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This year for war, I chronicled my activities as if writing a personal log for a sci-fi/space tv show. This came about after spending a week reading Duchess Dagmar’s FB posts about the great Crapiderm Migration across the Serengeti and watching the episode of the Big Bang Theory that ends with the guys going to a Ren Faire with Sheldon dressed as Spock.

Here are my entries:
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I’ve been home from war for over a week now. Still trying to process thoughts, actions, emotions. War has always been a bit tough for me. Way too many people around me, but often feeling utterly and totally alone. This year was very tough in that aspect.

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I need to get off the Pennsic war fb page. These people are annoying the hell out of me.

The Mayor posted about what areas were going to be closed or restricted due to all the rain that has been happening. Now folks are upset they will be moved for a year.

Or they are just upset that their pennsic is going to be wet and muddy.

I am going to say something many are thinking... If you want to be dry and clean for those two weeks...STAY HOME!

No one is forcing you to go. Yes, you will be out your pre reg fee, but get a grip. It is a primitive site in an area of the country that has been seeing a lot of rain. Either cope and shut up or stay home and shut up. Either way, how about you quit your bitchin' until you actually see your spot of land? And even after you do.... Suck it up buttercup.

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7/25- pack car after work.

7/26 - around 08:00 meet up with Kate (not sure if she's coming to me or I'm going to her yet) to head down for set up. 23:30-05:30 Watch Point Captain

7/27 - 10:00 ish set up Royal and Scribal Pavilions 16:00/17:00 Meet up with Julie and head back home.

7/28-7/29 - mundania

7/30 - When I get up and moving head back to War

7/31 -23:00-05:00 Watch Deputy on Duty

8/1 - dinner Camp cook 23:00-05:00 Watch Deputy on Duty

8/2 - 10:00-12:00 Æ Pelican Meeting 13:00-14:00 Teach

8/3 - 23:00-05:00 Watch Deputy on Duty

8/4 - 10:00-12:00 Millrind meeting 12:00-13:00 Fleur Meeting 15:00-17:00 Æ Scribe's Tea 19:00-21:00 MoL Youth Polearm Tournament evening Æ Kingdom Party

8/5 - 18:00-20:00 Æ Court 23:00-05:00 Watch Deputy on Duty

8/6 - 13:00-14:00 Teach

8/7 - 10:00-11:00 Teach 17:00-23:00 Watch Deputy on Duty

8/8 - 23:30-05:30 Watch Point Capatin

8/9 - tear down and go home.

Not sure yet when Royal tear down is. But we usually try to tear down at least one of the Scribal tents as soon as we are done with classes and stack everything in the remaining tent until full tear down.


Jul. 27th, 2010 03:24 pm
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You know, it really doesn't feel like Pennsic is only a couple days away (well Land Grab anyway).

It's probably because I did absolutely no sewing this year for war. I cut out a coat. But then Katie made me one so I didn't have to get the one I cut out done.

I could have worked on my fencing coat but haven't found the motivation.

Yes I made up some single serving meals for war week and I actually sorted through my garb for what I'm going to take.

But other than the small little bit of excitement of knowing I'll be seeing friends I haven't seen in a year, I'm just not feeling the "whoo hooo Pennsic is coming". Or even the "Oh F*#K Pennsic is 3 days away"

I've got my packing list made up. I've got my schedule all done up in color even.

But no thrill. No anxiety. Nothing.

I'm not working Security this year for personal reasons (do not even plan to volunteer for a cart patrol or anything). So other than one retaining shift on my first day there to stay, I have no true obligations before getting there. I have talked with Lost and Found and they want me to help out, I just need to go see them when I get on site to schedule a shift or two. Yes I have order meetings to go to and classes I want to take, but somehow this week leading up to war doesn't feel like Pennsic.

I'm hoping it all changes when we pack the car, or when rounding that bend on I-79 and looking at the parking lot and the Serengeti.
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All sewing for war is done on my part. Katie is doing a couple hems for me. I just have buttons and frogs to handsew but you know, that can happen at war itself.

I"m almost done packing. Have to wait for a few things to come out of the laundry and get the garb back from Katie to finish. The both scrolls have been calligraphed. One to Dicea for illuminatin while Katie and I are at war first week. I'd like to get some more painting done on the second one but I'm not optimistic. But I've already been told by TRMs it's ok that it's a work in progress as the assignment was late in coming. But there are words for the herald to read so that's something.

Friday I will print out all the schedules and stuff for the hospitality table, and if I have a bit of time I'll actually make up and print my schedule as well. Though, happy dance, I made contact again through FB with my best friend from High School who lives in Pittsburgh. She and i have a dinner date for the first week of war to catch up and all. It's been 14 years since we last saw each other.

Tomorrow is the test run for packing the van to make sure everything fits. This allows for thinning down of anything if needed.

I'd still like a day of not mundane work to be able to make sure all the little things are done. You know, I'd like to come home to a clean house but that ain't happening. I'll settle for emptying and running the dishwasher a couple times before I leave Saturday morning.

Hair has been cut, nails have been done.

So until things start going into the van I'm about as ready as I can get.
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For those who were there and want the words and those who were not there and have heard the rumors.

I bring you:

What the Aussies said at my Pelican Elevation )
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starting on page 7 are pictures of my elevation. Though I recommend you look through them all to see just what a wonderful photographer [ profile] baronsteffan is and to see more of Pennsic.

My oath

Aug. 10th, 2008 06:46 pm
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I gave an oath of service rather than fealty. Here are the words I spoke:

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Aug. 10th, 2008 05:50 pm
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Today was grocery shopping with the girls and having family time. Most enjoyable.

Tomorrow, back to mundania and work. Meh.


Aug. 9th, 2008 10:04 pm
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Here are pictures of Pennsic. The ones of the vigil and the actual elevation were taken by others. But the before court and all the Pennsic View were mine.

Actual report from the war to come later


Aug. 9th, 2008 09:38 pm
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I got home from Pennsic about 4ish. Girls met me with my little boy and helped me get totally unpacked and two seats back in the van.

While I have uploaded pictures, I will post the link later after I can add some comments to them.

Had fun. Glad to be home though.

Will post details and stuff tomorrow.

Moo all
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Two days before I head down for good so that means time to do the check list to ensure I get it all done

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This weekend was very successful in a lot of ways.

Dropped of Grimm with Dicea and picked up Boogie by 10:45.
Got gas and was on the road by 11:10.
Trip down was good, though it seems that this year both NY and PA are all for tearing up large strips of highway and rerouting people. But what's pennsic without construction?

We arrived on the battlefield exactly 3 hours from hitting the highway (to the minute) where we joined the throngs waiting to be allowed to troll in.

It only took 1.5 hours to wait. I've had to wait up to 3.5 so to me that's a good short wait.

After trolling in, set up went well. Though we have learned for future, Katie and I have horrible distance estimation, even with the help of ground tarps and that we should in future put MY tent up first then the girls'. It's all good. There's just no way we would pass fire inspection (like we have them anymore anyway).

Between showers/storms we got both tents and the pop-up standing and staked in place. Typical downpours for first day of war. (what's war without having to set up and/or tear down in the rain huh?).

Camp is pretty empty as right now it's only 4 tents in one corner. (If you're coming to visit, look for my banner hanging on my tent - see icon for picture).

[ profile] meirwen it's good that you are not coming. The plains of the Sarenghetti where not mowed recently so our block is one giant clover field. I know of two people by Sunday morning who had been stung.

Saturday night we learned that despite multiple matches and a butane torch, the combined efforts of Katie, myself and Carl could not get a stupid camping charcoal brick to light. Broke down and assembled the propane grill instead so we could have hot dogs for food at 10:30pm.

I managed to make it 18 whole hours before actually stepping into Public Safety point. and that was just to get my golf cart waiver on file and the spiffy sticker for my medallion.

Sunday saw me up early. I love the experience of just sitting and listening to Pennsic wake up in the morning.

Had Breakfast with [ profile] theboomboom, [ profile] visrose and little T. Beast and Boar now has Belgian waffles (with Ice Cream) on the breakfast menu!

Wandered over to Killkenny and helped them set up some Pavillions then over to Lochac. Good to see folks, even for the short time I had. My vigil has been put on the Queen of the West's social calendar. Well, Her Majesty is Alis and her social secretary is Duchess Megan, easy to get on that calendar.

For lunch went to King Johns for fries. They do not have the cool extra crispy spiral fries like last year. *pout*. Then back to camp for hot dogs for lunch and hanging out with [ profile] much_ado, [ profile] matthew_g and [ profile] quicktongue

Before too long it was time to get back into mundanes and hit the road to come home.

Exactly 3 hours (to the minute again) from leaving site I pulled up in front of the girls' house to claim my puppy, hang with the Dicea and wait for damedini and TK to show up with left over fabric from my elevation garb so I can make the hat to go with it.

Slept like a rock when I got home and was not at all pleased when the alarm went off this morning.

Today we accomplished finalizing arrangement for the boys. They will be staying with Miss Judi, our teacher from Puppy Class. This is good as she knows the boys and more importantly, they know her. And if they get out of line we trust Miss Judi to correct bad boy behavior. Can't be sure of that at the PetHotel we had been looking at as well. And her rates are much better than the PetHotel.

Tonight is sewing and organizing garb bins. I'm looking forward to getting back down there. Hard to concentrate on work now that I've been home for a weekend.
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Car is packed with all Boogie's stuff, my tent, my bed and a few things for me.

We did really good. Last time it was me and Boogie going down, my van was bigger and had a luggage rack. While it would be nice to have more of my things going down, we packed what I need for the weekend.

Full wardrobe and sundries will come down with me on the 1st. I'm not worried about space coming back as Dicea will be coming down for the middle weekend and my elevation. What is not needed for the remainder of war can go home with her. Even if we do like last year and the girls leave early and I bring home the Pop-up, there will still be room for my wardrobe and stuff because the girls will take back their bed and tent.

So, I just need to pack an overnight bag with some mundanes and a couple changes of garb. come morning I pack the overnight bag, my pillows and the puppy in the car. Take the puppy to Dicea at work and maybe have some breakfast with the girl then go get the Boogie and her bedding and off we go.

Plan is to leave here between 10:30 and 11. If later that's fine too. We are Pennsic bound.

Hey... is that a twinge of excitement I'm feeling?
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The Questions:
1) What is one of your favorite things to do alone at Pennsic?
2) What is one of your favorite things to do with a group at Pennsic?
3) What is one of your best Pennsic Memories?
4) What is one of your weirdest Pennsic Memories?
5) What was your first Pennsic?
6) How many/which Pennsics have you attended?
7) What keeps you going back to Pennsic?
8) Are you going to Pennsic this year?
9) What group/block do you usually camp in?
10) What three words would you use to describe Pennsic?

the answers )


Jul. 20th, 2008 09:21 pm
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~Three pairs of pants completely finished.
~One Russian shirt completely finished.
~Russian Great Coat well on it's way to being done. Don't like this pattern for the way the sleeve went together. Will continue onward and finish it but retire this pattern. Hope to sit down with Bree at war and pick her brain.
~Three over tunics/dresses have hems marked.
~Skirt has hem marked
~Russian overskirt done.
~Preliminary plans for this weekend made. I will be going down with Boogie to set up our corner of the world. I will then come back sunday night so I can work Monday -Thrusday.
~new rugs for tent purchased.
~finally purchased rain boots - they are leopard print and made me think of Sabriel when I bought them at wal-mart (and they were under $20!)
~purchased beverages for Pennsic
~purchased shoes for elevation as well as leg coverings.
~Finally figured out how I'm going to make my elevation apron without cutting into the beautiful silk and destroying it.
~house mostly picked up
~cookout with the girls. French Fries experiement #22 an EH success.


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