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War is just shy of 2 weeks away.

I have done NO sewing, thought I want to make a couple new tunics.

The only prep I've done really is pull out and inspect the pavilion and that's only because we used it at Pax for J's vigil. I did order a new tarp for under my tent and some new chests of drawers as last year my drawer unit failed spectacularly.

But I don't have a scroll that has to be done (though I have a backlog that would be nice to get done but at this point it won't). I have a kingdom gift exchange gift I have to finish because the first attempt was a fail and I promised the replacement would be delivered at war.

But frankly, I'm not feeling it this year. No real excitement or anticipation. I'm not even feeling much of a panic that I've not done as much (if any) real prep yet. In fact, I was talking with Un-Minion this weekend and confessed that if I were not Watch 2 this year, I'd give serious thought about not going for the full two weeks if at all.

I have determined that as long as I am not in the upper command staff of the Watch next year, I may take the two weeks off of work but only go down for a week (like Wednesday to Wednesday) and use the other days as prep/recuperation/me time. The following year is still up in the air as we wait to find out if Dagmar got the bid to be Mayor. If she does, I am going to have to be down for 2.5-3 weeks as I'll be the War Admin/XO.

I admit that I miss feeling the excitement. Heck, I'm not really feeling the excitement for the SCA in general. (in fact I've been feeling a whole lot of "why bother anymore" since war practice) And I miss that. I miss just feeling excited about anything, it is just more obvious to me in regards to the SCA.
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Over on facebook there was a question asked by one of my friends about how do we Peers help non-Peers. Ok that was not the real gist of it, but that was the underlying message I took away from the very convoluted line of commentary.

I got to thinking. Well, I have two active proteges, one inactive one, one un-protege and a handful of "not even as formal as an un-protege" folk that I kinda sorta mentor when they need it. But what else could I do? My biggest observation has been that non-Peers seem to feel like the Peers are the ones who do all the stuff and they don't know how to get their proverbial foot in the door.

Well, Ekat, I told myself, you may not know all the stuff, but there is one thing you do know (even if you are only figuring it out fairly recently)... you know a hell of a lot of people within the Society. And all those people know stuff. Really cool stuff. Some are kick ass fighters, some are such talented artists, others know how to serve. And all those people live all over the globe.

So I made a public post, offering my help to any who need, be they Peer or non-Peer, regardless of what they want to pursue. As I said in the post, I may not have the answers, but I have been blessed with connections and I'm happy to introduce people.

Two hours later, I have had people IM me with questions and I was able to either help or direct them to and introduce them to folks who would know. Others have posted their fear or question in the commentary and I have been able to watch others go "hey, I do that, let's chat", or say "that's not a silly question, let me share my experience".

I too may have become disenfranchised with the SCA, but just that little bit made me realize that there is something worthwhile there. And I can help.
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Over on FB there has been a kerfluffle on someone's wall over something that happened at an Event. Specifically a dress that was made for the Queen by someone, that has no historic proof but has become popular as a style in the SCA.

OMG. The one response, by someone I know, has been mortifying to witness. Rather than saying "it's a beautiful piece of art and it looks like a lot of time went into it." and then politely offer that there is no historical evidence of that style in period, we get vitriolic attacks. First attacking something because it's not period, and then not reading all the comments or choosing to ignore the MULTIPLE comments that said that the dress was a gift from someone to the Queen and she wanted to show off the workman's ship, and then berating the Queen for daring to make something to inauthentic and then wearing the dress and promoting the inauthentic. Dayum. It wasn't until several exchanges later that the commenter finally got the "it was a gift" and seemed to grudgingly apologize to the Queen for assuming she made the dress but not for the actual attack or the way he expressed himself.

All I can say is that elitist, insulting, and down right rude and mean behavior... that's why people have painted the entire Order in a bad light.

I know they say "be the change you want to happen" but when I see stuff like that it makes me wonder why I want to be in that order and be associated with people like that, even peripherally.


Feb. 6th, 2017 02:41 pm
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I've been asked by a potential Mayor of Pennsic to be their Admin Assistant. I agreed. We've gotten together to start compiling all the info needed to put the bid together. Part of this includes going over bids from past Mayors in order to get an idea of how best to submit the needed information.

What struck me was reading over past winning bids and realizing... outside of Ed and maybe Morgan, I am the longest consistent working staff member. The other than Ed and Frog, I have actually put in more time at War as staff than any of the other 5 bids I read.

This still doesn't mean I want to be Mayor (though they keep hinting I should consider it). It just struck me and made me think about how one person said that I am the embodiment of the Institutional Memory of the Watch like Ed is for Pennsic and how even then I still have a strong knowledge of the operations of war in general (just know to his extent).

I never think of myself in that way. Same for people tell me that there was no surprise being named a Jewel of Æthelmearc - I just don't see it, but I guess if others do that is all that matters.
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I'm hearing a lot of my friends in the SCA say that they have lost the fun. And I realized I have too.

The rush of getting a scroll assignment was almost giddy. Now I take an assignment and then find doing it to be a chore. I lost the joy and I don't know how to get it back.

I loved to serve. Autocrat, hold an office, teach. Now it's all ... eh.

At last night's Baronial 12th Night I was asked if I'm teaching at 3 Ravens at the end of the month and I said "not yet, and probably not". I used to love to teach there. But lately, teaching seems like a chore. I haven't had the drive to create any new classes and any time I teach one of my regulars I've gotten slack from members of a certain order that "you teach the same things all the time." "You should let others have an opportunity to teach those topics", etc. I'd love to have others teach their versions of my standard classes. But it seems that the only way I've been able to is to volunteer to teach, then get sick and ask someone else to teach in my place. Plus the fact that every time I teach one of my regulars... I get students. If no one came I'd know there isn't a need for the class. But there are times I'm having to turn students away because there's no room or say they are going to have to audit as I am out of handouts.

I just don't know how to find the spark again. I'm hoping this is all just a symptom/side effect of a lingering depression I know I've been fighting. But still.

I miss the fun
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Up until today... even Saturday when we turned in the letter, it was just this nebulous concept.

The last time I was fought for in a crown was 16+ years ago. And then I knew it was a slim to no chance that he would win.

But today the list was published. We are second in precedence.

Oh how I wish The Dragon would be there physically to be the strong support. Though his absence will be noted as I had always thought that if anyone were to fight for me with a chance... it might have been him. Provided the Cat and the Rabbit had approved.

Saturday will be here sooner than I know. Time to buckle down and finish getting ready for Crown.

KWH&SS 2015

Jun. 1st, 2015 10:31 pm
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Not only are there two classes teaching basically the same thing (intro to scroll wording, focusing on period sources) - mine and another woman's... They are back to back in the same room on the last day.


UPDATE: I emailed the schedule coordinator and asked if it was possible to flip my two classes. (I'm also teaching my flowers class). She didn't see that as a problem and the only teacher inconvenienced by the change is me. So hopefully when the schedule gets published it will show my At a Loss for Words class on Saturday and the Flowers class on Sunday.


Apr. 28th, 2015 07:42 pm
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My thoughts for the last couple days have been drawn to the SCA drama that has hit my beloved Kingdom. And I have been thinking of the people who have been trying to counteract it by bringing positive thoughts with the "what inspires you" game.

When I see the drama, I see people behaving poorly and feeling disappointment in my fellows, I think back to a redheaded Duke who I was sworn to for a good part of my SCA career. I and others do stop and think "What would Morguhn do?"

To be fair, the man was far from perfect. He had his own demons to battle and overcome. He was not a saint or a god. He was a man. But he was one that I and many others looked to as an example. And that is what I take away from all those years.

When His Grace saw disappointing behavior, the way he seemed to address it was to be the example of what it should be. A squire treats a lady poorly, he steps in and becomes the escort for the lady so all can see how he felt she should be treated. When apathy seemed to run through the heavy community, instead of complaining, he would don the armor and stand on the field and wait until someone joined him for a bit of fun. He stripped off the tunic and went and washed dishes.

So, rather than bemoan behavior, proclaim disillusionment and say that the game we choose to play has changed from what it was, I choose to continue forward, lead by example as I can - as a Peer, a Baroness, a Jewel of Æthelmearc, as a human being, and try to make my SCA experience what I want of it. I refuse to let the behavior of a few outweigh the glory of the many. I will run the lists. I will paint the scrolls. I will stand the watch. And if I really have to... I will wash the dishes.

For you Your Grace.
For my Society.
For my Kingdom.
For my Barony.
For my friends.
For those I do not know.
For myself.

Thank you

Apr. 14th, 2015 07:32 pm
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As I work on finishing up my final reports from my term as Sylvan Signet of the Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc​, I look back in wonder. Through the position I have met and worked with some of the most amazing and talented artists in the Known World.

This started 5 years ago when Duncan von Halstern​ and Ilish O'Donovan​ said "Sure, let's hire her" when my name was presented to them to take over for the Retiring Gillian​. They have the first of my thanks. I also give thanks to all the Royalty that I have served under: Christopher and Morgen, Isenwulf and Rosalinda​, Andreas and Kalista, Khalek and Branwyn, Maynard and Liadain, Timothy and Gabrielle​, Tindal and Etaine; and Titus Germanicus​ and Anna Leigh. I learned a great deal from all of them and hope that they too feel that a friendship has formed..

But I could not have done the job without my various deputies. To Marija Kotok​, Giana di Aurilio, and Sthurrim Caithness, who at some point stood as my drop deads, I told you I wouldn't do it. To my education deputies Giana and Yvienne, thank you for coordinating classes for Heralds and Scribes. To my Pennsic University Coordinator Matilda Bosvyle​, you were a godsend, thank you for helping to increase the reputation of the scribes of our Kingdom. To Phil Martino​ and Anna Leigh​, who were my fund raising deputies - because of your works we were able to host the known world at Pennsic. And to Giana and Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Sienna, my webministers, thank you for the work you did to make our website better.

Also a big thank you to my Heralds, Master Brandubh and Master Kamishima - thank you for being the Yang to my Ying in making court happen smoothly and being a sounding board when I needed.

To Kayleigh MacWhyte, Marguerite Louise Gingraix​ and Augusta Weyfare​ - fellow Signets who helped me at times throughout my terms.

A big thank you to Baroness Alexandra de Campagnella, who agreed to take this job after me. I know I leave the office and its people in good hands

And finally, a thank you to the ones I could not have done this without... my scribes. I am awe at the skill, talent, dedication and generosity that you have all shared. The scribes of Æthelmearc are the Kingdom's true jewels. These fine folks have produced 1599 scrolls in the last 4.25 years. They worked under all kinds of pressure, usually short notice being the biggest. They were given an average of 37 days to make unique one of a kind scrolls (more often than not, it was closer to 15 or fewer days) to help make someone's special moment even more special. These are the unsung heroes that deserve the praise and rewards for my term. No mater how long I am gone from the office I will always think of you as MY scribes. I can only hope that I was able to serve you well.

And to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, my home and the best Kingdom a person could hope to live and work in. Thank you for being you and appreciating the scribal arts as strongly as you do. Don't forget to thank your scribe.


Sylvan Signet of Æthelmearc, Rtd.
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Last night's Barony meeting started the election process to pick the next ones to sit the Baronial throne.

I was nominated. I accepted. If I do win the election, I would be invested in December.

I will not voice my thoughts on those who have accepted nominations but, wish all those running good luck.

Based on the other nominees, I hold no illusions that I will win. I'd like to think that I would make a good landed Baroness, though.

I need to now look over, think about and write up my answers to the 10 questions I was given to reply to for the Baronial Newsletter and FB page.

So we shall see what the next month holds as, if the time line works, elections will be counted at the May meeting.
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All in all, Crown Tournament went very well.
cut to spare you the rambling if you don't want to read it )
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For those who did not make it to Siege of Harlech III this weekend and/or are not following me on FB, here's the scroll that went out for Mistress Odriana vander Brugghe. I did the illumination, THL Sophie Davenport did the calligraphy and Master Fridrikr Tomasson wrote the words.
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I've been specifically asked by recipients to do the illumination on their scroll. And the calligragher is one I so Highly respect that I am nervous it's not going to be good enough for her work.

But I'm about to sit down and work on it.

It's the biggest (size) I've ever done and and style I don't generally do. But I'm going to go for it.

Here's the inspiration:

Inc. 197 Ausmo, Nicolaus de: Supplementum 1473, Wendelin von Speyer. Velence, Pergamen.

It's part of the Bibliotheca Corviniana collections.

I have to wait on the initial until I get the words but I can block out the place for it.

I can do it.

I think
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For the Reign of Khan Khalek and Khatun Branwyn:

Total number of scribes: 84
Total number of scrolls assigned: 174
Average number of scrolls per scribe: 2.07
Average number of scrolls per event: 10.24
Total number of scrolls that arrived on-time: 151
On-time arrival percentage: 86.77%
Average number of days from Signet recieving assignment to event: 75.99

Many scribes contacted me during the reign asking for assignments and I was unable to give them. The reason was because Their Graces gave us a 2.5 month lead time for assignments and there were not very many "last minute" assignments.

Since I became Signet in January 2010 the statistics are:

Average number of scribes: 83.6
Total number of scrolls assigned: 762
Average number of scrolls per scribe: 9.11 (roughly 3 per year)
Average number of scrolls per event: 10.23
Total number of scrolls that arrived on-time: 696
On-time arrival percentage: 91.99%
Average number of days from Signet recieving assignment to event: 53.93
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From Kingdom 12th Night,2010 to Fall Coronation, 2012 the Kingdom of Æthelmearc has given out over 600 scrolls. We have taken great pride in the fact that each scroll is a unique work of art and as such wish to make sure that these scrolls are taken care of. During same amount of time, we have tried to make sure that each scrollis also given a scroll case to keep it safe. While some cases have been returned for reuse, most have not.

The office of the Sylvan Signet, with the full support of Khan Khalek and Khatun Branwyn, therefore issues a challenge to all of Æthelmearc. Can the good people of thisSylvan Kingdom create two piles of scroll cases as tall as Their Majesties? His Majesty stands at 6 feet and Her Majesty is 5 feet, 1 inch. So we are looking for a total of 11 feet 1 inch. I believe that we can meet, if not exceed this goal. I challenge you to create as many cases as you can between now and the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon, to be held in March 2013 in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Bring or send the cases to the event and see if we can reach the goal. I would like to see this be a group effort. Get a team of 3-5 people together to make as many cases as you can. The team with the most turned in will receive a prize.

Not sure how to make a scroll case? Please contact me at and I will happily send you the details. You need not have skill with a sewing machine to make cases. I have directions for both sewn and no-sew versions. There will also be a class on how to make scroll cases at Æthelmearc Æcademy on November 10th in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Thank you and good luck!
Ekat, Sylvan Signet


Jul. 23rd, 2011 02:21 pm
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Got more calligraphy done this morning. I have only one more paragraph to go. But it's a big one. Bigger than the two I've already done (not combined). I hope to get to more tonight but for now my hand is aching so I will switch over and start back on my Pennsic sewing.

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if you look close you can see the pencil sketch of the portrait that will go in under the motto.


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