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This morning I woke from a very odd dream.

Ozimandius (my cat) had become a vampire. Mostly he just stayed in the back room of the house and hid. When he hunted, he stuck to mice and other pests. We really only had to be wary when he came out of hiding to be social.

Someone asked me why I didn't have him put down when he turned and I looked at them shocked and said "Ohana means family".

When I woke, I looked and Ozy was sound asleep on his pillow, curled up with his stuffed rabbit.

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* all materials for Pelican scroll arrived.

* word that my new sunglasses and TARDIS jersey have shipped and should arrive soon.

* never-ending pile on desk downgraded to "no so intimidating" status instead of "OMG how will it ever get done" status

* New family member. Nimbus Alexander Ekaterinavich is a 2 year old, Long Hair Russian Blue mix. (I suspect he is also part Ragdoll as he goes boneless when I pick him up)

* Went and taught at the College of 3 Ravens. I fully expected to yet again have no students for my "Who do I fight next" class as has happened the last two times I've tried to teach it formally. Instead I had 8 students. It went very well and all were engaged and open. (Though if we all get sick we know which student gave us the crud as she showed up sniffling and sneezing and coughing).

*The paint a blank table at 3 ravens was well received as well.


Dec. 4th, 2013 09:18 am
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It's been one year today.

I still miss him terribly.

And I feel bad when I accidentally call Ozy "Tzar".

The only comfort is believing that someone took him in and realized what a sweetheart he is and kept him, even with his name and my phone number on his tag.

Damn Cat

Nov. 13th, 2013 08:43 am
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For those who have read/listened to Jenny Lawson's "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" and have gotten to the story about being attacked by a serial killer in her sleep will know exactly what I mean when I say "I was attacked by a serial killer last night"

Only, like her, the serial killer was Fat-Ass (aka Puck the Cat) trying to jump over my head to get from one side of the pillows to the other and landed on me and scratched a roughly 3 inch scratch into my scalp at 2:48am (well that was the time when I was coherent enough to put my glasses on and look at the time). And like all scalp wounds it bled like a Mo Fo and it took me a good 20 minutes of pressure to get the thing to stop bleeding so I could contemplate going back to sleep.

Doing my hair this morning was an exercise in "ow, ow, G.D. Cat, ow, ow, ow"
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Puck's grown up to be a tank. Very loving and playful tank but a tank nonetheless. It's been 9 months since he came home, hard to believe.
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My ass is not a scratching post.

I don't care how tempting it is when I stand at the ironing board.
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I've never had a cat that has liked to be way up high before. But Oz seems to like heights.

(He has informed me that he prefers Oz to Ozy so I guess thus he shall be called.)

I spent over an hour searching the house for him when I got home from work, never thinking to look up until I had completely run out of other ideas. And lo and behold, ears sticking up over the edge of the china cabinet.

Guess I need to make sure there's nothing valuable in the cabinet as I watched him get up there - he jumps from the dining room table up.

Cat tree has been ordered. Though it's not as tall as the china cabinet.
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For those that don't follow along on FaceBook.

After coming back from War Practice, I came to the conclusion I needed to get a friend for Puck that is closer in age to him than Talia is. (she's 8 years, he's 8 months).

So yesterday Katie and I went "cat shopping". We saw some that were nice and might have worked but just didn't feel "right".

Today I went out to the Eastern Hills Mall where the SPCA has a satallite branch and many who were between 6-11 months. I was trying to chat up a 7 month old black and white boy and desperately trying to ignore the 9 month old in the cage next to him. See the 9 month old looks way too much like Tzar, except for a white chest and white socks. But "Specs" as he was called kept tapping my shoulder to get my attention.

Eventually I gave in and did a meet and greet with the Tzar look a like. He came and sat in my lap before going off to explore the room. He had me.

So we have a new member of the Doma.

Please meet Ozymandias "Ozy" Eugene Ekaterinavich.

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Bittersweet day.

* I am glad and thankful for 14 years with my Miss Alex. While I wish we could have been closer, we were still family (even if I was more the human who put food in the bowl rather than HER human.) She was Nicodemus' kitten/cat.

* I am glad that I was able to hold her during her final time on this earth. She was never a touchy feely cat. The occasional pet but not a cuddler. Until it was time. Then she asked to be held and touched. I put Cats on the DVD player and we sat together, with Grimm by our side, watching/listening to her favorite musical.

* I am glad and grateful she did not pass alone, hiding in a corner. she was surrounded by love and now she can be with Nicky, who I know she has deeply missed for the last 8 years.


Apr. 17th, 2013 07:25 pm
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While in my arms as I rocked her, at 7:18pm on April 17, 2013 Alexandra Anastasia Ekaterinova took her last breath and joined her big brother Nicodemus Dmitri Ekaterinavich across the Rainbow Bridge.

She waited until the end of Cats to cross over. Somehow it was very fitting.
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I had to take apart my bed to get under it to get to Miss Alex. She's still here. But I really don't know for how much longer.

I got her to take a couple squirts of water and chicken broth but it was a struggle.

She was having some trouble a little bit ago, but I put Cats on the DVD player and she's calmed some.

I fear that if she makes it through the night that tomorrow at work I will be calling the vet and the SPCA to see the costs of helping her cross over. I can't let her suffer. While there were times over the past couple years that I thought she might be starting to transition, she always bounced back. But this is different. But I will do what I can to make her comfortable until it's time.

The Watch

Apr. 17th, 2013 06:42 am
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I deeply suspect that Miss Alex is not long for the world. Last couple days she has not come to dinner. While not completely unusual I was still starting to be concerned. Yesterday I went looking for her and found her half hidden in one of her traditional hiding spots (head in it, back end sticking out).

20 minutes ago she came up to the bedroom and was stretched out next to the bed. She has not come up here willingly since Grimm arrived. She barely acknowledged Grimm sniffing her (not her usual MO). I am laying here with her on my chest as she fights to purr. She has refused water or gooshy food on a spoon.

I will stay here with her as long as possible before I absolutely have to go to work. If I had and pto I would stay here with her. But i have thanked her for being part of my life for 14 years and when she decides it is time to sleep, Nicky will be waiting for her.
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Hi I am a school bus driver with Sweet Home and around the time you said your cat was missing I think it was your cat that was hit by a car (not alive) on Niagara Falls Blvd on the Tonawanda side near the light at Willow Ridge. By the time I got closer with the bus another car had hit was a larger cat and had the colors of your cat....your last photo of him/her on there back stretched out sure looked like your cat. I get so upset when I see any animal especially cats in the road that have been hit...and see more than my share with all the school bus driving I do. I have cats of my own and my heart goes out to you!!! I hope this helps you possibly find closer... you can contact me through e-mail if u have any questions......again I am so sorry.


Dec. 21st, 2012 08:51 pm
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my new little boy is home. He has explored the living room and dining room. He has already demonstrated problem solving and dexterity.

I had put up the puppy playpen from when Grimm was a puppy and put the litter box and a snuggie cube and food and water in it. I figured I could put him in it with a couple heavy blankets draped across the top to keep him in. Nope. He climbed on top of the cube and pushed and wiggled until he could get out from under the blanket.

He is currently fast asleep under the Christmas tree. But he has played with toys, explored and climbed, eaten food, drank water and eliminated in the liter box.

Grimm doesn't know what to make of the addition. I am letting them both get used to each other through baby gates before I allow direct interaction. Talia came up to Puck and sniffed curiously but has pretty much ignored him. Alex... well she has avoided him and is sitting grumpily on the kitchen table.

In other news, the weather is getting really crappy out. Tzar is still missing.


Dec. 20th, 2012 06:14 pm
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it's been two weeks. Tzar is still gone. I can't even put into works how much it hurts that he's gone. I will never give up hope. He will come home.

Last night Kate and I were running errands and we had to stop at the pet store to get food for her cats. While there I fell in love with a little black and white 5 mos. old male kitten that was up for adoption. His name was "shirmpee". Ok, didn't love the name. I looked to Kate for the "we're not giving up hope" speech. Instead she said "take down the number and call when we get home".

I did. Unfortunately Shirmpee had been adopted about an hour before we got to the store. But after work today I went to the SPCA to do a look around for Tzar again. And while I was there they brought out a pair of brothers. 3 months old. Both black and white with the makings for long hair. I went in to visit. Another lady came in as well and we both did the "I'll take one, you take one" exchange and it was settled. Tomorrow morning he gets fixed and chipped and i can bring him home after work.

So while we will not give up hope that Tzar will come home. I would like to introduce the newest member of the Doma. Please meet Puck.

I tried offering him other names. Silas. Sulu. Ozy (short for Ozymandias). Kobi (Kobiashi Maru), Davros. But when I said Puck, his head turned and he chirped at me. So I guess on the Solstice I bring home Puck.
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Last night I changed the bowl that was in the have a heart trap. I went down to a small custard dish. I had to as the night before the food was eaten but the trap wasn't sprung, which meant whoever was visiting did not have to step on the release to reach the food.

This morning the trap was sprung. Unfortunately it was not Tzar. I caught a medium-hair black with a white patch on it's chest cat instead. Said feline was a bit grumpy. Don't blame it. I released it to go back about it's business. If I catch it again, we may be going to the SPCA so cat has safe place and not keeping my boy from coming home.

But at least I know the trap works.

I also managed to get the editor of the neighborhood newsletter to squeeze another classified in past deadline for the January edition. Tonight I will put another add on craigslist. And I scan the site daily to see if he is up on with any of the rescue groups.

Now it's just a hope and pray he makes his way home. I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle.
Everyone in the Doma misses him.

Dear Santa

Dec. 13th, 2012 04:52 pm
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I don't want anything but one thing.

I want my boy home. I really miss him. So much it hurts.

Signed me.
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I'm sick. As such I slept a great deal yesterday. During that time I had some dreams that had me going "WTF?" in the dream. Like pulling into work to find that they changed my parking spot into a Owl Rehab Sanctuary. Just my parking spot. Full of crates of owls with addiction problems. Yeah like I said, WTF.

But one really bothered me.

I drempt that I came downstairs in the morning to find my mother sitting in the recliner with Tzar in her lap. She was petting him and his tail was doing the happy swishy thing when he gets good pettings.

She turned to me and said "I'm taking care of him now" and then they faded away.

Does that mean she's watching over him until he comes home? Has he met some tragedy and is now with her in the afterlife? I hate cryptic dream messages.

I want my cat back.


Dec. 11th, 2012 07:40 am
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I went to my doctor yesterday. She lives in my neighborhood and I mentioned in passing that my cat had runaway. She asked about him and I showed her a picture. She thinks she MIGHT have seen him while walking her dog the other day. She's going to keep an eye out for him and tryin calling his name if she sees the cat she thought was him.

I learned today that my friend Anna's cat ran off on Monday down in Olean.

On my drive in today I thought "If I learn that these boys have meet up in East Aurora for the Jellicle Ball, I'm going to be most cross with them."


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