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Over on FB there has been a kerfluffle on someone's wall over something that happened at an Event. Specifically a dress that was made for the Queen by someone, that has no historic proof but has become popular as a style in the SCA.

OMG. The one response, by someone I know, has been mortifying to witness. Rather than saying "it's a beautiful piece of art and it looks like a lot of time went into it." and then politely offer that there is no historical evidence of that style in period, we get vitriolic attacks. First attacking something because it's not period, and then not reading all the comments or choosing to ignore the MULTIPLE comments that said that the dress was a gift from someone to the Queen and she wanted to show off the workman's ship, and then berating the Queen for daring to make something to inauthentic and then wearing the dress and promoting the inauthentic. Dayum. It wasn't until several exchanges later that the commenter finally got the "it was a gift" and seemed to grudgingly apologize to the Queen for assuming she made the dress but not for the actual attack or the way he expressed himself.

All I can say is that elitist, insulting, and down right rude and mean behavior... that's why people have painted the entire Order in a bad light.

I know they say "be the change you want to happen" but when I see stuff like that it makes me wonder why I want to be in that order and be associated with people like that, even peripherally.
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