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Day 64:
Accepted the inevitable and feel better for it. Even did the next step.

Day 65:
Restarted scroll. Got half of it transferred already. Feel better for the change.
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3.25 hours of overtime today.

Dinner with friends.

Conversations with other friends that make me very glad I live in the Kingdom I do.
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I watched little Vietnamese man make my avocado milkshake today. Now I have a basis to work off of to try to make one at home.
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Day 58:

Came home to yummy dinner ready thanks to the new crockpot.

Day 59:

The book I requested through Inter Library Loan not only was shipped, but came in. Now I can do the research necessary for my Ice Dragon documentation.

5 laps in 12 minutes on lunch today
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Got lots of puppy snuggles today.

Crockpot is prepped so that I can put it on in the morning and come home to chicken cacciatore and there will be enough to feed me for a week. I won't argue a week's worth of meals for about $7 in ingredients.
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Laughing with friends. I really needed it. Thank you to all who made it happen.
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Panic averted.

Puppy kisses when I got home.

Ice Cream for Dinner
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Day 53:

Started my Lenten goals. Achieved two out of the three. Walks and soda. Food after 8 and no take out didn't go so well. But little steps.

Day 54

Finding that so far I'm enjoying getting away from my desk for 15 minutes with a coworker and walking the mall. We figured it out and we do about a mile in those 15. Not bad.
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Day 51:
Had a nice even flow of work at work. No "OMG GET IT DONE NOW!!!" and no "come on clock, tick off another second".

Relaxing evening in.

Day 52:

Woke up and had a nice 20 minute snuggle with Grimm. He climbed up out of the covers onto my chest and snuggled in and fell back asleep. It was hard when I eventually had to get up for reals.
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Grimmy and I went to Chihuahua Puppy Playtime. We met up with Morwenna and Mr. Peanut. Grimmy and his full sister (older by one litter) and the two of them chased the other dogs that liked to run.

Had dinner (is it dinner if you hadn't eaten anything before that?) with Kate, Dicea and Jenna.

Spent most of the day reorganizing my iTunes so that things were in logical genres to me and marking all my audiobooks as "skip when shuffling" so that I don't get random book reads while listening to "shuffle" on the iPod. (Because there is nothing quite as unsettling as going from Rock Sugar or Metallica into an excerpt of "Pride and Prejudice" or "Clan of the Cave Bear" or even worse "The Princess of Mars".)
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After putting in almost 6 hours at the office on a Saturday I went to the Central Library across the street and to got see and hold and examine a first edition of The Nuremberg Chronicles (what I based Felicity's laurel scroll on), and examine the actual painting technique of loose leaves a 2nd edition (which is only 6 months younger than the 1st edition).

It was so cool that I could hold and examine a book and pages from the the 1490's. I didn't even know our library had them. I was trying to get a copy of another book related on the Chronicles so I could write up more documentation for my Ice Dragon entry and clicked a cool button on the website "browse the shelf" and discovered that way that they had the 1st edition AND I could make an appointment to see it.

While they did not have a painted version of the folio I used, it was still really cool to see the ones I did see in color. And the rare books librarian thought the concept of the SCA was neat and when I showed her a picture of my adaptation of the piece she seemed really impressed.
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Dinner with the girls at Bar Louie.

Got my hair cut - finally I was so over due that the girl actually thought I was in for a trim with the scissors, until I told her I generally have the clippers used.

Got a couple things I really needed while I was at the mall - mainly a new bra and a purse.

Cashed in my gift cards from my bosses from Christmas and got a new iPod. Originally I was going to get a gps, but Katie got one and so the three of us don't need two. And I have mapping on the iPhone.
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Lovely TDI visit. Miss Rosina kept asking Grimmy "why you no make Mommy dinner. You home all day while she work?" When we visited Miss Lorraine, he curled up in her lap and tried to fall asleep.

I got a shamrock shake.
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I am home and can take stronger things to make this headache either go away or at least get me to the point that I don't care that I"m in pain.
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Day 44:

Survived the first day of what has potential to be a very rough tax season. Not only do I have my 10 directors and managers that I normally support, I have to do all the tax document scanning (until there is enough that I can train the receptionist to help), AND because one of the other admin left for maternity leave, I have inherited H again (The most high maintenance director in the frim - being his admin is a full time job alone).

Final revisions for the literary category entry of Ice Dragon done.

Day 45:

The universe sent me flowers for Valentine's Day

The metro rail driver saw me running for the train as I got out of work and waited for me rather than drive off like most of them do.
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Day 41:

A change of plans meant I could sleep in my own bed and have more puppy snuggles.

Day 42:

Wonderful event. [ profile] jlbooth76 received her AoA! Go Minion! [ profile] hundmathr was inducted into the Order of the Keystone. Two other household received their AoA.

Lady Venitia Elizabetta officially became my page.

Dinner with family and friends.

We ended up cancelling the hotel and going home so I again got to sleep in my own bed and get puppy snuggles.

Day 43:

Lazy morning in bed watching TV and playing on the iPhone.

Meals for several days during the week made so I don't have to worry about them.

Firefly marathon on Discovery Science.
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Stomach ick gave me the excuse to lay around in my jammies all day and snuggle with the puppy while watching Syfy on demand (caught up on Face off and Lost Girl).

Found my spurs that went missing right after Pennsic.
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Was responsible, even though I didn't want to be. Scroll is calligraphed and heading back to the illuminator to finish.

Mexican Mudslide slushie.
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Ice Dragon Literary entry written and off to folks for proof reading.

VERY civil barony meeting.

Almost all ducks in a row for event bit I want to put in. If I accomplish the goals - the bid will be to Kingdom almost a full year before it needs to be in.
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got site evaluation typed up so can take to barony meeting tomorrow. Now I can work on approaching people to put on the bid I want to put in.

Got a good chunk of a scroll due this weekend calligraphed.


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