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was bad and didn't post last week.

Good things that have happened over the last two weeks:

* work weight loss challenge over. I officially lost 19lbs for it. My team as a whole lost 45. We hit the 6% loss goal.

* Outdoor time.

* the green beans are rallying now that I managed to make the gardens mostly rabbit proof. (yay for putrescent egg solid sprinkles)

* people taking me out for my birthday.

*Got to see a community theater production of one of my favorite musicals.

* Spending time with my girls (which doesn't happen much anymore) and seeing Maleficent and going for good food.

* return to gaming after a month off.

* central air conditioning.

* Nimbus is becoming braver and venturing into more parts of the house and coming and asking for attention.
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*Got the big monthly project at work done, earlier than usual.

*the two scrolls I needed to get the calligraphy done on for the weekend were done in plenty of time for the illuminators to finish.

*Went to Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in Las Vegas. Took some good classes and saw folks I only get to see once a year (twice, if I'm lucky).

*Had a blast going around Las Vegas, seeing the Sights with J and J and T.

*OMG some of the most amazing food I've had in a long time. Paid for it both with money and weight gain but I have no regrets. Have places I would like to try should I get out there again.

* Absolutely no breathing issues when in the desert. Maybe there really is something about the dry air and asthmatics.

*coming home to being told by the critters that the missed me deeply and are glad I'm home.
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* I have had a lot of un this week going out everyday Munzee hunting. I'm participating in a group competition and I don't want to let my team down.

* warm sunny days

* snuggles from the critters and getting the reaffirmation that at least something loves me and is happy to see me.
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* Sisters. I have the best one in the universe. She came to my rescue in more than one way before she left.

* warm sunny days.

* GRE #6

* starting the planning talks with travel companion for vegas

* sitting on the front step with Grimm during the early morning listening to birds, enjoying the sun and just having quiet quality time together.

* the rabbits have thus far left the gardens alone.

* Fun trip to Canada to meet a new friend and see Saucy Jack.

* Getting [personal profile] wesnotcrusher into Munzee hunting and having Dicea laughing as we were hunting through parking lots.

* scrolling progress.
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* quality sister time

* got the lawn mowed so I'm not "that neighbor"

* got 3rd garden bed in. Hope to get lots of veggies this summer.

* Dinner with the Girls.

* saw the new X-Men movie

* GRE 201 4 #5

* Got sis into Munzee hunting and we had a lot of fun walking around the Galleria Mall (outside) hunting them before we saw the movie.

* Blooming Onions
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* Survived another War Practice


* Seeing all the people turn out to celebrate the above.

* stress of helping to coordinate all the people who helped with the vigil prep done.

* Friends who willingly step up to help me with other responsibilities so I can do the vigil prep and work.

* Though brief, getting to see the Duchezz.

* Sushi dinner

* Hotel Camping.

* Amazing Customer Service at the hotel. Totally recommend the Comfort Inn in New Castle, PA.

* Meeting new people and getting to better know others I had only briefly met.

* Happy greetings from my fur children when getting home.
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*beautiful weather that allowed me to go outside on my lunches for walks.

*munzee hunting and getting P addicted to it as well. (hehehehe)

*Amazing people who step up and help when a call is made.

*fun conversations on long road trips

*mostly waterproof boots

*laughter and fun with friends

*puppy snuggles when I need them the most

*a brother of my heart who comes to my rescue when I'm being a bit of a ditz.
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* understanding friends

* friends who come to my rescue and show amazing acts of charity, especially when I don't feel worthy

* walks with Grimmy

* Munzee hunting

* got a bunch of garb bits cut out and some made.

* made a real dinner (GRE 2014 #4)

* started an embroidery project and am content with how it is coming out. No clue if it is a period stitch but I like the edging it is giving the hood I am working on.

* finished Supernatural up to the end of season 8.

* continuing to make progress in the weight loss challenge and signed up for a FB SCA biggest loser challenge to keep me going after the one at work ends. (while I don't expect to win at all since I've been working on the weight loss for a month now and will probably hit a plateau soon, it gives me incentive to keep going to at least Pennsic)
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* Got out on one of my lunch hours to go for a walk along the bike path. 2.5 miles in 44 minutes.

* dropped 3 more pounds

* Managed to get to the gym several times this week.

* Making good progress in watching Supernatural. I am up to the first episode of season 8.

* made progress in catching up on my personal writing challenges.

* Dinner with J&P

* Hanging out time with 'd & K and Captain Æthelmearc

* Made a little bit of progress on the receiving blanket I am crocheting. Now it's just a matter of deciding which of the several babies being born this summer gets it.

* Ozy being snuggly and wanting lots of loving this week.
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* weigh in for weight loss challenge brought another pound loss. Considering I was retaining water thanks to mother nature I will consider that a big win.

* Being able to open windows to get fresh air in the house

* yummy sushi lunch with coworkers on Good Friday

* Fun day of crafting and food with friends and chosen family.

* Movie date with the girls. We saw Captain America

* Got the gardens turned over and some plants in the ground.

* Grimmy got fence conversation time with the new little girls next door. Riley is a mouthy little thing who is all bravery, while her sister Misty is definitely the follower of the two. The body language with all the dogs was tails and ears up, even if it was at times "I can take you" from the girls. It was cute that when Grimmy asked to go back inside Riley stood at the fence and whined until I went and got him to come back out and talk to her some more.
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Totally forgot to post this earlier in the week

* made myself go out and be social, even if I had to use the excuse that I was picking up a scroll. I got the scroll AND stayed to interact with people.

* Am still employed (sadly several of my coworkers, whom I all liked, are not)

* did gym time

* dinner with Boogie

*VERY lovely event

*needed conversations

*more needed and happy conversations

*lost 1 more pound.
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* made it to the gym 5 out of 6 days this week.

* Nimbus is starting to come willingly to eat with the rest of the felines.

* Friday dinner with Boogie

* Fun day at the event and some good conversation along the way.

* I did not actively insult, swear or otherwise embarrass myself, my friends or family when I really wanted to lash out.
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* only one day in the pool but that's better than no days in the pool

* not having to stress to get a scroll done. Oh I still have ones to do but I could take the week and NOT work on one.

* lots of puppy and kitty snuggles all week.

* News that made me very happy and a bit worried at the same time.

* Friday family dinner with Boogie and Captain Æthelmearc.

* Enjoyable trip up to Ealdormere to witness how another kingdom does an A&S event. Even helped to judge.

* Dinner and needed conversation with [ profile] much_ado. I only wish I had had the courage to have that conversation 2 years ago. But no point in wasting time on shoulda, coulda, mightas.
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* while not done, I got the scroll to a point where I was OK at least showing it for court. It got the OOH, but I think that's only because it is covered in gold.

* lovely Friday family dinner at the Doma with Katie and the Duchess. Grimmy had happy pack time with one of his favorite humans.

* The event in general went well. Lots of backlog scrolls were reunited with their forever people.

* Despite it being the 4th time I have spoken for someone's elevation, this was the first time I've spoken for someone from MY Kingdom.

* I won the Heraldic Display category in the A&S display. I don't know where I ranked in the Scribal Arts one, but I did not expect to win and I'm so excited for the man who did. He did amazing work and really deserved it.

* Nimbus is coming out more and has been doing food with the other felines rather than asking for his bowl to be in another room. And he got morning time with Meirwen over breakfast Saturday morning.

* Sunday morning staff meeting at the Doma. I made JUST the right amount of food. Just enough cheesy hash browns left over for breakfast this morning but otherwise no left overs.

* A Sunday afternoon of nothing but curling up in the recliner and dozing and snuggling with the critters and watching mindless TV.

* Not only getting approval for an advance but being handed a check from the Kingdom to cover my airfare to go to KWHSS! VEGAS BABY!!!
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* monthly project that I usually don't get done until the 15th of the month done by the 7th.

* puppy and kitty snuggles throughout the week.

* got to watch the first disc of last season of Game of Thrones.

* accepting the issue is just not as fixable as I need in the time I need. Sometimes you just need to and reorder materials. The old material will be used another time and worked around.

* Fun at the company annual Bowling outing. I sucked and didn't break 100 but I had fun and that's all that matters.

* Sushi dinner with Captain Æthelmearc and Mistress Y.
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* My TARDIS jersey arrived.

* New sunglasses arrived.

* Nimbus slowly becoming more social with the rest of the household

* Calligraphy on Pelican scroll done. First time using Oak Gall ink. No one warned me how much the stuff stinks.

* delicious dinner at favorite German place with J&P and Kate.

* Car brought up to code.

* Breakfast with Boo.
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* all materials for Pelican scroll arrived.

* word that my new sunglasses and TARDIS jersey have shipped and should arrive soon.

* never-ending pile on desk downgraded to "no so intimidating" status instead of "OMG how will it ever get done" status

* New family member. Nimbus Alexander Ekaterinavich is a 2 year old, Long Hair Russian Blue mix. (I suspect he is also part Ragdoll as he goes boneless when I pick him up)

* Went and taught at the College of 3 Ravens. I fully expected to yet again have no students for my "Who do I fight next" class as has happened the last two times I've tried to teach it formally. Instead I had 8 students. It went very well and all were engaged and open. (Though if we all get sick we know which student gave us the crud as she showed up sniffling and sneezing and coughing).

*The paint a blank table at 3 ravens was well received as well.
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* Delivered the prize scrolls for Ice Dragon

* started plotting out the Pelican scroll for Ice Dragon

* Made it back to Aquafit

* Wonderful family movie/scribal/dinner night. Introduced P to "Muppet Treasure Island" and "Undercover Blues"

* Left over Fried Chicken
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* finished a couple books and started a couple more.

* New glasses. Not sure if this really falls into something I'm glad about or not due to the need to have progressive bi-focals. I think so as I can read without having to take my glasses off and bring the book practically to my nose. I just need to get use to moving my head when I look around instead of just my eyes.

* Introduced J&P to The Library. Which allowed me the joy of ending a crazy work week with two very tall Jamisons and Ginger Ales.

* Opening Ceremonies.

* Despite what I found to be an uncomfortable site, I went to 7 Deadlies and watched two dear ladies get elevated, one into the Pelican and one into the Laurel. Also witnessed several other very deserving awards go out, including a writ for a Pelican. He's asked me to do his elevation scroll. Now to figure out what style to do and hope the vellum arrives in a timely manner.
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* managed to get all but three of assignments from the HUGE new set of dockets sent to me assigned. The three that are not I'm just waiting on emails and if I don't hear back by tomorrow will reach out again.

* two scrolls finished. One for 7 Deadlies one for Ice Dragon. I liked how the illumination for the one for Ice Dragon came out. But I used a new ink for the calligraphy and hate it and can't really fix it.

* Was in a place that I could come to a friend's aid.

* Indian food.

* watching Grimmy and Puck play tag.

* Anti-superbowl dinner with Captain Æthelmearc, Kate and 'dicea having yummy food and playing Cards Against Humanity. It was fun to watch the Captain blush and stammer "I can't say that".


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