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Apr. 14th, 2015 07:32 pm
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As I work on finishing up my final reports from my term as Sylvan Signet of the Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc​, I look back in wonder. Through the position I have met and worked with some of the most amazing and talented artists in the Known World.

This started 5 years ago when Duncan von Halstern​ and Ilish O'Donovan​ said "Sure, let's hire her" when my name was presented to them to take over for the Retiring Gillian​. They have the first of my thanks. I also give thanks to all the Royalty that I have served under: Christopher and Morgen, Isenwulf and Rosalinda​, Andreas and Kalista, Khalek and Branwyn, Maynard and Liadain, Timothy and Gabrielle​, Tindal and Etaine; and Titus Germanicus​ and Anna Leigh. I learned a great deal from all of them and hope that they too feel that a friendship has formed..

But I could not have done the job without my various deputies. To Marija Kotok​, Giana di Aurilio, and Sthurrim Caithness, who at some point stood as my drop deads, I told you I wouldn't do it. To my education deputies Giana and Yvienne, thank you for coordinating classes for Heralds and Scribes. To my Pennsic University Coordinator Matilda Bosvyle​, you were a godsend, thank you for helping to increase the reputation of the scribes of our Kingdom. To Phil Martino​ and Anna Leigh​, who were my fund raising deputies - because of your works we were able to host the known world at Pennsic. And to Giana and Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Sienna, my webministers, thank you for the work you did to make our website better.

Also a big thank you to my Heralds, Master Brandubh and Master Kamishima - thank you for being the Yang to my Ying in making court happen smoothly and being a sounding board when I needed.

To Kayleigh MacWhyte, Marguerite Louise Gingraix​ and Augusta Weyfare​ - fellow Signets who helped me at times throughout my terms.

A big thank you to Baroness Alexandra de Campagnella, who agreed to take this job after me. I know I leave the office and its people in good hands

And finally, a thank you to the ones I could not have done this without... my scribes. I am awe at the skill, talent, dedication and generosity that you have all shared. The scribes of Æthelmearc are the Kingdom's true jewels. These fine folks have produced 1599 scrolls in the last 4.25 years. They worked under all kinds of pressure, usually short notice being the biggest. They were given an average of 37 days to make unique one of a kind scrolls (more often than not, it was closer to 15 or fewer days) to help make someone's special moment even more special. These are the unsung heroes that deserve the praise and rewards for my term. No mater how long I am gone from the office I will always think of you as MY scribes. I can only hope that I was able to serve you well.

And to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, my home and the best Kingdom a person could hope to live and work in. Thank you for being you and appreciating the scribal arts as strongly as you do. Don't forget to thank your scribe.


Sylvan Signet of Æthelmearc, Rtd.
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For the Reign of Khan Khalek and Khatun Branwyn:

Total number of scribes: 84
Total number of scrolls assigned: 174
Average number of scrolls per scribe: 2.07
Average number of scrolls per event: 10.24
Total number of scrolls that arrived on-time: 151
On-time arrival percentage: 86.77%
Average number of days from Signet recieving assignment to event: 75.99

Many scribes contacted me during the reign asking for assignments and I was unable to give them. The reason was because Their Graces gave us a 2.5 month lead time for assignments and there were not very many "last minute" assignments.

Since I became Signet in January 2010 the statistics are:

Average number of scribes: 83.6
Total number of scrolls assigned: 762
Average number of scrolls per scribe: 9.11 (roughly 3 per year)
Average number of scrolls per event: 10.23
Total number of scrolls that arrived on-time: 696
On-time arrival percentage: 91.99%
Average number of days from Signet recieving assignment to event: 53.93
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From Kingdom 12th Night,2010 to Fall Coronation, 2012 the Kingdom of Æthelmearc has given out over 600 scrolls. We have taken great pride in the fact that each scroll is a unique work of art and as such wish to make sure that these scrolls are taken care of. During same amount of time, we have tried to make sure that each scrollis also given a scroll case to keep it safe. While some cases have been returned for reuse, most have not.

The office of the Sylvan Signet, with the full support of Khan Khalek and Khatun Branwyn, therefore issues a challenge to all of Æthelmearc. Can the good people of thisSylvan Kingdom create two piles of scroll cases as tall as Their Majesties? His Majesty stands at 6 feet and Her Majesty is 5 feet, 1 inch. So we are looking for a total of 11 feet 1 inch. I believe that we can meet, if not exceed this goal. I challenge you to create as many cases as you can between now and the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon, to be held in March 2013 in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Bring or send the cases to the event and see if we can reach the goal. I would like to see this be a group effort. Get a team of 3-5 people together to make as many cases as you can. The team with the most turned in will receive a prize.

Not sure how to make a scroll case? Please contact me at and I will happily send you the details. You need not have skill with a sewing machine to make cases. I have directions for both sewn and no-sew versions. There will also be a class on how to make scroll cases at Æthelmearc Æcademy on November 10th in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Thank you and good luck!
Ekat, Sylvan Signet


May. 22nd, 2006 10:44 pm
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In case you have missed it in my last many posts, I've applied for the office of Sylvan Signet of AEthelmearc.

Since submitting my LoI, I've been thinking about the office and what it means and the expectations.

I have a question for those of you who are/have been scribes and are/have been Royalty even those who are general populace (both AEthelmearc and other kingdoms)...

What do you expect from the Signet? What would you like to see or not see.

While, if I get the position, I would do my best to take what works and eliminate what doesn't while making it my own, I'd like to know what the perception of the office is.

I am well and truly interested in people's opinions on the topic.


May. 19th, 2006 08:39 pm
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Long day today.

Got to work by just after seven and worked straight through. Didn't punch out for lunch as I was too busy. Luckily I took a sandwich which allowed me to munch and work at the same time. And I gotta find more of the 100 calorie snack pack Ritz chips. I like them for with sandwiches better than the 100 calorie pringles.

Scroll and Letters of Intent got picked up by Baroness Gillian this morning and should now be in the hands of Una and the others. When I talked to Una yesterday she said she had not received any other letters yet. Will be interesting to see who and if others apply for the position. While I know Their Majesties follow my journal and this might seem like campaigning, I would like the position. I've worked with the Signet office for many terms now and would like to have a go at the big time. But we will see what comes of it. If I don't get the position, I will still be actively making scrolls.

Got my car today out of the shop. Over $2k in repairs. They detailed her for free. Ana's not looked that good since I got her. They even vacuumed and polished the inside. They found roughly $9 worth of change throughout the car and there is now a ziploc baggie full of it. Now at least I won't need to fish for toll money.

Went and did Birthday shopping for the Boo. I'm sure for some of it Boogie is going to roll her eyes. But too bad. I think Boo will like most if not all of it.

Tomorrow is WW, The Works and, because she asked if I wanted to go with her just before she handed over the credit card to pay for the car repairs... garage saling with mom. The big community garage sale in her development is this weekend. It may prove interesting.

While shopping for b-day gifties, I picked up a set of 2lb hand weights as well as two new "walk away" videos. I tried the "Walk and Jog" one just now. While it didn't have me breaking as much of a sweat as "Walk and Kick" does, my heart rate is definately up there and my breathing was deeper. Though I can't do the jog in place and kick yet. But I'll get there. The only thing with the walk and jog is that about 20 minutes into the workout the leader goes "make sure you drink a big glass of water before starting this work out so you stay hydrated" and I actually spoke back to the TV and said "NOW you tell me." but I always keep a water bottle near by during workouts so that I can grab if I need.

Gonna watch the other "walk away" video while I cool down completely. That one is called "Walk Strong". There was another "walk away" video at the store but it was called "30 minute walk" and frankly... the one mile, two mile, walk and jog and walk and kick are all 30 minutes so I didn't see the need to get the official 30 minute walk.

If you are looking for an exercise thing I really do recommend picking up at least the one and two mile walk away the pounds. They are fun, and low impact on the joints. The one today was the first one that was "high impact" and even then it wasn't that bad.

Anyway... more water and watch some tv. Gotta wrap the prezzies for Boo even though she won't get them until Wednesday. Hopefully the cats won't "Help" too much like they did at Xmas.


May. 17th, 2006 10:02 pm
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scroll is done. Just need to scan it.

Letters of Intent are written and printed. Just need to put them in the envelopes.

Just now need to coordinate their pick ups.

Off to bed. Good night all.
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Wording is now done for the scroll for this weekend. Just need to sit and calligraph it. I'll do that tomorrow. My head hurts too much to do it tonight. Damn weather is playing barometer with my sinuses.

If my head is continuing to pound tomorrow I don't know if I'm going to go to work or not. We'll see. Even though tomorrow is weigh in. I can always go to a meeting in the community. I believe there is one Thursdays at like 5:30 near me. And I definately know of ones on Saturday.

My SCA resume is now tweeked. Just need to write the letter of intent and get it printed. Una said she'd take them to War Practice for me. THANK YOU UNA.

Car is in the shop now. I'm afraid of what the damage is going to be. Regardless I won't be able to go to War Practice.

I made a big step with Viridia. I contacted the original programmer. I haven't talked to him in over a year due to life the universe and everything. We'll see if he forgives the fact that I dropped off the world and help us get it back up and running. I know Knighthawk had a contact for someone who knows PERL but I don't know the gentleman and I dont' have the money to pay any fee he would charge. Hopefully we can get the game back. I miss it.

I finished two books in the last 24 hours. Mystique by Amanda Quick. Fun and light hearted and definately one of the romances you need to read with the full intention of not having a serious read. I liked it. And American Gods by Neil Gaiman. While I enjoyed it, it's probably not going to be something I go back and re-read in the near future.

Next books are: Shields Lady by Jayne Ann Krenz and Writing Romance Novels for Dummies. I need to find a new at work book to read. American Gods had been what i was reading on my lunches. Have to raid the book shelves and see what I have that's in the to read pile.

I still need to do my daily workout. I tried the 3 mile again the other day and nearly dropped again. It's a major difference between the 2 and 3. I think I'm going to stick with walk and kick for my more intense workouts. I'm considering getting Tae Bo for the cardio. Anyone ever do it? Would you recommend for someone with little coordination?

Oh well. Seven minutes to House. Gonna go watch.
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The Kingdom of AEthelmearc has new heirs. The announcement has been what I've been waiting for to actually sit down and write my letter of intent to be concidered for the next Sylvan Signet.

I hold the scribal community quite dear and have worked many years with it and for it.

Other than having to actually renew my membership (which will be done Thursday when I get paid), I need to make sure my SCA resume is up to date, tweeked and stuff.

I'm putting it here so that those in the know and stuff can offer me advice and the like for improving it.

Constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Read more... )

I also have to write the letter of intent. This I am assuming is just like a cover letter for a mundane resume.

This week I have to do the calligraphy for a scroll going to war practice. I wish I could go to War Practice as there is a rather important Millrind Meeting, not to mention that I'd rather like to present the letters of intent in person to those that need them.

But my van's having issues with the breaks, needs at leat a new tire and another tire is making weird sqeeeeee sounds at times. I need to call the shop this week and get an appointment to get it in.

Small steps that lead to bigger steps.


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