manage to get a coworker to let me back into the building and I call AAA only to find out that I have used up all my free roadside services. And with only $1.50 in my purse I know that's not going to pay for a towtruck.

Luckily one of the girls still left at work had AAA and she called for me. 1.5 hours later the tow truck arrives and I'm finally allowed to be on my way.

I stop and beg money of the maternal unit so I can put gas in the van as it had been running and I'm now dangerously low on petrol. I get gas and finally head to Boo and Boogie's house to check on their little girls and make sure the house is still standing and the water running.

Which it is. And it only took me one hour to finally find both girls. They appear to be fine. I even braved the ladder to look in the drop ceiling.

It then took me 45 minutes to make the normally 20 minute drive home.

Wednesday was yesterday. Did no one send it a memo that it can't hit on Thursdays?

Anyway, Happy holidays to everyone as I doubt I will be updating before Saturday.


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