Feb. 1st, 2017

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Question 31/365: Who do you want to be?

I don't so much want to be anyone in particular. Not even sure I want to be me. But there are things from my friends and those I admire that I would like to emulate.

Mistress Briatiz from the Outlands: I admire her artistic ability with a needle and thread.
Duchess Sedalia: I still find myself at times in the SCA asking myself "what would Sedalia do?"
Duchess Dorinda: her go-get-em on the field attitude. I will never have it, wish I did.
Duchess Meirwen: the ability to stop someone with a look.
My sister Terri: so much better with money than I am. How are we from the same gene pool?
Duchess Dagmar: her sense of adventure is intoxicating. I wish I were as brave as her.

Every little kid I have ever met: I admire and long for the wonder of discovery and fun

Question 32/365: What is your resolution for tomorrow?

Survive. Do the dishes. Maybe start the scroll due for Seven Deadlies in a week and a half.


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