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The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True HermitThe Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don't know what I expected with this book, but I know I didn't get it. Frankly, I did not find the story all that "extraordinary" nor would I call Christopher Knight the "last true hermit", at least the "last" part of that statement.

Christopher Knight, at the age of 20 left the world. He abandoned his car, hiked out into the wilderness of Maine and disappeared, avoiding human contact. Only instead of living off the land, to survive, he chose to break into cabins and camps to scrounge for food, clothing and other living essentials. To avoid being caught, he never built a fire, even in the deepest depths of the Maine winters. To cook, he stole propane from the camps and used a small camp stove.

When he was caught, the author started a correspondence with him, though it appears to be very grudgingly on Knight's part. And the author flew from Montana to Maine to visit him in jail several times, despite Knight repeatedly demanding to be left alone. Once Knight was released from jail the author again flew out to see him, despite the family telling him to go away, despite Knight begging him to go away and leave him alone. It wasn't until Knight threatened to call the police did the author finally stop trying to contact him. To me, that's not journalism, that's the stalkery actions of a paparazzi.

The story did not make me hate it, and I finished the book, but I'm kinda glad I only borrowed the audio from the library rather than wasting a credit on audible. Not something I would generally recommend to others.

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I hadn't seen the boys in a couple days. But today I heard the distinct quaking and looked out.

Chuck and Larry were there. No Steve though.

Chuck is the one eating and Larry is the one on look out.

It has been interesting observing these two and comparing them to the male/female pairings I've watched. Like with M/F pairs, they usually take turns eating. One eats and the other looks out and guards, then the switch. I've also seen them preen each other.

I don't know if it is common for males to make pair bonds when there are not any females available or not, but I have really enjoyed hosting these two this summer.
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The other day, as I was pulling stuff out of the shed with the help of [ profile] dicea, she suggested I pull the little wading pool I have out and fill it for my gay poly duck family.

I shrugged the way I do and muttered something like "what the hell" and did so.

Now I have not actually seen them yet in it, but there have been duck feathers in the pool so I will take it as a sign that at least one of the boys has used it.

However, I was in for a surprise this morning. As I was feeding the cats and the fish I happened to look out into the backyard and onto the pool. Chuck, Larry, nor Steve was in it. But Gulliver (so his name has been suggested), a great blue heron. He was standing in the pool, getting rained on, looking rather disgruntled. I have no clue why he was there, when there are large man made lake like things surrounding my housing development, that I'm sure have more suitable breakfast items (especially as the hoppy toads this year have not been as prevalent as in years past).

But I can now cross Great Blue Heron off my list of having seen close up (as opposed to flying).

Today I also spotted a woodpecker in a tree, rather than on the suet bell where I usually see them.
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If you don't follow me on FaceBook, you may not know that I have had some regular visitors to my bird feeders. I named them Chuck and Larry. They happen to be two male mallard ducks that come around every day in the morning and evening. They are always together, though they used to also have a third mallard, whom I called Steve.

Today, I went out this morning to rescue my seedlings from the rain and bring them inside and Chuck and Larry were standing in the middle of the yard. I talked to them as I was bringing the flats inside, asking about Steve as I had not seen him around much lately. Chuck kvacked some and I nodded as if I understood.

Since none of the other regulars were around, I put some feed out in a bowl for them and went back inside.

C&L came up and started having breakfast as soon as I went inside. As I watched, Steve showed up (doing his best impression of an Albatross upon landing - I didn't think there was enough water in the grass yet to hydroplane the way he did). Then I learned that apparently at least Chuck had a falling out with Steve. C spent the better part of 5 minutes chasing S around the yard until S flew off and C returned to the bowl of food where he and L continued kibitzing over breakfast.

So apparently there has been a little split up in my gay poly duck family.


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