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Over on facebook there was a question asked by one of my friends about how do we Peers help non-Peers. Ok that was not the real gist of it, but that was the underlying message I took away from the very convoluted line of commentary.

I got to thinking. Well, I have two active proteges, one inactive one, one un-protege and a handful of "not even as formal as an un-protege" folk that I kinda sorta mentor when they need it. But what else could I do? My biggest observation has been that non-Peers seem to feel like the Peers are the ones who do all the stuff and they don't know how to get their proverbial foot in the door.

Well, Ekat, I told myself, you may not know all the stuff, but there is one thing you do know (even if you are only figuring it out fairly recently)... you know a hell of a lot of people within the Society. And all those people know stuff. Really cool stuff. Some are kick ass fighters, some are such talented artists, others know how to serve. And all those people live all over the globe.

So I made a public post, offering my help to any who need, be they Peer or non-Peer, regardless of what they want to pursue. As I said in the post, I may not have the answers, but I have been blessed with connections and I'm happy to introduce people.

Two hours later, I have had people IM me with questions and I was able to either help or direct them to and introduce them to folks who would know. Others have posted their fear or question in the commentary and I have been able to watch others go "hey, I do that, let's chat", or say "that's not a silly question, let me share my experience".

I too may have become disenfranchised with the SCA, but just that little bit made me realize that there is something worthwhile there. And I can help.
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