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This morning I woke from a very odd dream.

Ozimandius (my cat) had become a vampire. Mostly he just stayed in the back room of the house and hid. When he hunted, he stuck to mice and other pests. We really only had to be wary when he came out of hiding to be social.

Someone asked me why I didn't have him put down when he turned and I looked at them shocked and said "Ohana means family".

When I woke, I looked and Ozy was sound asleep on his pillow, curled up with his stuffed rabbit.



Oct. 21st, 2014 02:39 pm
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Last night I had a dream.

I was at the most recent Crown Tournament, standing on the sidelines like I was, waiting for the fights to take place so I could record them as I was supposed to as MoL.

First round, like it did happen, was single dagger as decided on by His Majesty.

Timothy and Ariel go out and start the wailing on each other like they did. I got annoyed, just like I did in real life. At the tournament I event turned to my assistant and said "Timothy should take this. He fences. They just need to fence rather than thinking of it as an itty bitty sword". Which they did not.

However, in the dream I got so frustrated with them that I handed my MoL stuff to my assistant, called a hold and marched out onto the field and proceeded to give them both a lesson on how to fight dagger, fencing style. Use your off hand to sweep under and move his hand out of the way. No it's not grappling if you use your hand as if there is a buckler there. So what if he cuts your arm... you need to get in and jab the dagger into his ribs. For godssake man, this is down and dirty street fighting. Stop trying to bonk your opponent in the back of the head with your sword, because it's not a sword, it's a KNIFE. Use it like one.

Apparently, two weeks later and I'm still annoyed at how they kept double killing each other and fighting sloppily. And I wasn't even one of the ladies being fought for.
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I'm sick. As such I slept a great deal yesterday. During that time I had some dreams that had me going "WTF?" in the dream. Like pulling into work to find that they changed my parking spot into a Owl Rehab Sanctuary. Just my parking spot. Full of crates of owls with addiction problems. Yeah like I said, WTF.

But one really bothered me.

I drempt that I came downstairs in the morning to find my mother sitting in the recliner with Tzar in her lap. She was petting him and his tail was doing the happy swishy thing when he gets good pettings.

She turned to me and said "I'm taking care of him now" and then they faded away.

Does that mean she's watching over him until he comes home? Has he met some tragedy and is now with her in the afterlife? I hate cryptic dream messages.

I want my cat back.

bad dreams

May. 15th, 2008 01:03 pm
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I had a particularly bad nightmare last night.

The details )
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So last night I had a dream that I actually remembered most of.

I was out in the florida room on the computer, it was summer as it was nice out and the doors were wide open.

The doorbell rang and I looked and blinked. It was my ex-boyfriend from college. For the SCAdians that knew me then.. it was Vlad. Only.. he looked healthy and shorter. It was bizare. He came to ask for his leather jacket back. I was like "Sure no problem" and went and got it and gave it to him.

Thing is... the only thing of Vlad's that I have is an old ratty tie-dyed tshirt and a piece of garb I made for him. I don't get it.

But apparently I had his jacket in my dream and I gave it to him. He thanked me and left.

I returned to the florida room where Dicea was waiting for me and asked who was at the door. When I said that it was Vlad she nodded and went "oh. OK".

That's when I knew it was a dream. Not that he showed up, not that I returned something of his that I knew I didn't have. It was her reaction.

All in all it was just plain odd.


Oct. 9th, 2007 10:11 am
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The last several nights I have had sleeping issues. I'm exhausted for no reason other than i'm not sleeping well. Oh I'm sleeping, just not well.

All weekend I was bombarded by nightmares.

Last night however was a different kind of dream. I drempt that I was in bed, curled up next to Miss Alex, who was in her usual spot on the bed. Tzar was on the hope chest and Talia was under the covers. So far this is the usual and standard sleeping arrangements (with the exception of Talia sometimes being in the snuggle cube on the desk). I felt a weight come onto the bed. I open an eye and there is Nicky sitting, calm and peacefully just looking at me. I scooted over and he snuggled in between me and Alex and fell asleep. I wrapped my arms around him and went back to sleep.

Was it really a dream? Was it my subconscious trying to find comfort so that I would stop nightmaring? Was it because I've been thinking about him a lot lately, especially with the soon to be pick up of Grimm?

Who knows.

I'm still tired. Even drank a cup of coffee (and blew my allotted breakfast points) and still could just curl up under my desk and sleep.

Thinking that on my way home tonight I will stop at the store and get some fat free mozzerella cheese and some fresh mushrooms. I have WW pitas, some point free bruchetta and am thinking of making a very points friendly pizza for dinner (to off-set the heavy points breakfast I had).

I'm rambling. I think I should stop now. Hope everyone else is having a decent day.
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my dream )

I’m sure there is some kind of significance and symbolism in all of it. But frankly I just found the whole thing rather disconcerting, upsetting and down right icky. And not something I would like to have again, thank you very much.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 07:25 am
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Had a very weird dream last night/this morning.

Normally I don't remember my dreams but this one...

It's Pennsic. I've been put in charge of the first annual Knowne World Royal Retainers Symposium (why we are having a symposium at pennsic I don't really understand but I go with it)

No one shows up. Why... cuz they are all too busy being retainers at pennsic.

I remember looking at someone, I don't think it was the royalty and said 'This is why I said we shouldn't have done this at the War. Everyone is too busy working to come.'


Anyway off to work


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