Jan. 1st, 2017

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It's time once again to see what I had on my to-do list for the year, think about it, and create next years.

2016 to-do list

1. Employment: stay employed. Let's go for 4 Not only did I make it past my 4 year anniversary, I had a kick-ass review.

2. Health: I joined a new gym. Initial intake is on 1/4/16. They have a pool. Hopefully i can work on getting fit if not get the weight under some resemblance of control well I joined. Went for a while but stopped. I have my membership on hold and I plan to restart it once I have a bit of spare money again. I also gained more weight. (sigh)

3. Arts and crafts: continue with the gift exchanges. They are making me happy to make things for others. Continued to do them. Not having as much fun as I did last year but it has gotten me out of my comfort zone with items I'm making.

4. A moment a day: try again to catalog a moment of each day this year. Yeah... no so much

5. Ashley Boxes: this past year I sent out two Ashley Advent boxes. I have two Advent Box recipients picked and am thinking of doing one for someone's birthday. I would also like to do random gifts throughout the year I did a birthday one and three Advent boxes. All seemed to go over well.

6. House and home:

1. Front hall -someday this will come off the list
Nope. I have the color picked out though
2. Oven/stove: will this be the year to get it looked at? I started to think about what I need to do to get someone to look at it.

3. Basement: start trying to get crap up and out. Maybe once a week take a grocery bag down, fill and toss not so much. But did get a couple boxes of Coast Guard Stuff out and to the person who can get it back to the Coast Guard.

4. Fence: this needs to be done... Wind storm recently made the side fence start to wobble. Need to consult handy friends and pick a weekend or two. again... nope

7. Reading Challenge: i joined a reading challenge with a co-worker. There are 41 categories, and while we agreed we could us a book for multiple categories, I am going to try to not duplicate if at all possible This one I did. I got 39 out of the 41 categories accomplished with unique reads and the remaining two were covered by books I read for the challenge, just other categories.

8. Great recipe experiment: no number. Just going to try to try something new from time to time. 3 done. It's more than none.

2017 to-do list

1. Health - one of my FB friends is challenging herself to walk 100 times for at least 30 minutes a time throughout the year. That comes to average about twice a week. I can do that. Even if it's going to the gym at work and doing 30 minutes after work twice a week. I also want to get the weight back down.

2. Employment - goal is now 5 years.

3. Arts and Crafts - I am going to continue with the gift exchanges. Perhaps not wait until almost the due date to get the gifts done

4. Scribal - I want to find the joy again. I've lost it recently. I have a bunch of backlogs to work on. Maybe I won't take fresh assignments for a while and work to get the backlogs done.

5. Reading Challenge - I enjoyed doing the 2016 one so I have signed up for the 2017 one. 40 to 52 categories to read (depending on if I go for the advanced list on top of the regular one). Still hope to do unique books for each entry.

6. House:
1. Front Hall
2. Oven
3. Fence
4. Basement
5. general organization/decluttering

7. A Question a Day - I got a book that is to encourage you to write. It has a unique topic for each day of the year. Going to hope to try to write a little entry each day.

8. Family - do what I can to support my sister in her search to find a sibling we just learned about.

9. Ashley Boxes - these bring me joy. So I have 3 recipients picked out for Advent boxes for the coming year and have started a birthday box for another.
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From http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mission
mis·sion (mĭsh′ən)
1. A special assignment given to a person or group: an agent on a secret mission.

2. An ambition or purpose that is assumed by a person or group: felt it was his mission in life to help the poor.

3. A body of persons sent to conduct negotiations or establish relations with a foreign country.

4.A body of persons sent to a foreign land by a religious organization, especially a Christian organization, to spread its faith or provide educational, medical, and other assistance.

5. A Christian church or congregation with no cleric of its own that depends for support on a larger religious organization.

6. A welfare or educational organization established for the needy people of a district.

So for 2017 what is my mission? This is tough. I see friends who say this is the year of self-care; this is the year for organization; this is the year for getting fit/healthy; and so on.

I have my to-do list that i do every year. So I have that as a starting off point. I don't know what this year's mission is other than perhaps to actually take care of the things on my to-do list beyond glance at it once, maybe twice a year. So perhaps I should say that 2017 my mission is #putuporshutup


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