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Every year I see that one or two things that just dance on a shelf or the computer screen and scream "BUY ME FOR SO-AND-SO FOR CHRISTMAS". So I do.

This year the gift was for one of my directors. His special needs daughter died in her sleep when she was 12 a couple years ago, and even now he talks about her all the time.

This past spring he said that he always associated dragonflies with her because when they would go camping, it seemed like dragonflies would flock to her. And then when I hung the Holiday decorations in our office area he specifically asked for the purple stocking for his door as that was Jessie's favorite color.

Anyway, while browsing amazon a couple weeks ago, I saw a travel mug (and he uses one all the time) with a purple dragonfly on it. Despite it being a bit more than I had originally budgeted for him, I couldn't resist and bought it for him for his gift.

I gave it to him this morning. When he opened it, he gasped, started tearing up and hugged me - hard. He said he couldn't believe I remembered such offhanded comments.

I just smiled and wished him a Merry Christmas.

Sometimes the little added cost makes it all worth while.
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Me answering the phone: "This is Tina, how may I help you"

Lady on the Other End (LOTOE): "May I speak to Kristina?"

Me: that's me, how may I help you.

LOTOE: But you said your name is Tina.

Me: yes - it's short for Kris- TINA

LOTOE: oh I get it. This is X from Y. I'm trying to process the order you placed yesterday and need a bit more information.

Me: OK.

LOTOE: Your company's full name is "Kristina"?

*slight pause*

Me: No. I'm Kristina. My company is IIMAK.

LOTOE: OK. The person attending the conference is Kristina?

Me: No, as I put in the email, it's my co-worker Michael

LOTOE: his last name is Telesco?

Me: No, as I just said, his last name is [insert name]. Telesco is MY last name.

*sounds of typing*

LOTOE: OK, so I have Kristina Telesco registered for the conference.

*deep sigh*

Me: No.... no... no. I am Kristina Telesco. I need to register Michael [last name] for the conference.

LOTOE: But the email is from a Kristina Telesco and that's the name on the credit card being used to pay.

Me: correct. You received the registration information from me. I am using my company card to pay for it so MICHAEL can attend your conference.

5 more minutes of this. The woman was fixated on my name. And confirmed our mailing address no less than 5 times. I'm now waiting for the confirmation email to arrive and fully expect that my name will be listed as the attendee.


Jul. 10th, 2014 06:07 pm
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There is one part of my job that is just down right tedious. It's not hard. But boring and endless.

About a year ago, I was asked if I would temporarily take over some data entry from our Northpointe Warehouse. And when your #1 Boss asks you to do something, you say yes.

It consists of receiving papers every day that our Packers fill out. It has their name, the times they sign onto a line and sign off of a line and how many rolls of ribbon they packed. I then have to take this data and enter it into 3 different spreadsheets and compile a report. It's been a year and I'm still "temporarily" doing the data entry. Comparatively, I'm making a rather impressive amount of money for data entry work (especially since I usually end up having to do it as overtime in order to keep up with my regular duties).

Both Boss #1 and Boss #2 know it is a colossal pain in the ass and well below my pay grade. I was told initially that I would give up this task when person X at Northpointe got back from Disability leave. Then when it was discovered that I can do the entry faster and more accurately, they left the task with me (as apparently it was still cheaper to pay me the over time than her the straight time) and put her to other duties. I was then told they were in the process of automating the packing lines so that a computer could automatically compile this info without the data entry.

So for months I have heard "I need to get on Person Y in the IT department about this" from Boss #1. I shrug and go back to typing in numbers.

Today Boss #2 was by my desk and seeing me working on Northpointe Data. He took a sheet and went and found Person Y in IT and demanded a status update. Y said "IT's been done for 6 months. So unless they haven't told me that it's not working I don't know why she's still doing the manual entry. I'll talk to my boss to talk to the director of Northpointe about it."

After lunch I went and found the director to give the "there is no loop but I want to keep you in the loop" heads-up. He laughed. Actually laughed and said that no it's not working and he knows it. It doesn't give us the data we have asked for and need.

I thanked him and went back to my desk. So much for that small glimmer of hope that this tedious task would finally be taken from me. Or at least streamlined more.

I shouldn't complain because it is usually time and a half work. But honestly, I dread the "I have to work on Northpointe" part of my month.
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08:00 Boss #2 calls me into his office and asks me to sit down. Conversation starts with "We are going to have to do some downsizing." Apparently the panic on my face was rather clear, because he blinked and instantly said "this doesn't effect you."

But he told me to get boxes together because his department of influence was being downsized and could I have things ready for after the news is broken. And then uses the phrase "everyone reacts differently to this kind of news, so I give you permission that if you need to to call 911." He doesn't tell me who, so of course I start trying to figure out who in the department would behave to that news in such a way that I would have to call the police.

10:13 HR rep shows up and first person called into the office. My heart sinks for the one being let go.

10:40 that meeting is let out and another HR rep shows up and second person called in. Again, my heart drops for them.

11:15 that meeting lets out, I get boxes together and take to their office (both people laid off shared an office) and become available to help them pack.

11:30 HR manager arrives and meeting with third person happens. No lay-off just "we are offering you a position in X department". Which means if she doesn't take it, it will be a lay off.

12:20 Fire alarm goes off.

It's been really hard to focus for the rest of the day.

At 13:30 was a mandatory all-hands meeting for office personnel. In total 10 position were eliminated here and 24 positions in our Mexico branch.

While I am glad I survived the cull, I do feel sorry for those that didn't.
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posting so I can find later.

VP R&D - Glenlivet 15
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Last Friday I wasn't feeling so hot and decided that I would probably spend most of the day drinking tea at work. So I pulled out the "decaf" orange coffee pot that hasn't been used in the 2 months that I've been working here, cleaned the coffee maker resevoiur so that it didn't taste like coffee, put 8 regular lipton tea bags in it and brewed up a pot of tea.

The oohs and aaah that could be heard coming from the kitchen after it was done and folks going "who thought to do this, it's a great idea" were histerical. Apparently none of these super smart chemists and engineers had ever thought to use a coffee maker to make up a large quantity of tea. I've had no less than 10 different people now come by my desk to thank me for starting to have tea available readily made. (the tea bags, regular, green tea, and decaf, have always been available but apparently it was always too much hastle to open one up, put it in a cup and pour hot water over it.

Now the one thing I have learned is that these chemists and engineers are moochers when it comes to free food/drink. Put it in the kitchen as "up for grabs" and whatever you put there will be gone within 30 minutes. (I timed it when I brought in left over coffee cake after Summer's End). So over the weekend, I went through all my tea stashes and brought in all the flavors that I do not drink on a regular basis and will just go bad sitting in my cupboard, or the kinds I can't drink (like the Blackberry Sage).

So now every morning, as I am the first one here, I pull the "tea" coffee pot out of the dishwasher and make up a pot of regular lipton tea. And after lunch I or one of the others here will make up a pot of one of the flavored teas. I sit close enough to the kitchen that I can hear the conversations and it's been quite amusing listening to them all discussing the pros and cons of the different flavors. The Candy Cane mint has been a big hit with all. The Bigalow Apple Cinnamon has a 50/50 rating. We shall see what they think of the Bigalow Peach today.

I will have to talk to our coffee vendor and see what flavored teas they have and start ordering some or use some of my "discressionary fund" to keep the tea in stock if the coffee guys don't have flavors. But I have head the folks here discussing doing what I did and bringing in the ones that they don't drink enough at home to warrent keeping there.

I just find this whole thing quite amusing.

The saga

Jul. 13th, 2012 04:51 pm
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June 25th - send resume and submit online application in the weekly process to make NYS UI happy.

July 10th - get a call asking could I come in on the 12th for interview.

July 12th - interview, that evening get call asking could I come back following week for 2nd interview. Agree.

July 13th - get new call, could I come in before noon to meet with the person who currently holds the position but is being promoted to see if we think it's a fit. Agree. Go in to meet with said person. Then get told to hold on and then meets with Sr. Manager in same department. Meet with Sr. manager then get told "Oh the VP of Operations has ordered in lunch and would like to talk to you over it." Meet with VP. Get walked back to HR and asked to wait a moment. HR Director comes out asked to chat again. Get offered position to start immediately. Condition of going to Pennsic not a problem and they agree to start me as a temp employee for 3 weeks so I can go to war without paperwork/payroll issues. Fill out all the necessary paperwork and get ID badge.

July 16th I start work. 42.5 hour weeks (2.5 hours guaranteed overtime once I am a full employee upon return from war) at a higher rate of pay I had been making at the CPA firm.

Talk about a whirlwind. Pennsic prep plans changed somewhat now. But my hours at least for the time being will be 7-3:30 so I don't lose the whole day for prepping. And if the sewing doesn't get done, oh well. I will only be going for a week so what garb I have will work. I will aim to get at least 1 new sarafan done and finish the pants I started. Most of my focus now has to go into the scrolls that are due.

But holy cow.


Mar. 12th, 2009 12:59 pm
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Been back to work now for 2 weeks.

We are making progress in getting back to a resemblance of normalcy. Though we've all had to redefine what normalcy is.

The construction is finally done in the front hall. Walls up, ceiling replaced, pretty color on the wall.

Today I was given a promotion. Basically my job has not changed except taking on a little more from the Interim GM. Stuff he used to do that he doesn't have time for. So it's more of a title change than anything, though we don't really have titles here. After all, when you are a company of 8 people titles just get in the way of getting things done in the day to day minutae of life. Though titles help when you are talking to folks on the telephone trying to placate them/beg for extensions/get them to shut up. I'm Operations Manager/Director of Operations. Does not come with any pay change... yet. Maybe in 6 months when we prove to the BoD that we are viable and functioning we can all get pay hikes.

The only concession I got was a change of hours. Instead of 8-5 with no real lunch break, my new hours are 8-4:30 with a kinda lunch break. Being salaried means lunch breaks are kinda fluid. That's fine with me. My hours were actually something that was one of the list of reasons I was going to start looking elsewhere when I had my one-year anniversary. But right now the only thing that I have any issue with is not the job's fault. I'd prefer to work closer to home. But the oppressive feel of the office, the hours, the unreasonable expectations and requests have all changed. I just wish a good woman did not have to die for it to have happened.
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to work that is.

today was a 6 hour day.

Mostly we sat and did some great team building and discussion on how we want to proceed. We did an SWOT exercise (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and came up with a preliminary list of goals.

Now that we only have 8 people in the company one of the things we did today is work on office arrangement. There had been a division of back/production staff and front/admin staff prior to this. So to eliminate this, the three of the front office (of which I am one) have moved our desks to the back so that we all are a community. This may or may not change if we get a new CEO but we will face that then. Right now we need to build our team feeling and better interpersonal relations/communications.

One thing that I'm really glad about is that our interim GM is wanting to focus on employees. Happiness, comfort and the like. There is even talk of once things are up and running doing 1/2 day fridays every other friday (like payday friday). But this won't be a thing until we are more stable.

Next things we need to do is offer up a list of potential new slogans to the board and create a new logo. Logo I leave to the creative department. I have a few suggestions for the slogan.

Once those are in place then we can focus on refocusing our schedule/programming. We discussed this a little, just throwing around ideas.

I can honestly say that for the first time in a very long time, today felt like a positive and productive day at work.
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Hi all,

my boss has asked me to come up with a general list of advertisers that are on "mainstream" television networks.

Since I only watch certain channels I was hoping folks could give me a hand and as you are watching TV over the next week, could you make a list of what companies you see ads for?

If you could send me the list to ktelesco AT bridgestv DOT com I'd really really appreciate it.

le sigh

Jun. 18th, 2008 03:47 pm
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So the Pennsic curse might be striking again.

My boss called a company meeting today just after lunch to announce that the big deal that he had gone to Saudi for over the last several months fell through. Mainly this was due to the fact that this investor was nervous about investing in American companies for fear of their assets being frozen should another 9/11 type incident happen again.

This means that the many millions of dollars we were hoping for ain't coming.

An emergency board meeting happened today and luckily several board members have come forward with donations to last us for the next couple months. If this had not happened we most likely would have had to close Friday.

I knew this was a risk when I accepted the job at a grassroots cable station. But damn it. I'm barely keeping my head above water right now. Can't afford to lose this job.

I know a lot of the technical guys are going to be going home today and starting to look for other jobs. I can't afford to do that right now. Not with Pennsic 6 weeks away. I can't afford to do Pennsic unpaid again.

So I am going to say prayers. Work to help the advertising guys find new leads and just hope that we are able to raise the $1 million we need to make it through the next 9 months. If we can at least survive until after War then I can feel comfortable looking for something else. Besides it would be good in this gas economy right now to find something not quite so far from home.

We are taking donations, so if anyone does want to donate to help keep a small ethnic grassroots cable station going, let me know and I can tell you how.
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We have three satellite dishes at work to capture feeds. A, B, and C. All three were installed before I started. Dish C has never been able to capture the feed it was installed for. Shortly after I got here we got a guy out to look at it. He hooked the dish up to some gizmo and after some futzing, came up with the conclusion that the dish is too close to the building to be able to point at the satellite it needs to. He says that in order to point to the right place the dish needs to be 8 feet highter.

I look to where he points on the horizon and nod. I then look to dishes A & B, see where they are pointing to in the sky, do the geometry in my head and say to him and my supervisor... "Couldn't we reprogram dish C to capture the feed that A or B get and point one of those to where C needs to look?" This being the logical thing and to my mind the most cost effective way of getting what we want. A & B could easily (by my uneducated reconing and logistical analysis of the geometry and general placement of things) point to where the feed from C comes and C could easily point to either A or B's satellite and not be bothered by the building or growing trees.

This idea gets shot down because "we don't want to loose the feeds we already get".

OK, I buy that.

Today's development:

After looking into cost of extending the pole Dish C is on as well as other alternatives (which included putting Dish C on the roof - not an option when you have storage facility tin roofs) the satellite dish guy calls supervisor and suggests .. get this... pointing Dish C to satellite A or B and having then Dish A or B point to satellite C. Supervisor says "Yeah that might work".

I just sigh, give him a look and shake my head and go back to work. Sometimes I really wish I could say "told you". and had they followed my suggestion back then we could have potentially saved the company $12,000+ in shipping fees that we had to pay to get the programs overnighted to us every week rather than getting the direct feed.

But what do I know.

I know, I know... I'm just a girl. I realize that and where I work that is actually an excuse.
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I don't have all the details yet but I thought I would still put out that Bridges TV
is looking for a News Director and a News Anchor.

Learn more about Bridges TV at

If anyone's interested, send me a resume and I'll get it to our programming director.
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Yep. As of 8:30am Monday morning I return to the mass of "working stiffs".

The TV company offered me the job at $1,000.00/year more than I had asked as my minimum starting.

On top of that I get 10 holidays (the standard 6 plus 4 Muslim ones) and I can negotiate to work one of the Muslim ones to have the day after Thanksgiving off.

Also, after 6 months I get a week of vacation and another week after I've been there a year. So yes, boys and girls, it means I can go to Pennsic this year!

Basically the interview I had today was to assure them that I am not the totally sweet and quiet girl that they thought I was. I had to promise the CEO that yes, I would stand up to him when he got crabby and rude and not let everyone push me around. I think what cinched it was telling him I help run security for a 13,000 person international camping convention.

I also has to promise that I would not up and quit after 6 months due to finding something closer to home (it's a good 30 minute commute from Amherst to Orchard Park).

Not only will I be doing admin stuff but will eventually be learning about high end sales, website stuff and TV production.

I think this will be a good match for me.

Thank you to all who wished me well and luck and supported me through the last several months. I could not have done it without you.
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So I got woken up this morning at 3:30ish by Tzar. He was in the shower in the masterbath... singning.

He's done this before. At the apartment he'd sit in the kitchen and sing. At the Doma he apparently likes the accostics of the shower stall better than anywhere else in the house. I still can't figure where he learned to sing from. I understand when Satin would sing. Afterall Miss Meirwen sings. But I don't unless it's at an SCA event and I'm singing with Dicea and Boogie.

But I digress. I haul myself out of bed and shoo him out of the shower and tell him to wait until daylight to sing in the shower.

I go back to bed.

15 minutes later he's back in the shower singing. This time however it's with musical accompaniment. He found both chirpy mousie and chirpy snail and brought them into the shower with him and he would bat one into the other and as they chirped he would sing.

*sigh* I get up and throw him out of the bathroom and shut the bathroom door.

I go back to bed. Only now, the other one gets involved. See, if Talia knows a door is a door and can be opened she wants it opened. (If she's never seen the door opened it's just part of the wall and she ignores it). So, because the bathroom door is now closed, this is unacceptable in her world and she spends a good 15 minutes "scratching" at the door to get it opened. She only stopped when I threw a stuffed eeyore at her.

I went back to sleep but it wasn't the nice deep sleep I needed.

I am tired. And on top of it the girls in accounts are insane. T is being a trooper because C is still out due to her surgery and N, while back from her honeymoon, had to leave yesterday because she was sick. She came in this morning still not having seen a doc. She called and got an appointment for this morning and went. N. has strept throat and a double ear infection. (Not a good diagnosis for me - I get both too easily) and is out. And tomorrow is month end. T is going a bit nuts. Don't blame her. I would be too in her place. Just wondering how I can slip her a valium so she's not totally wigging out for the next 36 hours.
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So at the quarterly company meeting today they discussed that the biggest gripe on the company survey was (get ready for the surprise) Benefits.

It seems that the board of directors heard the complaint.

Right now I pay for single person coverage $97+ a paycheck for health insurance with prescription coverage. But starting October 1st I will be paying $94+ a month. That's a huge savings.

It's nice that sometimes the people who are focused on money actually listen to the little guys.

*le sigh*

Jul. 28th, 2007 07:34 am
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pennsic )

work )

Well I'm going to go find some breakfast and then see about cleaning the kitchen before heading over to the apartment.
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I found one of the many benefits of the new job.

When I forget my inhalor and phone at work the 2 miles to drive back to get it is not as big a pain in the ass as it was when I had a 35 minute commute.


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:04 am
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So I've spent the last 3.5 hours going through the list of my current duties and giving them to the supervisors and managers here.

Joe came out earlier and looked at me and went "We really have to do all this?" and I nodded.

His reply: "I'm beginning to think this was a bad idea".

See that's what happens when you have someone who actually takes pride in being efficient. They get the stuff done for the day within the first 4 hours. Hense why I always look bored and twiddling my thumbs after lunch.

I've actually already recommended they see how the next week and a half goes and then consider trying to get a part time secretary here to work mornings.

Only time will tell.
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I met with the COO and new head of HR.

Monday I start in the Northtown's office. I will be doing a hodgepodge of admin assistant stuff. Everything from what I do now to helping with Client Services (i.e. interface with our clients) to ex.sec. to the COO and the like.

My current boss was not thrilled that I start monday. He had thought he would have me until I left for pennsic. But they want to get me trained on some things and meet my new boss before I leave (that way I have 10 days to forget everything I just learned).

I got my annual review. It was really good. Between that and the move I will be making $1.00 more an hour, plus spending less on gas. I can't argue that. Especially since at my last job my "annual increase" was 12 cents.

So tomorrow I get to clean off my computer of any non work stuff. Train the supervisors in jobs that they are now going to be responsible for, and clean out my desk.

So.. here's to another "go to Pennsic, change jobs" year.


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